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  1. Nah. I mean why, there would be no profit in it. It would only cause more trouble and make Shem even more sure that I'm a trash head who hates him(which I don't.)

  2. Fine believe what you all want, I know the truth. God bless everyone.

  3. I'm not Balor!!!!! I didn't even know about his project until after he was banned.

  4. What makes him the master huh? Our(Mine/Zbyl2's) mod is awesome because we worked together. Just you wait, I'll have one coming soon that will outshine his single mods.(well except for the ravager mod, it's awesome)

  5. hello? You still here?

  6. All hail the master K2 re-writer.

  7. Welcome to LF.

  8. The Jek'Jek blowing up isn't in TSLCR, and allot of the stuff on Goto's Yacht isn't in my mod. Plus the "exile is dead" sequences take place after the "Rebuilt Enclave" scene.

  9. Hmm, do you think you could alos make a version that is compatible with TSLCR? Some content would have to be removed, but not a lot.

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