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  1. I noticed a few replies mentioned midichlorians, but what are midichlorians? The Jedi of Kreia's era believed the force was an energy field that was all around us, penetrating us. The ignorance of the Clone War era Jedi could have led them to believe that the force was only available via midichlorians(which would mean that the Exile would have had to cleanse herself of the critters.) In Ep IV Obi-Wan echoes Kreia's description of the force(or she echoes him) indicating that while in the Void Qui-Gon gained and passed on the knowledge of no 'chlorians. But I digress, this is a debate for another topic.
  2. Nah. I mean why, there would be no profit in it. It would only cause more trouble and make Shem even more sure that I'm a trash head who hates him(which I don't.)

  3. Fine believe what you all want, I know the truth. God bless everyone.

  4. I'm not Balor!!!!! I didn't even know about his project until after he was banned.

  5. Play the Jedi masters. It is a K2 mod that acts like a K3.
  6. What makes him the master huh? Our(Mine/Zbyl2's) mod is awesome because we worked together. Just you wait, I'll have one coming soon that will outshine his single mods.(well except for the ravager mod, it's awesome)

  7. One has already been made people. KotOR III: The Jedi Masters And it is amazing.
  8. I'm looking forward to this. The Jedi Masters is great, another K3 will be awesome. I just wish the TORMMO didn't use the True Sith as the badguy.
  9. hello? You still here?

  10. What do I need to do to get KTool and the the rest of the KotOR modding suite running in Linux/Wine?
  11. The reskinned module is Peragus docking bay.
  12. They said there will be Companion NPCs that join your party. But like JE and ME their not playable.
  13. They could keep them in the posts AND add links in the main post.
  14. That's true since in both the main plot revolves around something that regrettabily never happens, the Return of Revan.
  15. But then TJM's plot hasn't been revealed. Ok, here is what happens to dustil, In K1, if Revan was LS then Dustil quits the sith If DS Dustil stays a sith. OE was planning that if you set Revan to DS then Dustil would appear in the tomb dead, in Revan was LS Dustil would appear alive.
  16. Give him time to write a good KotOR novel, i mean come on it HAS to live up to our expectations.
  17. I still play Shadows of the Empire. The Old Republic Era happens to be my favorite Star Wars era.
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