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  1. could someone make a mod where you can switch party members at any time of the game
  2. could someone make that sorry if this has been asked before
  3. could someone make a death for boa dur or a reason why he dissapered in a modding sense just to let you know there is a line that says " make my sacrifce matter" you could use that 1f you make it please credit me
  4. i am making something like that i have made the rebuilt jedi enclave from ten years after tsl atton and brianna are jedi masters trying to rebuild the order your a padawan their and you learn from the two masters within the academy you go and recruit some jedi atton creates the trade federation, turns evil war, haven't finished war yet
  5. it was a cyclic redundancy check then it shut down, its a legal copy it said a problem with transfereing data or something
  6. hi i always used to play academy then i grew out of it and uninstalled it then i got beck into it when i realised modding but then for some reason half way through the installation it say it cannot do it for some reason it is a legit copy 4 i cannot remember why it wont work i think the reason was it was having trouble copying files or something i cannot remember can anyone help
  7. think of it as an expansion pack! any takers? i know this is a long project but it could be the brotherhood of shadow for kotor 2
  8. > THIS MOD IS FOR KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC 2 > NOTE: this is a major mod in the game, and if you make this mod please try and make the cheats work with it > Attons past mod is based on attons past during the madorlorian wars and civil wars > > inculding be trained how to kill jedi and serving under sith doing tasks > > at end of mod atton find the jedi who turn him from the sith > atton will have no party members with him in this mod please > > > Attons past mod > to activate talk to atton once you find out he was in the wars > -fades out of conversation then PC turns into atton, flashback like transition > - player is now atton you are in a soldiers uniform[ any good looking one] > - being taught strategies on how to kill madorlorians > - player can talk to a few soldiers in the ship before attacking > - new ship possibly the ravager he is on or the harbinger > - has a few battles , then skips to when revan turns on the jedi > - atton joins sith and gets taught to fight jedi > - searches for them on dantooine and kills a lot of them > - soon he finds a jedi how shows him the force, he kills her > - flees to peragus > then mod ends near end of conversation. > > > > > this will be a far more simpler mod > > > SPAWN CHARACTERS MOD > > in this mod will be an armband where you can spawn a character from the game and choose if they are friendly or hostile > if friendly they will help you > if hostile they will attack you > thank you > > > if you get this please reply > please give credit to mitchjo2345 >
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