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  1. That's been my problem too. I finally figured out how to make new areas pretty easily and I have another idea which if it works will make the process a thousand times easier; at least for interior or exterior buildings and cities

  2. Unfortunately I never really had the patience to figure it out. Well, to be more specific, the exporting of models from 3ds into a usable format.

  3. Hey, since you have an understanding of how modules work, would you be able to help me with getting some new modules from 3DS Max into TSL?

  4. Could you PM a general walkthrough of what you did to the alien TSL heads?


    I'd like to attempt the same for K1...

  5. Hey JC, you were the one converting Toasty Fresh's weapon models to TSL, right? I was wondering if you were planning on releasing them, since Toasty seems to have disappeared again.

  6. ShuttleAnimation.gif


    Make it a good one!


    ~ from me and the Deadly Stream Staff

  7. I think it's jc_play_object.

  8. I think it also might be due to the fact I don't have any scripts on the utp either. What script would I be looking for in the toolbox?

  9. Hmm... That's the only thing I could remember... the script is in my toolbox if you want to check for yourself, but I think it's just the animation.


    The ones I have are at a height of 0.7 meters.

  10. I changed its animation state to 204 and it still isn't appearing. Hmm. I also went through two scripts, "a_hawk_inc" and "a_holoworld", but they didn't come up with anything conclusive. This darn thing is driving me mad.

  11. Hey, just thought you might like to know I've put up some WIP shots of blaster pistol improvements in this thread.

  12. So, it is the logging... Thanks, dude...

  13. I had to remove all kinds of logging for it to run at all. Took a while to track down everything... I could post my file when I get a chance, but that computer is indisposed for the next few days.

  14. Thanks, dude! Heh, I find my machine struggling with GLIntercept... Aaargh!!

  15. Everything in the game was done with the Toolbox and GLIntercept, in addition to some basic cheats to make recording easier for me. I record with Fraps, compress it with x264 using VirtualDub, and edit with Adobe Premiere (CS5.5; I haven't upgraded to CS6 yet).

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