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  1. Unfortunately I never really had the patience to figure it out. Well, to be more specific, the exporting of models from 3ds into a usable format.

  2. The ±1/2 would be tricky too. That's one card with four values. Not sure how you'd do that. Maybe each corner? Or the edges? Might look weird, though. I don't think I've ever used that card in the game, so I couldn't even tell you how it's handled in the game. EDIT: I cheated it in and checked it out. There is another button to change the value between 1 and 2, just like with the ± button. That's what I figured, but I'd never seen it personally. I quite like the 2&4 and 3&6 cards, so I'd like to figure out how to utilize them, but it's a tricky issue. If you were to use side deck cards to swap out the values for these, you would need extra 2, 3, 4, and 6 cards to counter the other cards. Now, there are only up to 8 side deck cards being used at any time, so it's conceivable that you could just use extras, but it's highly probable that you would run out eventually. To ensure this would never happen, you'd need extra cards. I did some math. It adds up to four of each - card, plus double amount the + cards that are being used as side deck cards. (They do NOT turn - cards into + cards. I always assumed they did, but I tested it, and they don't.) So, for your layout above, and assuming you don't have to account for the ± cards, that would be 7 of each - card, 28 extra cards total. You would need more than half a deck just for cards that wouldn't even be in play most of the time. Not very efficient. But there are other options. You could put tokens on the cards to mark which ones have had their values reversed - change, or bits of paper, poker chips, etc. You could also flip the cards sideways. It's interesting how a simple concept like this is difficult to execute without a computer. On the other hand, I can think of other potential card designs that would be more difficult on the computer because they'd require player input, which would mean altering the GUI. Cards don't have a GUI. Right, that would take care of all the issues... I have no idea how to go about it, though. Oh, I like that design. Looking forward to more.
  3. Looks good. A bit reminiscent of Uno cards... which I used for my original pazaak deck, in fact. Obviously with my design I tried to recreate the game's look, but I can see how a more stylized design could be beneficial. In particular, having the rules written on the cards is more friendly to new players. However, I have to wonder, since your design is a departure from the game design, why you didn't change a few other things. For example, I would design the +/- cards so they players could flip them around, with the change in value being clear. Something like standard playing cards, which have the values on mirrored on the corners. The 2&4 and 3&6 cards would still present problems, though, as there would be no way of doing this for the regular + and - cards. Perhaps some system of tokens would be easier. I like your layout for the side deck, too. It's a bit different from the one I planned. I don't remember exactly what my plan was, but I believe I was splitting the side deck cards between two decks; one deck would include the main deck and 14 side deck cards, with the other deck containing only side deck cards. That would be 68 side deck cards total - probably more than you'd need, and a bit of a convoluted way to order them. I like that your layout has a deck with all the side cards; as you said, you don't have to order a main deck to save money, and it also might alleviate the problems I mentioned above if you ordered a main deck with extra + and - cards.
  4. The font I used is Old Republic by Trollax Kinora. It's a recreation of the game's, and available for free on a number of sites. Although the original game font is essentially Bank Gothic with a few letters changed. That also makes it a poor man's Bank Gothic... and I mean that in a good way, because I'm poor. I agree about the numbers, though. Old Republic's 5 is actually a bit different from the game's. If I were to do it again, I'd draw the text by hand rather than use a font, so as to match the game's more precisely. Regarding the other matter... I get messages regarding my pazaak cards from time to time, so I went back and checked to see if there were any from this person. In fact, I did find a request from nikon20 for the my templates, for the purpose of altering the +/- cards. At the time I said I couldn't find them, so I didn't provide them, nor did I give my blessing for any alterations. I probably would have, had I been able to find the templates, and were to be credited for them. I don't really care that much, but as a graphic designer I'm professionally obligated to show the pretense of objection. Anyway, that's all I'll say on the matter. I have in fact since found my templates: I also found more cards. It appears that my past self went through with the alterations for the +/- cards, as well as a few others. Given that this set has variations of some cards, I believe I never intended these for print. At the time I had plans to produce a digital pazaak game in collaboration with a programmer, so they were probably for that. I could never figure out how to properly show the +/- cards properly in print, which is why I went with the much maligned purple. I suppose you could print these out and allow the player to swap the physical cards when they desire, but that would mean printing more cards. It also occurs to me that this flaw is already present in my original set! Those bloody 2&4 and 3&6 cards would do the same thing. But I remember there might be space left over for these extra cards, because all the +/- cards and the gold cards don't take up a full deck. I'd have to do some math to figure out the most efficient set. This won't be an issue in the future (or the futuristic past) when digital paper is available. However, these hurt my eyes. And I've got the game open now, after talking to Atton, and I can see some obvious errors in my original designs. I really do have to redo these from scratch. But I'm too busy at the moment. I said I was too busy four years ago, too, but I really am too busy now. (I'm not supposed to say what it is, but it's pretty big.) You've given me some incentive to not let it slip for four years again, though. Also, I'll post my comments regarding your designs in the individual thread.
  5. I don't know who this "nikon20" is, but those look an awful lot like mine.
  6. I think it's jc_play_object.

  7. Hmm... That's the only thing I could remember... the script is in my toolbox if you want to check for yourself, but I think it's just the animation.


    The ones I have are at a height of 0.7 meters.

  8. Well, you have to add exceptions, of course.
  9. You could also just modify the henchman heartbeat script. The player uses it too. So say if it can't find the specified NPC anywhere, spawn a new one.
  10. I can't fix the problem, but I can get your party members back. I just posted the beta of K1 toolbox here. In it there is a tool for managing your party. Install the toolbox beta by running the EXE. Then add the item jc_party to your inventory with the cheat console or KSE whatever. An Address Book item will appear in your inventory and you will be able to activate it in the GUI where all the armbands appear. Do that and it will trigger a computer console, and you should be able to figure out how to add the missing party members from there. However, whatever equipment they had on them when they went missing is probably gone forever, and you'll have to level them up again. Assuming you have been saving often and in multiple slots, you could go back and check what you lost so you can cheat that back in. I can't comment on whether the progress of their personal side quests will be affected.
  11. Eh... there are plenty of dialogue editing tutorials here... but the boolean is a trickier matter. No, you could simply check if he has joined the party. The reason I suggest that is he joins after the yacht, which means you're done with Nar Shaddaa's plot, so having the speeder now shouldn't break anything. People like to replace G0-T0 in recruitment mods, though, so another boolean would be preferable. But that depends on whether there is one; adding one would just lead to even more compatibility issues. I can only suggest what has been said already... get a save from before Nar Shaddaa is done and one from after and look through the globals and quests in KSE to see what gets changed.
  12. No, no... you can't do that because you have no idea what setting that back to false would do to the rest of the game. You'd need to add another node with another conditional... another boolean, or maybe whether G0-T0 has joined the party. Shouldn't be too hard.
  13. You can't do that. It could potentially mess up the game during Jekk'Jekk Tarr mission.
  14. The boolean is 300NAR_Visquis_Call. If that's set to true, you can't use the airspeeder.
  15. No, they take up different slots in the party table - Handmaiden 4, Mira 7, Hanharr 10, and Disciple 11 - so it's possible to recruit all of them. The only problem is they share the same space in the party selection GUI. Mira and the Handmaiden end up hidden under Hanharr and the Disciple, so you can't add them to or remove them from your active party. It's possible to edit the GUI, but if there is a way to fix this, I couldn't find it. So I ended up making a manual party selection tool. Even if it isn't possible to add room in the party selection screen, I think it should be possible to make it so some other character gets covered up, so even if you do have to resort to a manual override, you would only have to do it with a character you aren't going to use that often.
  16. It is possible to have more than 10 party members at once (still no more than 12) but it messes up the party selection screen.
  17. No problemo. Again, let me know if any adjustments are needed.
  18. My bad. The MDX didn't make it into the release somehow. Download... er... again! And if you want me to change the model variation for compatibility, just let me know.
  19. You're in luck; there is already a discrete model in the game files, so it's just a matter of converting it to a mask. Here we go: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) EDIT: See below. Let me know if it needs any adjustments.
  20. Well, I got an 8800 GT from Ebay, for about $10 cheaper than the 610. Frame rate is definitely improved, and all the other errors are resolved, so that's great. My XP has no video card at all, and I'm slowly rebuilding another computer, so the 610 won't go to waste. Thanks again.
  21. I'm not sure I follow as the GTS 650 is also a DirectX 11 model. And I'm not seeing the 8800 GT for anything less than $170, though that's for new cards.
  22. Ah, my bad, it's a 610. I was going from memory, which I obviously shouldn't do. Still, I doubt there's very much practical difference, so it was still quite a deal.
  23. I saw a GT 650 on sale for $30 plus shipping (after MIR) and it came yesterday. I don't see any problems so far, though the frame rate is quite a bit lower than I'm used to. So thanks anyway... and thanks to everyone else again.
  24. They're very minor issues and it largely depends on your hardware and software combination, and I guess I didn't luck out; I install different drivers and it fixes one issue but bring backs another, irritating. Desktop. I see GeForce cards for sale all the time for something like $15 to $30... I wouldn't exactly call it my budget, but anything in that range would be convenient This is one of those I was talking about, $30 on Newegg.com, however it appears to be out of stock at the moment. So thanks for the suggestions, everyone... I'll keep my eye out for any of these particular models, though I'd welcome more of course.
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