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  1. First, just because it isn't explained doesn't make it a plot hole; obviously Avellone and the other writers did consider this matter, since they wrote material hinting at an explanation but unfortunately got cut from the final game. So at the very least there is an explanation, it just didn't make it in. That's not a plot hole, that's just unfortunate. Second, you seem to be ignoring or forgetting certain bits of dialogue that are still in the game that still hints at possible explanations - and indeed, there's always "Kreia was lying", but I'll admit that's not much better than "a wizard did it". But anyway, here's a bit of dialogue: Now consider: 1. He says breaking a bond is not a choice, like turning away from the Force, and yet the Exile did this already. 2. It's not the act of falling to the dark side that would break the bond, it's the feelings that form the bond changing, causing it to break; Kreia betrays the Exile, the Exile's feelings about her change, simple. What complicates it, as I mentioned earlier, is that the Exile needs these bonds to survive. Kreia talks a lot about how she wants to make the Exile overcome Malachor, become stronger than her, and so on - and killing her is the final test.
  2. Another thing, wasn't the Levelling up and XP thing there in KOTOR as well? Does that mean that even Revan fed on other force sensitives? Nah, the game mechanics shouldn't be taken too seriously, down that path lies madness. This is just a bit of metafiction to make you think... just don't think about it too much. It's not really a plot hole... there are valid explanations present in the story, it's just not stated clearly and unilaterally.
  3. They learned it from Malachor, ultimately - from the wound that the Exile created there. The masters are kind of right, even if you don't agree with their interpretation of events. Same with Kreia. That's only part of it. They were afraid of the Exile for other reasons, too - and I don't think they all shared the same reasons for what they did. But generally, I think they saw the Exile as a wound in the Force, not a person - and Jedi teachings dictate that wounds in the Force are bad things that should be destroyed or avoided. The Exile is the "Death of the Force" for a few reasons. First, the Exile is proof that life can exist without the Force, something that goes against the teachings of the Jedi. Second, the Exile draws power from something other than the Force - basically, the Exile is a threat to the establishment. But more than that, the Exile has the power to make people question their believes and influence their choices, and could force people to make one critical choice - to turn away from the Force. As for the feeding thing, that's how the Exile is able to use the Force, with the bonding ability. This seems mostly harmless on its own, but when taken to extremes it can be used to drain the life from other people. This is what Nihilus does, this is what a dark sided Exile does to the masters after killing them, and it's possible even a light-sided Exile does this subconsciously, gaining strength from fallen enemies. Or as we call it, XP. This is probably more complicated than all the previous questions combined. It's open to interpretation, but there are two main points I can see: 1. Bonds are between people, and people's relationships can change. When Kreia betrays the Exile, the Exile's feelings for her change, which could result in the dissolution of the bond. 2. What complicates the matter is that even if a normal bond would fade via #1, the Exile's bonds aren't normal. The Exile needs these bonds to feel the Force, through other people. Now, Kreia hates the Force. She criticizes the Jedi and Sith for using the Force as a crutch. Nihilus has the same power as the Exile, but let the hunger consume him. She doesn't want that to happen to the Exile; she wants the Exile to be able to use these bonds without relying on them for survival. So in forcing the Exile to kill her, she achieves this. But as I said, it's pretty open, like most things in the game. We don't actually know that the Exile could die from one of these bonds, because this never happens. It very well could be a lie told by Kreia to further her schemes, but all her lies tend to have a bit of truth.
  4. Not new things, no. The game only has a certain number of functions, defined in NWScript. All the other individual scripts use these functions in different combinations. NWScript is like the dictionary, and the other scripts are sentences. So yes, new as in not done in that exact manner already, but not completely new, since there are certain limitations. There are certain game engines with which you could do that, but this is not one of them; actually, this one is very restrictive, at least in my experience - I'm by no means an expert, but I have modded for a handful of games, most with much greater ease than these.
  5. The force cages use model animations. This is the script I use for these, though it will only work in K2: void main() { string sTag = GetScriptStringParameter(); int iAnim = GetScriptParameter(1); int iSpeed = GetScriptParameter(2); int iLength = GetScriptParameter(3); int iDelay = GetScriptParameter(4); int iNearest = GetScriptParameter(5); if (iSpeed == 0) iSpeed = 1; if (iNearest == 0) iNearest = 1; if (sTag == "") { object oTarget = GetNearestObject(OBJECT_TYPE_PLACEABLE, OBJECT_SELF, iNearest); DelayCommand(IntToFloat(iDelay), AssignCommand(oTarget, ActionPlayAnimation(iAnim, IntToFloat(iSpeed), IntToFloat(iLength)))); } else { object oTarget = GetNearestObjectByTag(sTag, OBJECT_SELF, iNearest); DelayCommand(IntToFloat(iDelay), AssignCommand(oTarget, ActionPlayAnimation(iAnim, IntToFloat(iSpeed), IntToFloat(iLength)))); } } The only parameter that is absolutely required is #1. For off, input 202 and for on, 204. If you need it for K1, you'll have to break it up into separate scripts and replace the variables with what you need.
  6. Yeah, most of my complaints are along the lines of "I like it better the other way" - I'm sure I could get used to it eventually, but it is annoying that they keep changing everything so drastically with each version. I understand they have to change some stuff to justify a new release, but what baffles me from time to time is what they choose to change. The Metro UI, for example. It just doesn't look like it's designed for desktop PCs- it's clearly meant to make it easier for Windows phone and tablet users to switch back and forth between their PC and other devices. All right, I can see that - they want a unified system like Apple has. But Microsoft dominates the desktop PC market, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Likewise, Apple had the upper hand when it comes to phones and tablets. So why would Microsoft change the way their desktops to work to fit their phone and tablet design? It's clearly not working for their tablets and phones, so why would it work for desktops? There isn't anything about the Metro UI I specifically dislike - except having to go to corners for stuff, but I can deal with that - it's more that I find it clumsily executed. And largely irrelevant, since I use my desktop for everything this seems to be designed for. I know some people who have at most four desktop icons, and I can see why they'd like this, but for me it would just be one step more than I'm used to. Also, I still want a Courier. It appears you click on the bottom-left corner to bring it up (there's just no Start button for it) in the same way that the bottom-right corner shows the desktop in Windows 7.
  7. Yeah, my phone... I think it has a screen? That's a new development, at least. No, I'm not old... I just prefer to do all my computing on a computer. So no, this feature doesn't help me in the slightest. That's not the only reason, though. I don't like the look of the Metro UI one bit. Of course I'd need to try it to be sure, but based on what I've seen it just doesn't look compatible with the way I work. That's one reason I don't like Windows 7 - by "streamlining" the interface, they've removed a lot of features that users like myself used to rely on. It takes hacks just to restore basic things like the up button, or to turn off auto-arranging. I spend the better part of an hour completely redesigning the interface of every Windows 7 computer I use. And this looks to be a step further in the wrong direction. I know this is just the way I use Windows. And the Metro UI probably would work nicely on a tablet. And yes, it looks like you can customize the Metro UI, or at least you'll be able to in the final build. But frankly, I'm tired of how Microsoft's products are designed to tell the user how to use them, rather than do what the user wants. If I wanted that, I'd buy a- well, you said you don't want them brought into this discussion. I guess, as always, Step 1 is to convince someone else to buy the product, and then see how it goes from there. That Lenovo laptop/tablet looks really cool, though.
  8. I don't particularly like Windows 7, but it manages to function within reason. It looks like I won't be switching to Windows 8, though.
  9. That's how they work. There's a trigger that launches a dialogue file with all the interactions - banter.dlg - and then that plays out depending on who is present. Because it's a global template there's no way of easily figuring out where they're located. You'd have to look through each module's dynamic info file and see whether the trigger - k_bant_trig.utt - is present. And then extrapolate its location in the game from the coordinates or look in KOTOR Tool's module editor if there's a map for the module. But off the top of my head, I can think of a few. There's one in the sewers on Taris... just before the rancor, I think. There's one in Davik's estate... I think in his throne room, but frankly every room looks the same to me so I can't be sure. There's another in the Upper City... but again, I forget where it is. There's another on Tatooine just inside the city gates, and another not far outside them, in front of the damaged sandcrawler. There's one on Kashyyyk before the entrance to the Wookiee village. They tend to be in bottleneck areas, near an exit or in a corridor, so that makes them easier to find.
  10. The sound effects are in a different format than the music, and Miles will not read them properly. If I had to guess, I'd say it's because the music is mono, playing evenly throughout the entire level, while the sound effects are adaptive; they are placed in the module just like other object - what you hear is based on where your character is in the level and even in which direction you are facing. As far as I know, no one has yet cracked the format. You can, however, extract most of these sounds with KOTOR Tool (BIFs -> sounds.bif ->WAV Files); these extract as simple WAV files - no need to convert with Miles. For the ones that aren't in there, I find them in StreamSounds and copy them to Override, renaming them to replace some other sound effect, one from the game menu - such as gui_click.wav. That lets me hear the effect on its own, with no other game noises interfering. I then record my Windows audio with Audacity. It's a bit of a procedure, but most of them are in KOTOR Tool to begin with, so it's not so bad.
  11. Sorry for the late reply... er... anyway... :p


    It's a basic sit animation, the same one the Jedi do during the trial. It's only in K2, as far as I can remember. The animation number is 10424 (SIT_CHAIR). I just wrote a basic script telling the user to play the animation indefinitely and attached it to the UTC files. I'd offer you the source script but my main computer's being repaired at the moment, so I don't have access to my files, which I would have backed up if the power source hadn't decided to die four days before the new backup drive arrived... Anyway, I should warn you it doesn't look nearly as good as I've made it look. Oftentimes I'll leave them room and return to find they've vacated their seats and are sitting in midair. But that doesn't always happen; a lot of them stay in place like good little playthings. Just depends on where you place them, really - too close to a wall, or each other, and they're likely to glitch out like I described.

  12. I'm trying to think of a "patient" pun, but it's not coming to me...

  13. Finally... yes, Mr Popular, don't let anyone say otherwise. :p

  14. It's four in the bloody morning over there... go to bed. :xp:

  15. Yeah... now you're just ignoring my words entirely.
  16. By all means. I hope you have more luck with it than I ever do.
  17. No, you were complaining. An argument is a connected series of facts and conclusions in support of a position for or against a point. A complaint has no logic or reason and has no purpose. Complainers are not productive members of society; they make everyone around them aware of their dissatisfaction, without offering any valid reason for their dissatisfaction, or means of resolving their dissatisfaction - in other words, there is no purpose for them to complain. Complainers just cause misery for the people to whom they complain. People who cause misery for other people to no end are, in my experience, crazy people. You have been complaining that you don't like Knights of the Old Republic, offering no reason for this, just further complaints. You expect me, and everyone else here, to convince you that the series is, in fact, not as horrible as you think. As I have said, I realize the futility of this attempt. Your complaints can all be attributed to a single issue - namely, that Knights of the Old Republic is not precisely like Tales of the Jedi.You do not dislike KOTOR because of anything in the series itself; you dislike KOTOR because it is not TOTJ. Meanwhile, I have argued this point - that your feelings for the series are completely irrelevant. Your dislike of KOTOR is irrational. You don't like it because it's not something else. Because your dislike of the series is irrational, any attempt to argue with you over the quality of the series would also be irrational. You cannot contribute to a debate if you do not have an argument, and I cannot argue with someone who does not have an argument. The points you list as reasons for your dislike of the series are meaningless. As I have said, one can easily apply many of your complaints of the KOTOR series to the Tales of the Jedi series. The reason for this is that these are not, in fact, reasons you dislike the KOTOR series. For example, you complain that the series lacks any originality - that it is at best inspired by the films and at worst a direct copy; while this itself is a valid issue for an argument about the quality of the series, it is not a valid issue in your complaint that KOTOR is not like TOTJ. If KOTOR were precisely like TOTJ, which you desire, it would indeed lack any originality - it would at best be inspired by TOTJ and at worst a direct copy. Any argument you could possibly claim is thus rendered invalid; the solution you offer is in fact identical to what you claim is the cause of the problem. And as I have said, when an argument is invalid, it cannot be called anything but a complaint. I could go over your other complaints for you, but we have already established, my time is too sacred for that, and I'm too busy being high and mighty. And even though I've already said this, I'm going to say it again. There are plenty of aspects about Tales of the Jedi I like - in fact, I like the series in general. There are plenty of aspects about Knights of the Old Republic I don't like - and don't even get me started on the MMO. But that's all irrelevant. This isn't an argument about the quality of either series, and real arguments of that kind tire me as it is.
  18. I'm sorry, I'm not sure why you would expect someone to form an argument against your lack of an argument and habit to ignore anything you don't like. What makes me high and mighty is that I actually did, rather than refusing to stoop to your level. What also makes me high and mighty is that you then ignored it like I knew you would. So I hereby decree my exercise in futility to be over.
  19. I swear you all conspired to lure me back here. I was quite content in my bubble of social isolation - and I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids... and that dog.

  20. I'm afraid I can't enlighten someone who blindly ignores facts and then proclaims their own opinions as truth rather than the ignorance that it really is. So this is the last I'm going to say on this matter, since I really don't like that I've been forced to defend people and works I don't like, I don't like having to criticize a work that I actually do like, I don't like enforcing my personal vision of a universe because I previously thought everyone has their own and should have their own, and I don't like agreeing with a lot of people here - in fact, I didn't think it was physically possible; you've made me part of the majority, and I hate being part of the majority - the majority is boring. So, anyway: Star Wars is inconsistent. Get over it, or get out. Lucas rewrote (scribbled on a napkin, but still) the history of Star Wars and it directly contradicted a lot of Tales of the Jedi, and everybody else followed his lead. Too bad. Tales of the Jedi had comic book plots, comic book physics, and comic book art style, and a few developers didn't think that would work in a video game. That's the how the industry is. You criticize Knights of the Old Republic for the same traits you consider the strengths of Tales of the Jedi. That's hypocrisy. When those similarities are shown to you and when your complaints are explained away by facts, you ignore them. That's ignorance. You make accusations and claims, and then fail to even try to back them up with any evidence. That's lazy. You seem to believe there's a conspiracy to remove all traces of Tales of the Jedi from the world, and that LucasArts, BioWare, and Obsidian are all active partners in this dark agenda. That's just crazy. The truth is, despite being an imaginative new take on the universe, and helping lead the way for a new generation of stories, Tales of the Jedi wasn't nearly as good as you remember - even Veitch hated how it turned out, because Anderson took over and changed everything, such as redeeming Ulic - and wasn't as consistent or coherent as you'd like to believe. I'm sorry, but saying the opposite doesn't make it so. You ignore the possibility of a simple, logical explanation for any inconsistencies - such as the Sith War was so horrible that the new generation of Jedi destroyed all Sith artifacts, started banning people from marrying, restructured the whole organization to have a central authority, started using more consistent terminology like "Jedi Council" and "padawan" - and instead continue with your irrational line of thinking. That's lack of imagination, and that's not what Star Wars is about.
  21. Is there any particular reason why you decided to trick poor old JC into thinking you were this Darth Primus person, and then rather bluntly copying what JC, responding to this Darth Primus?
  22. @MMourning: Cool, feel free! Link me to it when you're done, if possible?

  23. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Courtesy Google Chrome and Senator Ted Stevens' brain.
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