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  1. Cap! Dee! great to see you both, look me up on FB on the MOTS group. I just thought I would put this down for perspective of how young we were lol Name Real Name Age Profile CapHuge Mark 31 Profile MAX Max 19 Profile Kuatnom Andy 20 Profile LAW Brian 20 Profile Valiant Matt 19 Profile Sparks Mark 43 Profile DOTTI Pierce 23 Profile Oz1310 Steve 16 Profile Cmndr Keen Ryan 19 Profile Mst3k James 22 Profile MajiC Tom 24 Profile SpyDer Alex 20 Profile Allies L.B. 3 n/a Mango Jeff 34 n/a BIG DEE Darren 30 n/a Sithlord Jeff 16 n/a HoMiE Ken 22 n/a
  2. I'm playing a few games still if any of you play these look me up. eq2: Server: Crushbone Toons: Keen, Mofackie, Mofackle, Kicked Steam: Shambizi Quake Live: Mofackie Magic Online: Keen Yahoo Msg: shambizi
  3. Just because I know he will post someday, you all can own me, but I own Nicodemus in all forms. KK THX
  4. Funny one I found, I can't believe I still have crap this old. KenpoX> im sick of this whole "clan" thing (Exit)> IR_Slave xX__MAX__Xx> that's why i quit (Exit)> PUNISHER_TQ KenpoX> ya... sure xX__MAX__Xx> ok KenpoX> to start MD xX__MAX__Xx> ass (Enter)> PUNISHER_TQ xX__MAX__Xx> i'm not in MD punk ass KenpoX> dont BS me KenpoX> whereever cap goes... yer sure to follow _Sirbob_> lol xX__MAX__Xx> why are you acting like an *******? KenpoX> along wit the rest _Sirbob_> hehe KenpoX> cause im sick of the **** _Sirbob_> get him max xX__MAX__Xx> no reaon to xX__MAX__Xx> reason _Sirbob_> ah KenpoX> In my book there is ONLY a few JOTS memvers that derserve some props xX__MAX__Xx> like who? _Sirbob_> which KenpoX> GEN KenpoX> SCOOBY KenpoX> KUAT KenpoX> VAL KenpoX> KEEN xX__MAX__Xx> that's why u accuse keen of hacking in front of everybody huh? KenpoX> they stuck wit me... _Sirbob_> im sirbob KenpoX> KEEN knows im playin (Exit)> Bartwalker _Sirbob_> i suck xX__MAX__Xx> other ppl here dont KenpoX> ****... the whole freakin 17 ppl believe me? KenpoX> that KEEN is a hack?. _Sirbob_> agajnst cheats i suck KenpoX> lol xX__MAX__Xx> 22 The_Julio> some people dont care xX__MAX__Xx> anyway _Sirbob_> about ??? KenpoX> im pissed man... KenpoX> real piss KenpoX> ed xX__MAX__Xx> u should calm down and act liek yourself again KenpoX> ya.. KenpoX> myself? _Sirbob_> hehe xX__MAX__Xx> and stop dogging me KenpoX> dogging? _Sirbob_> zone.......lol xX__MAX__Xx> talking **** to me KenpoX> Who LEFT FREAKIN WHO? KenpoX> TELL ME KenpoX> ?. KenpoX> ? KenpoX> ?. KenpoX> . KenpoX> . KenpoX> ? xX__MAX__Xx> who left who???? KenpoX> YA KenpoX> ! KenpoX> WHO! xX__MAX__Xx> i quit the damn clan like a month ago _Sirbob_> hmm xX__MAX__Xx> you want to know a secret????? KenpoX> ok.. like 2 weeks ago xX__MAX__Xx> IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!! The_Julio> lol xX__MAX__Xx> it's not real life KenpoX> adios max _Sirbob_> no its real KenpoX> c ya round xX__MAX__Xx> later (Exit)> KenpoX
  5. small world it is, I work in lake oswego and grew up in the Portland Area. When I get home I'm going to post some good owned SS's ftw.
  6. Good Lord the Zappo and his Fish. I totally forgot about that. I think I still have that picture somewhere. I'll find it and put it up for all of your reminiscence. aahhhh those were the good days of gaming for sure. Natural competition in a forum where anything went.... As long as a Sysop wasn't in the room, but Hey it was MOTS we were the jerks of JK and were proud of it
  7. HAHa totally I remember the IP bans, that was so funny. I think I had 7 or 8 zone login Names and ironically enough the POS_Smackmaster one was the only one to not get banned. What is this "new zone" I've heard a bout a few times?
  8. People I have had contact with from the old school of MOTS/JOTS Mango- Ran in to him about 3 years ago at his shop. Carnage- havent seen him since Episode 1 came out LOL Tina- Same Tina's Husband Demon something I think. Same Nicodemus I was talking to him a few years ago on some tribes forums but I can't remember where.
  9. Hey all! I just happened type in JOTS MOTS in Google and came across this thread. Good too see some old names. How is everyone and what are you playing these days?
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