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  1. Sound advice apparently. I'll look around.
  2. I tried installing episode 1 racer on my laptop since my desktop died, for the most part it works fine, but here's the thing: When I start the game the camera moves around in the cantina, I can only see directly in front of the camera, beyond 4 or 5 feet, it's just a flat black plane. Podracer selection menu goes fine, and all the intro videos, but the moment I enter the race, same thing, a flat, single color plane about 8 feet in front of the camera that completely obscures anything beyond it. Boonta maps are a white wall, water circuits are a tealish wall, cantina is black. The game otherwise works fine, but I feel like someone's racing ahead of me trailing a massive trash bag so I can't see anything. The only way I can do anything is to follow the minimap and watch my thrusters when I boost, not very entertaining. System specs: Intel 1.5 ghz duo, 1gb ram, 120 gb harddrive, Intel gm965 onboard graphics, AKA GM X3100 graphics card. Windows XP I tried the updated .dll and the fixed swep1rcr.exe, plus all the compatibility modes and fooling around with resolution and graphics settings. Nothing seems to be able to get rid of the single color wall that's blocking most of my vision in-game. I can't find the anti-aliasing settings on my system, so haven't tried that. Might not have any due to onboard graphics.
  3. not to revive a dead thread or anything, but I solved the boost problem by using mouse control instead of keyboard. It's a lot harder to use, it's like learning how to play all over again, but at least you can boost. I'm trying to get this game working again, I wish they'd make a compatibility patch or make a sequel, this was such a great game, everyone loved it, I don't see how it should just fall away because it was based on an old star wars movie.
  4. I understand what's going on and why, I'm just as impatient and excited as any other OJP fan in love, and sometimes it's hard not to express the frustration at the "Apparent Lack of Progress" or, as my endearing term for it goes, ALP. Just stoked to try it out is all.
  5. RAWFL! I think you're thinking of a worm, that way it could spread via email and IM like a wildfire, trojans are just a pain in the ass to get rid of.
  6. so with the removal, re-uploadal and all, when is the ETA of this update? I'm really psyched about trying it out but there seem to be a lot of delays.
  7. Is one capable of changing the start points via create server menu or do we still need to meddle with cmds?
  8. so what's goin on? I can't find it on jk3 files. Does it usually take them a couple dyas to review something?
  9. Jesus people, getting a little off-topic here? Not that I'm against exploding kittens or anything, but what's the latest news? Are we getting close to a new build here?
  10. True that If we have to prioritze, go for the witcher, I never played it but I heard it was great. JA + uses the .sab system that can discern between swords and sabers and where they should go on the body, maybe we should kidnap their codemonkey. And then when we're done, we can ransome him back. Problem solved, we get two codemonkeys and the ransome money!
  11. ROFL! haha, most of them are final fantasy related unfortunately (what's up with that?) but yeah, I know JA+ sucks, that's why I don't play it anymore, but the whole sword sheathing thing is a minor problem. wow, yeah, lot's of sparks! HAHA! someone using matrix skins? I'm talking about having katanas that look more like knee spikes because they stick out a foot and a half beyond yours. Oh, and staffs of all kinds, bo staffs, Magna Guard electrostaffs, amphistaffs, and other things that arent SW related, like spears, scythes, etc.
  12. ah, one other tweak: make it so that swords are strapped across the back so you don't have massive blades on your belt dragging over the ground. JA + did this so I know it's possible.
  13. I love the mod but I have a problem with the electrostaffs. I'm running it with OJP and every time I hit someone with the electrostaff, the game freezes terminally. I have to use Ctrl + Alt + Del to exit. any ideas? Oh, and I can't change the color of the staffs for some reason...
  14. the MP AI with melee equipped would work, the only problem is that they switch to the disruptor ASAP, and that would have to be disabled. They don't need to walk, I've seen plenty of fast zombies, but you get my drift, even if the new gametype would just be a modification of TFFA, it could work, the only thing is I know about as much as a goat when it comes to scripting, I'm just a thinker.
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