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    hello i just downloaded the duel map votj. i understand this just a duel map, however i was wondering when you go into the middle of the power source is it supposed to increase any abilities? if not what is the valley supposed to do in the game play?
  2. rugal


    thank you for your help, that did help me, i have to say that was a very impressive map
  3. rugal


    i received the link from the jk3 files under ja under mods for single player hope that helps.
  4. rugal


    iam playing the sp map deception i am inside the mines i just received the force power push however iam stuck there are a few control rooms that i seem to cannot get in, the computer says zon1 to 2 are open, how do i proceed to the next level?
  5. i was wondering i am using the hex staff saber that can split into a duel saber, is their a way to use the kicks with this version of the staff? when i click the right mouse button i throw the saber, however cannot kick with it. any help would be great
  6. thanks for your reply also i had another question i just downloaded both skins for dooku and galen how do i spawn them in jedi academy? ive read the readme file however it really did not say. any help would be great
  7. rugal

    mods (JA)

    greetings, i wanted to know something, i just downloaded two zip files containing count dooku and galen marek however i was wondering what is the command to spawn them in jedi academy? i read the readme files however it does not say what the command is, any help would be great.
  8. does anybody know if the force unleashed will be available for the pc? if so what date?
  9. greetings, i just finished jedi outcast amazing game. i was wondering, how many sp new maps there are for both jo and ja? and where could i download them for gameplay?
  10. hello i have a question about jedi outcast, is their a way to speed up kyles force points quicker? in jedi academy i can do this with jaden using playermodeling, in outcast i cannot, any help will be great.
  11. hello a couple of questions is it possible to switch the staff saber style to fast? i saw a jedimaster with a staff do a kata like he had the fast style of single saber? also is their a way on jedi academy to possibly spawn darth vader or darth maul, dooku on this game any info would be great.
  12. greetings, ive found that when fighting kyle if you have forcerage lv 3 that seems to be the quickest way to beat him, if not try lv 3 lightning. with kyle when he is injured he backpedals alot to heal, with this you need to stay on him, hopefully this helps
  13. ian not talking about killing her in a 1vs 1 combat iam saying about playermodling her meaning controling her in a fight, i was wondering if thier was a code that could activate the sword to heal
  14. what i mean is this when i enter the cheat codes and type playermodel tavion_sith_sword i get to play tavion as ragnos i was wondering if thier was a way to use her sword like she does to heal
  15. i was wondering is thier a way when playermodeling tavion to activate her sword? i see her using the sword to heal herself i was wondering what command or code to use?
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