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  1. i did a few basic tutorials a long time ago http://sites.google.com/site/genliwarccp/tutorials you'll have to check online for any better ones
  2. Nice Work K1ling. One area you could practice a little more on is cleaning your edges. I'm not saying there's anything wrong, but i think they could look even better with cleaner color lines (or rather getting rid of the lines) Try using a feathered effect on your selection tool to give that blending feel instead. And I know this isn't a commando per se but it's a spartan jedi and i thought you guys would enjoy it: check out the original here
  3. I had a little time tonight (more I couldn't sleep), and I was looking back at some of the older pics and got inspired. LiWar (it's a thumbnail ) I see Rinku did some updating on the site. I didn't realize it's been so long since I had last done a real update. From the looks of things, it was October since any commandos were added to the site. Link, thanks for the tribute CotM. To everyone else, maybe my official retirement was a little over dramatic, but ccp really needed someone to take over who had more time to commit to it. With me gone, it gives a little more incentive for someone else to try their hand at it. I know much of my skill in photoshop (as well as Rinku's if I'm not mistaken) was learned while creating the commandos, not before. A little trial and error and some tutorial searches go a long way. PS. I do check back on the site and forum from time to time, and time permitting, I may assist in an update or fill a request.
  4. It's actually a link in Rinku's sig hidden in the words "The Custom Commando Project" also here P.S. Nice Commandos guys
  5. First off, Welcome to LF To answer your question, you have the code right, but you can't post a location from your computer. It has to be a pic on the internet. if you got the pics, from the internet, you can just post links, if not, you'll have to upload them to either the photo album on LF or photobucket, image shack, etc and give the links to them there.
  6. Unless someone got a request in after i took it off my site, these should be all of them that are left. EDIT: Plus this one Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  7. Please do, I'm sure people would appreciate their requests finally being done... I've just been so pressed for time lately
  8. You know, Gen'ika, i could have sent you my extra 19 inch monitor...

  9. Hey... Look who's finally back... Hopefully. I think these are all the requests that haven't been filled yet
  10. Hey, just got your message. Sorry, it's been a long time since I've really done more than check how things were going. Finally after sending 10 screens back I've got a good one, so as long as my roommate didn't destroy the rest of my stuff while I've been at home, I should be posting more this week.

  11. How are you doing? Long time no post!

  12. Yes, very nice Balkoth & M@RS An Update on my situation: Finally got the screen fixed this past weekend. Vista freaked out today and crashed so I have to fix that... again. I was hoping to get some commandos done this week, but it looks like that's out of the question. I have finals next week but after that, I will hopefully have no more technical difficulties and some free time
  13. they should be able to be posted as .jpg .gif or .png Photoshop and GIMP should both be able to save that way. Just select the different format when you are saving the file
  14. https://sites.google.com/site/genliwarccp/blankmodels The only official image was the white model, we've modded the rest of them from that (on another note, my laptop is sorta fixed (they have to send a replacement again because not all the parts work) but the screen works now so I'll probably have some updates this weekend
  15. kk cool, cause my dad was looking over my shouldr while i9 was on (naturally), and he said "would the General like our extra?" and i said i'll ask if his current issue was resolved.

    btw I made my firsst commando but i still cant uplload it. Any tips?

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