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  1. Wanted to say Hi, for old You Bashing me on Team Hssiss chat times.

  2. school's been insane, ill fix up what i have done, and ill ship them over to you before i go do more things tomorrow afternoon, i have a test in the AM and then ill be free for a couple hours, ill put together UVs and textures for whatever models i havent done that for yet, i dont have much more than what i had shown

  3. It was definitely a simpler time, back when I was a more frequent poster. Your post record indicates several breaks, starting with a two-year one, disappearing from 2009 til 2011, and then a three-year break from then til now.
  4. Haha don't mind me, just felt like being an ass!

  5. shut up, i dont intend to make it permanent, but since i fixed everything i can do a lot more things independently. like finishing my WIPs, in addition to helping out with things that interest me.

  6. Welcome back. haha

  7. definitely isn't a permanent come back, but i will offer my assistance on mods that interest me with models. and my input is still limited to the models and textures only, due to a system that won't use either KOTOR game or the tool.

  8. Do I win the contest now? Though honestly, I probably spent more time on Unreal Tournament 2004. That was like, my go-to game up until about 08-09. If it wasn't first, it would be a close second. Followed by Left 4 Dead 2, and then TSL.
  9. You can message me all you want, and I'll do my best to help, especially pertaining to skinning or 3d modeling, I'm just not gonna stay active in this particular modding community, for technical reasons. I might not get to your message right away, as I usually only check here for messages a few times (2-3 at most) a day, if I ever come on here. And, it's okay to ask, but don't expect an immediate answer. When I first started, way back when the community was a bit more active than it is now, I wouldn't get an answer right away. Now it's been a while and many modders have come and gone. Give it time. Even when I asked questions and learned from the answers, I still learned most of the stuff I learned through trial and error, and observation.
  10. It was released with KWIP oh so long ago. So i can get it. Thanks! Any other sabers if you come across any would be appreciated.

  11. if i can find the model, or if you already have it, go for it. the problem is ive lost my files throughout my hdd and so it would probably take a while since i also dont name my files helpfully so a search wouldnt work

  12. Yo, VP and I were wondering if we could use your double helix saber model in his new saber mod.

  13. This is the imperial moth. Not so creepy is it? Sure, its queasy to those with weak stomachs for a bug, especially one who's wingspan is the size of your hand, but it gets creepier in it's caterpillar stage: (spoilered for kinda big) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) i mean scale it up a little and i can ride it into battle and strike fear into all my enemies just look at picture F its like they are roaring e: oh hey im an idiot who forgot how to image code again
  14. go ahead, anything you have from me you're free to use. hopefully by the end of the spring next year i should have a mod resource thread containing all my old mod stuff for open usage

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