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  1. school's been insane, ill fix up what i have done, and ill ship them over to you before i go do more things tomorrow afternoon, i have a test in the AM and then ill be free for a couple hours, ill put together UVs and textures for whatever models i havent done that for yet, i dont have much more than what i had shown

  2. shut up, i dont intend to make it permanent, but since i fixed everything i can do a lot more things independently. like finishing my WIPs, in addition to helping out with things that interest me.

  3. definitely isn't a permanent come back, but i will offer my assistance on mods that interest me with models. and my input is still limited to the models and textures only, due to a system that won't use either KOTOR game or the tool.

  4. if i can find the model, or if you already have it, go for it. the problem is ive lost my files throughout my hdd and so it would probably take a while since i also dont name my files helpfully so a search wouldnt work

  5. go ahead, anything you have from me you're free to use. hopefully by the end of the spring next year i should have a mod resource thread containing all my old mod stuff for open usage

  6. just kinda doin my own thing, hardly lurking anymore, aside from logging on once in a while. been writing some stories, a lot of 3d modeling has been happening, otherwise its just been life as usual. ive gotten a lot better at modeling since the last time i actually did something here, now that i look back on that stuff i did ages ago. and how are things with you?

  7. good luck q, from your friendly neighborhood ghost

  8. Alien Skin Blow Up 2 is what I used. It offers a free trial (30 days iirc), full version costs. And I definitely don't condone anything illegal on the internet and you should not take this sentence to mean anything that would get you into trouble with the internet police.

  9. as to your comment, at this point, nothing in particular. I'm still getting used to mapping in the same style as the U3 engine (which is whats being used, I'm practicing by making a left 4 dead 2 map and also converting parts of that map into tf2 maps. U3 and Source both use the same "Map with Blocks and other standard objects" style, iirc), and I don't have nearly enough people in order to actually get some good progress on it. its not dropped, its on a hiatus.

  10. no i do not happen to have that, I've reformatted during your absense and I've lost most of my modding data, including the little stuff you left with me

  11. well, google harder

  12. I don't quite recall how we got it to work, did you try google?

  13. Multi-booted a couple versions of Ubuntu with XP way back in the day, but never really used them. why?

  14. The most common link you'll see from recent mods is kotorfiles, a part of the filefront network, and the most common you'll see from older mods is PCGM, which has, unfortunately, crashed. My modding groups are, yes, mostly dead (exiled studios is really only me at this point, Canyon has crashed and burned and Exiled rose from the ashes, a lot of other groups for discussing bigger mod projects also are probably is disuse...).


    And there are no "Sections", just threads, where, in holowan, a modder can post WIPs while the masses go "ooh" and "aah", in the taris upper city emporium, a modder can release a mod for the masses to download and go "ooh" and "aah" while actually playing it. In the modding request forum, you can post a request and hope an active modder will see it and maybe take your request. And in that same forum, you can request any mod that is hosted on PCGM, and, IIRC, any site that has been proclaimed Dead on Arrival.

  15. Its possible; but I highly doubt it. In my high school alone, there are easily 10 people with my last name, only one of whom I'm actually related to, at least 4 with the combination of my last name and my first initial, and I'm certain there is at least one with my first and last name.


    If you look enough, you'll find that yeah, there will be more Vachos, more people with your last name, my last name, everyone's last name, and they probably won't be related, and if they are, its probably a distant relation.

  16. idk probably, i don't think ferc was around for that particular mod to go up, and the only person he gave his skins to was me, and it was only a couple of skins including that particular one.

  17. tux is the only good thing about linux

  18. no. click the first link in my sig

  19. despite what your saying, i stil believe i showed you that program. either way, I've already edited that part of my post out.

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