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  1. I recently came back to LFN for the first time since 2011. The nostalgia factor is real. I feel like an old man who keeps visiting the grave of his late wife, while muttering a few solemn words about the good old days. I had thought that the Star Wars renaissance might actually reinvigorate the LFN, but I've seen no evidence of that yet. I agree with what most people have said, that the new generation of kids will spend their time on a variety of social media platforms and mobile devices, while places like StarWars.com and Theforce.net probably attracts most of the fanbase. The LFN reminds me more of a ghost town these days. Kind of sad. I don't know if I'll keep visiting these forums, but I might stop by from time to time.
  2. I can't pick one planet as my favorite, but I can provide my top three planets: I really loved Taris. The first real city-planet I'd seen other than Coruscant. I also enjoyed Kashyyyk. This planet was really beautiful, with a great ambience. I also greatly appreciated Dantooine. The (kind of) peaceful plains and the soothing sounds. I have to mention Manaan as well. Such an amazing place.
  3. Personally I've had many characters fall to the dark side and it doesn't feel good. It's horrible, and it makes me depressed. However, I don't want to go dark side, but it happens because I feel as if many of my characters just aren't that great, and I feel frustrated with the process (role-playing). When a character isn't living up to certain standards it will eventually experience a slow detoriation towards the dark side. It's my way of admitting that the character I created failed. It wasn't good enough. If a character isn't clearly defined OOU, then its very likely it won't succeed IU. A well developed character is much more likely to succeed (light side). If BioWare had actually had a more mature - and complex take on morality and ethics, a dark side character could've been an realistic alternative. My best playthroughs are always light side. I agree. BioWare definitely had to learn some lessons from this mistake. KOTOR's morality was very black & white, while Mass Effect was much more mature in that regard. Yeah, it's really bad. However, there are ways to play around it. You can act like a decent Jedi most of the time, while also picking a lot of neutral dialogue options, before making the fatal decision later in the game. You can at least make it feel somewhat realistic.
  4. These forums are very quite in general. I thought the Star Wars renaissance would give new life to these forums, but I see no evidence of that yet.
  5. I haven't posted on Lucasforums for a long time.. a long time. I am currently looking for a job. I've been out of work for more than a year now. Discrimination against the long term unemployed should be prohibited.
  6. I have a laptop computer and im curious if i could play TOR on it. Dell Inspiron 1545 - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - Pentium Dual-Core CPU - 2.3 GHz - 3 GB RAM - Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 Graphic Memory: 512 Memory Type: DDR2 So.. is this sufficient to run the game?
  7. Hands up for Spain! Yeesss!! Spains victory is a victory for the game!
  8. Im a little green on computers, and im considering to update my catalyst driver, but i want to know what version im currently running before i do anything. So i need to ask how i can find and identify the current catalyst driver version on my PC. My computer has a Radeon 9600 graphic card. I use Windows XP Home Edition. How do i install the new driver? Can i just run the installation without doing anything else, and it will overwrite the older version?
  9. Dunga doesnt like stars. Ronaldhino and Ronaldo should have been in the squad as well IMO Anyways.. My dream is the see Argentina VS Brazil in the final. That would be epic! But Argentina have to beat Germany first, and their defense is unfortunately very weak. Argentina probably have to score five goals to win that game ..
  10. Just wanted to bump up an old discussion that is actually interesting. Something these forums are devoid of these days But can life exist without the force. I dont think so, and here is my theory: Just like in our own understanding of the Universe there is one omnipresent element which created and now sustain all life. Energy! It is eternal, it can not be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one state to another. This is what i believe the force was always intended to be, the only constant in the Universe. That which created all life in the first place. I remember Yoda say: "Life creates it, makes it grow.. luminous beings are we, not this crude matter". Yes. He say that life is what creates the force, and that is true. But life could not erect from nothing, it needed a spark of creation, and this spark is energy, or in the SW universe; the Force. Then life is created, and it begins to evolve, from simple atoms, molecules to stars planets and galaxies, and in the end living beings. Then all this life starts pulsating and it creates and emit energy, makes it grow wherever life is present. So life and the force is connected, but life could not exist without the force, however the force is eternal, and it will always exist independent of life. So no, the force is not dying, it cannot die. Thoughts go back to Kreia and her desperate attempt to find answeres and to get revenge on those she holds responsible for her own failiures. She is a very bewildered and lost old woman, who is at the end of her bitter life. Its kind of tragic, but she still does some good in the end. She trained and managed to motivate the Exile to destroy such monsterous abominations as Nihilus, something that only the Exile had the potential to do. But to kill the force, which was her ultimate ambition was a twisted illusion she had aquired in all the pain she had been through in her life. Imagine a twisted or half delusional priest wanting to kill God, because he blames God for all the horror that he has caused. When in fact it is the living beings and their choices that creates pain and horror in life, and causes scars in the force itself.
  11. Well.. Sion gave Kreia a real beating on the Harbinger. I think its a really close game between the two. Anyone can win, but i think it all depends on circumstances, where and when the fight takes place. Sion would win on Korriban. But im sure Kreia would win on Malachor.
  12. Crazy Americans.. No doubt they are working on it though.. Whats up with them, the obsessive need to control everything in this world..
  13. Alright. I will take a look at it then.. Thanks zbyl2!

  14. Tienn's dialog restoration is pretty old mod, I didn't know how to get proper lip synch animations back then. So yes, it's a known bug.

    If I may suggest something, look for TSL Restored Content Mod by DarthStoney and myself - it restores this as well as lot and lot of other cut content in the game... and it has lip synchs for Bao and Tienn too ;)

  15. Hey zbyl2. I have a quick question for you. I recently installed your restored content mod, the one with Tieen and Bao Dur. Now.. Bao Durs and Tieens lines and voice is all there, but the animation for Bao Dur is not working it seems, there is no face/mouth mimic as he speaks the restored lines. Is this a known problem?



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