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  1. Err... What? :confused: Wouldn't the head have to be in TSL in the first place?


    oh man, you might be right, I think I got something mixed up. Again, really I'm just starting.


    EDIT: I tried my best, but I'm sorry I wasn't able to make the had skin. If I get the chance I'll try again.

  2. Right-o. Thanks again... If it isn't too much trouble, could you make a KOTOR 2 version as well?


    I don't have a copy of 2 for pc. however all I really need to do is rename the texture file. which should do it.

  3. I just think you shouldn't ahve to become a Jedi. Also, wouldn't the Jedi not want Revan to use the force because that would lead him back to his old memories. They're pretty much just saying: "Here's your lightsaber, go kill Malak and ignore everything he says about you being a Sith Lord"

  4. Welcome to the forums Padawannabe!


    I know that I mod like this does exist somwhere. Im fairly sure it does not have a link on lucasforums. I believe it was on pcgamemods but that site has been down for ages. It was called something like: "Authors name (cant remember sorry)'s no more I wanna be a jedi" A friend of mine recently asked me about this and we could not find it. Its possible that pcgamemods was the only place it was hosted at. I have no idea how far the mod goes as far as how people treat you. If so we're screwed. Trust me though, if its out there, somebody here knows where it is.


    As previously stated, this should be in the mod request section. I can't find the little winking smiley so you get Mr. T ----> :mrt::xp: And again, welcome to lucasforums!




    Thanks, I'll look around for that name.

  5. I'm not sure if you can make posts like this in this area of the forums, and if not then I'm sorry, but are there any mods that let you not become a Jedi in KoToR1? And if there are then do they also change the game so that it makes sense? Like change how people react to you?



    Mod note: Moved the thread to the Mod request forum, since that pretty much what it is. :) ~M

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