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  1. its not that they cant use them. hell i evan use it SOME times.but not all the damn time. they use them the whole fight. some poeple whould love to have a nice gun battle its funner you should try you rockateers. and yea they arnt really that hard to move out of the way.but when your walkin around the corner and boom your dead its not really that fun.then you have the C4 poeple but im not evan going to get start on that i dont play on the second one becuase of all this. but they do it on the first one to but not as many and not as much and not all the time they switch up to ones they die.
  2. you know what else poeple abuse on swbf2 online they abuse the rocket launcher. (poeple its not an infantry gun its for the tanks)
  3. EMPs dont bother me.Thats what there used for. i dont like to use tanks all the time i mean i do some times but i get out and fight to.
  4. why do a lot of you guys play with rocket launchers all the time.Plus when you see some body on the other side(you poeple with C4) will drop one right there where they are standing and you blow it up.thats not freaking fun to the ppl who wants to have a battle not a damn peak around a corner and boom your dead wtf is that its dumb.dont get me worng or any thing i play with that stuff to but not the hole danm battle.
  5. not on the first one and if they do i have never found them in the 4 year i been playing offline.
  6. who all plays the first one and what is your in game name?
  7. it has happen to me some times to and i have a ps2
  8. run up well shoting at it and get right between its two guns.If you do it right you should come out a live. it does take some time to do but you will get it.lol i still remmber the first time i did it.it was maken me made so i ran up on it (sounds stupied)right between the two guns and stood in front of it and shoot it to hell. if it dont work please tell me what your trying to do and it may help others out two. i no some time i make no sence but i try darnit.
  9. my funnyest moment was about 3 1/2 yrs ago when i was playing on kashyyyk islands i cant remmber what side or era i was on. but here i was with a rocket launcher shoting the flying ships when i see the jedi i shot at him once he blocked like normal then i shot im agian he blocked it agian but he was right by one of the building and it hit the buileding and blow up and killed him.but the funnest part was it siad killed him self.like i siad i cant remmber what side or era iwas on so i dont remmber the name of him.
  10. hey guys im new and i just want to say was up and its fun as hell playing online with a lot of you guys. im sure alot of you has played me and if i ever pissed you off im sorry. playing on offline is fun but playing online is evan funner
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