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  1. No, it should be easy. But only men could wear it since there isn't a female model for it.
  2. Thats a big job.... SithSpecter is looking at other stuff at the moment so he probebly won't attempt this Doc Valantine is Making his 'Game'. So I'm 99% sure he won't attempt this. Dunno what Quanon is doing. He might help you.
  3. ...should have a chat box? I think that LucasForums should have a chat box. Not many people visit SWKnights anymore. LucasForums has more users every 4 days than SWK has in a week. And PM's take ages! And I'm just a ranter! -DarthRevan243
  4. Spam Here. No, don't spam on the other threads. We keep it contained here! Example of pure spam: :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Note: Moderators, please, I'm trying to be helpful. Don't give me another warning.
  5. Okay. I'm making it now. It might not be possible to add sounds but I'll try
  6. I'm going to look into this. If there is a script that spawns them. Then I can do this for you.
  7. Woot! I love some of these requests! Are our forum rules confusing or something? Yet more spam, and another spam infraction. -RH
  8. Who should Uthar replace?
  9. Over 40% of people in the world have autism. If you are one of them. Post this in your sig!

  10. Thanks so much for accepting to make t'is new area!

  11. Thanks everyone! It's been a good birthday! Though I would've liked a Birthday md or smethng. Like the quest for TK102's Birthday..... ...but, thats ranting and being ungreatful. DR out!
  12. I'm going to make this!!!!
  13. Then what if Roma can hack the Ebon Hawk navigation system with a T3 prsss drive? If you want a geek
  14. LOL! I'm getting more in august when I visit my Aunt in Greese, Lesvos EDIT: I'll post Screenies of them soon!
  15. Note: I am English, so foreigners may not understand some of this Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to DarthRevan243! Happy Birthday to me! My presents were: A Darth Vader Lightsaber. EXACT replica. A Halo 3 covenant plasma:bday2: rifle. EXACT replica. Destroy all Humans 3, Big Willy Unleashed (Wii) A Dalek USB Webcam Star Was: Jedi and Sith (Book) For my Birthday I went to: The Doctor Who Exhibition (Earls Court) Hamleys Ultimate Toy Shop (London) Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) I also got a Canyon Workshops T-Shirt! Text on front: Canyon Workshops KotOR Modding Team Text on Back: DarthRevan243 Deputy/Vice Admin I am now 14!!!!! -DarthRevan243
  16. Bad idea. When wearing clothes game crashes!
  17. NO! It's mean't to add: Indiana Joes' Clothes, Hat and Whip. It's also meant to add a Side Quest where you can film the Movie: Attack of the Sith! I don't think I'll make it without the Items. Sorry M_C Regards, DarthRevan243
  18. MC, I don't think I should make it then..... Do you want me 2?
  19. SS, Will I get the equipment or have you stopped making it? If SS stops then the mod is going to S-U-C-K
  20. Not true. As much as I'm taking a break, I can't desert M_C! Still workin on it!!!
  21. Hi Ferc! DDD and I are on the Chat Box!


    Come and talk to us or we will keel you!

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