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  1. Just passing by and sayin' hi cause I found the forums again :xp:

  2. None too bad, just surviving my first year of college. And getting frustrated with not having any free time during normal living hours. Stupid Engineering majors :(

  3. *poke* Rediscover this man :<

  4. :o CN still lives!? I figure when I go AFK everybody else eventually finds their way out. Just saying "hey" :)
  5. That I do :D


    Glad to hear stuff is good with you and you haven't decided to take the long AFK. I'm recognizing less and less people around LF xD Just never get involved in league gaming, you'll lose what precious free time you once had. I should know, it's part of why I have no free time anymore, the other part being that annoying thing known as school :xp:

  6. rofl, I just rediscovered this place again. It's funny, I go afk for 5+ months, come back for a month or two then back. Don't worry about it being so long, next time I come back I'll have to wish you a happy birthday again :xp: Times are indeed busy... who would've thought that going to college for engineering would've been difficult? :D How's things w/ you?

  7. I'll pass along a belated bday as well, despite being even later than Jedi... on the other hand, nice to see ya :)

  8. Chev, noticed you are waiting for somebody to post in the new Zombies Walk... I'll try and get a character up by Thursday night so there'll be at least 3 people :D

  9. FRAK! Missed this, I'll get a new character up soon then! Sry.

  10. I might, once I think of a proper superhero........ hmmm.....

  11. not much. Kinda disappointed that your RP died, I know that would've got me back here much earlier than finding myself having some extra free time did :xp:

  12. Zombies Walk might be interesting to do a rehash of, yea. Just so long as it doesn't turn into a big afk fest like Zombie War did.

  13. Dayum, I just realized you've had that Avvy for over 2 years now.... wow... in other words, hey again :)

  14. Get this, I just got back from being away from being back :p


    Edit: And I'm fine.

  15. 2 months ;) Thanks for the welcome back, I'm still kinda surprised that the RP is still exactly where it was left.... I was almost expecting a revival or something

  16. Yes, I still do live. :D A 2 month break because of school and, damn, it feels good to jump back into LF.

  17. Zelda Ocarina of Time is THE BEST Zelda ever made! It's the only reason I downloaded Project 64, I like the game so much that I seriously installed Project 64 on my netbook just to play it....


    Yeah, I think I have issues too.... :\ Good luck with the RP, I'm not going to get in yet, but after I get off my rear and watch the first one I might get in.... maybe...

  18. Sorry, been really busy with RL... as for the Terminator series, sounds like it could be neat! I haven't seen the movies yet (Yeah, lame, I know) but it sounds like there could be plenty of room for an RP in it. Since I'm gettin re-aquainted, how are ya?

  19. Yeah, though the Mayan Calender doesn't end then, it just goes into another cycle

  20. Phew! That's a relief! Here I thought the Universe was ending :D

  21. Just thought I'd point something out to you Jae, in the Drunk Driving Crimes thread your note says it's split off from the No Win Decision thread when it's split off of the 14 Year Old Receives Life In Prison thread.


    Not attacking you or anything, just thought I'd point it out to you.


    Otherwise, have a good day when you read this! :D

  22. ?!?! You can DO that?! :xp:


    Just having fun with you Jedi. :D

  23. Done! I've browsed over the site and will end up joining soon. You told CQ about this? This appears to be right up his alley! :D Thanks for telling me about this... looks like I'll be complaining about Larson for a long time now. :xp:

  24. Hopefully. Should be interesting once we're on the cruiser... looks like I'm going to start blowing up walls on Team 2's way in... :D

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