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  1. heh, yea. Astor got it... I was away from internet for a few days, then forgot about this. Soz guys.
  2. Nope. Doesn't have strike in it's name. However it was first developed about the time counterstrike was...
  3. If you don't mind spending the money, I've had geekbox recommended to me several times. Haven't used them -mainly cause I like building- but I've had a huge amount of rec's from people I'd trust in another community to use them. Looking over their site though, it get's pretty expensive, but they're supposed to be pretty good. build it yourself ffs!
  4. Nope, close but no cigar edit: Does CS even have a ctf mode? o.0 That game seems too slow for ctf.
  5. Blanked out -poorly- one of the few things I could think of that would lead to google-fu. Have fun
  6. Google strikes again! Transport Tycoon! Thought it looked like a familiar engine, wrong one though :x
  7. Just passing by and sayin' hi cause I found the forums again :xp:

  8. I don't have the results, but I've done this test probably 3 times in the last month. ISTP normally. But I guess I'm more of an IST* considering I can change the P to a J depending on how bad of a mood I'm in when I do this test. Mechanics of the world, UNITE!
  9. Been watching this on Al-Jazeera along with a few others on IRC, interesting happenings. As for Goa'uld, I'd expect him to mention something along the lines of Scientology before outright Star Gate And I was always of the opinion that most everybody figured the whole French thing was a joke :<
  10. None too bad, just surviving my first year of college. And getting frustrated with not having any free time during normal living hours. Stupid Engineering majors :(

  11. ^^I don't have an emergency nor do I need a Banana
  12. *poke* Rediscover this man :<

  13. :o CN still lives!? I figure when I go AFK everybody else eventually finds their way out. Just saying "hey" :)
  14. Dayum, how is it already that time of the year? Happy Birthday man!
  15. Bad Idea, acting covertly is a great way to insure that you're gonna be busted. Playing Zork, competitively.
  16. ^^ you expect us to NOT know that you're not a jerk?
  17. What everybody else has said, happy late birthday Jae!
  18. That I do :D


    Glad to hear stuff is good with you and you haven't decided to take the long AFK. I'm recognizing less and less people around LF xD Just never get involved in league gaming, you'll lose what precious free time you once had. I should know, it's part of why I have no free time anymore, the other part being that annoying thing known as school :xp:

  19. ^^Naw, I'm not going to deal with whiny mothers, not on your life!
  20. /me looks at title /me looks at thread Mmmk then. Speaking as a right ringer, he's the President for better or worse. I'll support the office, but disagree with some of his politics. People who claim he's not the president/is un-American/whatever are people that shouldn't be taken seriously.
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