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  1. If Crytek was devious enough to make maximum settings impossible (even for the god PCs) for the time being, Then that must mean that the Crytek developers are either from the future, a team of aliens and government agents, or both.
  2. <_< >_> O_O Um, shouldn't this discussion [describing something about it while visciously ranting removed by me] be moved to Kavar's Corner? The thread seems to have inflated dramatically from a thread filled with excitement and desicion-making into a full-blown debate about videogames (and media, in general) and whether these mediums should be burned on the stake or be placed as the head of an ancient guild of bakers known for making delicious croissants and hotpockets.
  3. [applauds] HOORAY! GOOD FOR YOU! It's usually confusion that makes the stereotypes. People should know that most disorders being stereotyped in the media are VERY SPECIFIC, and even then, they're exagerrated, like Schizophrenia (spelling?) and that kind of autism that makes people mentally challenged. I myself am in a school that ALSO (not just) accepts people with disorders for education. Some of the people here in my class may involuntarily walk to the bathroom during class and wander around the halls, but they're not bad people, and I don't mind them. BTW, what does Cerebral Palsy do, in layman's terms? The Wikipedia article is just confusing.
  4. Yup, and the fact that they can't get a good look at you since you're running and hopping all over the galaxy, and quite possibly that the security cameras of Khoonda give bad quality security footage, thus rendering you practically faceless in the videos.
  5. Still waiting for the release here, (What? 3rd-world here, hello...) although now I doubt I'd buy the game soon. It just doesn't seem to have much of what I like in a game. (First-Person perspective, Self-Preservation, Money, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Roleplay, Weapons, No Annoying Escort Missions ...you know, mostly like Oblivion. ) Still, I might think about it...
  6. Pfft, I'm only 16 (Okay, I was 15 back then.) and I just bought Painkiller Universe (M for Mature) off of a Datablitz outlet. The salespeople didn't even mind. In fact, they recognized me as a frequent customer. Of course, I was with my brother then, and he is around 25 years old...
  7. I'm guessing this would happen to a Jedi during their training, seeing as how they would have to learn to overcome their weaknesses and fears alone, eventually. They would also learn how to cooperate with others and to work together to solve the tests and trials. E.g. Juhani and her near fall to the dark side after she attacked Quattra, Luke and his journey through the Dark Side cave in Dagobah without Yoda, Jolee leaving the Jedi before he attained Knighthood due to him secretly training his wife to be a Jedi (while he was still a Padawan) against the Council's wishes, etc. You could also point out Jolee and Juhani joining the quest for the Star Forge as a cooperation test. Juhani either volunteered to join and was accepted, or was recommended by the Council to join. As for Jolee...he joined Revan and the others in his own accord, instead of staying in Kashyykk or being tossed out dropped off by Revan somewhere desolate, like Hoth. Jolee's still great, though.
  8. 1. Upgrade my computer with god-like PC hardware. 2. Buy Crysis, as well as all of the games I ever wanted. 3. Watch as Crysis grovels beneath my feet and begs for mercy because of my awesome computer hardware. 4. Do nothing about it and continue torturing playing Crysis. 5. Dine out at an expensive restaurant. 6. Spend time with my family. 7. ...in Brazil/Italy. 8. Give my parents $20,000. 9. Deposit the remaining money into my account. 10. Buy all the frozen, microwaveable food I need. 11. NO IPODS! 12. AND NO CELLPHONES!
  9. I am so sorry that she is no longer with you in this world, but you should remember that she'll always be with you, whether it's through loving memory, spirit, or Force ghost. [salute]
  10. Yes, and think of the stress-relieving effect it has! It's just a game, and you'd have to be pretty foolish and stupid to even attempt those things in real life. I myself would just rather prefer driving a car recklessly around the city, repeatedly bumping other non-police cars, or trying to land a car on the roof of a building.
  11. It's just seemed too cruel for me to play on DS, but that doesn't mean I'm full LS, though. I'm more "off-white". I hated the kids on Taris for beating up the Ithorian and threatened them for it. I felt sorry for Sharina Fizark and hoped she had a better future ahead of her by giving her an additional 200 credits for her 500 credit Wraid Plate. I wanted the Selkath judges to know the truth in Sunry's trial, although I didn't like the fact the Sunry was executed. I wanted to beat up the Selkath who hated outsiders and the ones who thought of me as disruptive. I enjoy killing those who deserve it, like those corrupt Czerka officers and Darth Bandon. I wanted to kill Xor myself instead of letting Juhani kill him. I'm never serious around Bastila with her conversations and I constantly tease and make fun of her for being a prissy little Jedi princess and for losing her lightsaber on Taris, as well as playfully flirt with her, and I thought she was a real [female dog] for mocking me and the Jedi in the Temple, so much that I didn't want to join her. Revan and Bastila's relationship never really had much of an impact on me, so I wasn't affected much by her betrayal other than the "WTF WHY DID YOU BETRAY US?! I THOUGHT YOU WAS OUR FRIEND!" reaction. I ALWAYS persuade for a better reward. Not threaten, but persuade. AND I often bargain with people to lower the price of what they're selling to me, unless they're in need. (like Sharina)
  12. Nope. I'm not getting it. Until a limited/collector's edition and/or eventual price drop comes, of course. Hurhurhur...
  13. Well, for that, you'd have to make THREE PCs! And if they have conversations with each other, I'd say you'd pretty much be talking to yourself what with you choosing each of their dialogue options and them being mostly voiceless and all. Actually, that would be pretty be amusing and fun. "Making your own arguements"...I like it. Oh yeah, well I think that's just stupid. But think of how fun it'll be! Then it's still stupid...but fun. I'm in. Yeah!
  14. "...Other Mandalorian Color..." You mean red?
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