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    Everything is interesting, except for repetition. This excludes emotion which is, regardless of repetition, always interesting.
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    "Occupational Hazard"
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    Contractual Law!
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  1. When you come back, send me a PM as I have some good Raphael Sbarge (Carth) lines that will work great with your Prison mod.

  2. cool vid papership

    Gummi Bears!!!

  3. Strongbo, First Taff (from the makers of Taff Wars)



    It will make your life better!

    LB! x

  4. okilaydokilay

    any updates on the "rescue carth mod" coming soon?

  5. Suuure! I don't see why not. It's not my song :) It's from an 80's cartoon.




    P.S. Gummi Bears rocked!

  6. :ninja1: thanks for the message papership

    p.s. looking forward to the rescue carth mod your making!And great song.can i make that my signature?


  7. Welcome to the forums Darth Gummybear.

    I hope you have a lovely time here and make lots of Starwars crazy friends!


    Gummi Bears!!

    Bouncing here and there and everywhere.

    High adventure that's beyond compare.

    They are the Gummi Bears!



  8. Aw, Quan, I know how that feels! The uncertainty of not having a clear future in sight. Where to go? Dilly dally dilly dally. You know what the Paper Ship says? If you can’t see forward, then strafe a while! :D I suggest you sniff around and explore. Try some stuff. See what tastes good to you. If you do have some idea of what you want to do with your future (even if you don’t know how to get there) then just keep it in your thoughts so that you’ll recognise paths to that goal when they show themselves - which they will ;)


    Besides that, don’t worry about it. And don’t let anyone push you into fabricating artificial ambitions, which your heart isn’t really in, just for the sake of ‘going somewhere’. Trust in your instincts and enjoy this present freedom from your own expectations!


    “Be mindful of the present, young Padwan” (lol)


    Stay Super!

    x Pap x

  9. In a bit of black hole. I stopped school and now looking for job.

    Its the first in life I don't have anything planned out for me... so it feels weird.


    No idea what to expect.

  10. Doing good. Doing super! ^.^ Still a little confused about some thing's I cant remember how to do, hehe. But I'm gettin there!


    So hows my crazy Quanon flavoured muffin, hm? :p

  11. Maaaa favaaourite ship; made of swuaaaaaaade paaapeer :p


    How you doing, besides modding frantic madness?

  12. My favorite part was when you see the cat describe the cat toys, and then say he hates them, and prefers to to play with things that are not necessarily cat toys, but nevertheless have great play value, like the silk curtains, the dry flower arrangement, the crystal candy dish. Then you see him knocking the vase off the table, and then the next page it's in pieces on the floor. In English it says "Alas, they are not so durable". In French, it says "C'est la vie". I laughed so hard in the bookstore people were looking at me funny. :lol:

  13. Je cours rapidement d'une piece a l'autre sans aucune raison apparente

    (I run rapidly from room to room for no apparent reason)

    Sounds like French for Paps! Thanks for the recommendation! flower.gif

  14. Ooh, hello stranger. :p


    The Valleys are absolutely 'crackin' as we would say.


    Time to blow the dust off of your Skype, methinks. See if we can't get a certain Doc to get his arse in gear, too. :p

  15. Heeey Sithypup! Thank you! Oho, and belated happy birthday! I'm happy to see all these old faces still here. Especially yours *wag-tail*

    Thank you again for these models you flipped for me last year. My old "CR" project is indeed going through some changes, but these models will be used... oh yesss... they will be used! I hope all is well for you. I have no idea what's going on these days ^.^

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