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  1. Hey DarthPhae, could you send me a link of that Dark Forces 2 Menu you made for Jedi Outcast DF2 Mod? I couldn't backup my memory from my old memory, so i couldn't save it... :( I would appreciate if you could send me that again, thanks. :)

  2. Thanks DarthPhae, i know what you're talking about. Can't wait to post my new skin.

  3. I have to ask a question, i'm working on another kyle skin, and i need to take screenshots, when you take off parts of the model such as kyle's collar and belt, how do you make the white spots where the part of the model that was once there disappear when in Modview? In other words, i took off the collar and belt part of kyle for my skin and when i'm in Modview, white blobs appear shaped like the model parts i took off are there. In the game the parts i programmed to not appear are not there, i want to take a screenshot in modview of the skin, only without the big white blobs there. Thanks! :)

  4. Hello M@RS,

    haven't been on the forums for a long time. The Df2 mod has a chance of going

    into the hands of someone else, as my computer problems are starting to build and build. I'm starting to use linux ubuntu as my operating system and it seems that all of my skins have been erased forever. I will be searching for a new copy of JO, and possibly i will be getting back to the mod and make an actually foundation for the df2od demo to start on. Hopefully all these setbacks on the mod such as moving and updating computers will come to a stop for a while. I will be using a program called wine on linux to run all of the jedi knight apps, since jka is fully supported by it ( I assume that jo and the mod tools will be supported as well.) Well just thought i should've given an update on the mod, and again hopefully i will get back to working in the next week. If everything goes bad, someone else will need to continue the Dark Forces2 mod.

  5. Have a great Birthday!:)

  6. Yeah it's kinda hard at the moment.Since i haven't mapped in a long time could you do a small favor for me?I need some good tutorials for map makind it radiant.

    I need like an advanced structure tutorial like pipes and platforms,domes,and so on.

    Also some lighting tutorials.For the first level i'll need to figure out how to make a dark green light for the bar room.And also an animation tutorial for the little hologram type signs in the streets.Thank you.I'm really busy practcing to see if i can remember anything and i don't have time to look these up.Thank you for any help."Sorry for the long comment"


  7. Hello again.I've made some textures for the first level.It'll be Double Cross on NS.

    Happy Modding. :)

  8. Hey M@RS i've finished 2 new textures for Double Cross on NS.I've got the bar main floor and the wall.I'll get started making the map soon.After my computer was reformatted the map editor works now.Hopefully it actually saves the maps now.:)

  9. Hey dude,i made some concepts to show the team what i think katarn should look like.Hope it's you like it! :)

  10. It's all right, i have been busy for a while to with a lot of delays.I made some concept art in my free time.I wil post it as soon as i get it on the computer :)

  11. I'm back!

    I was wondering if you having been skinning at the time...

    I was hoping if you could make some df2 like rodians or something like that or maw's mercs the grave tusken raiders i think they are called.

  12. I was wondering for the imperial march are something classic like...;)

  13. Happy new year :)

    I've been wondering if your avalible for the mod right now,I'll need some menu making help.;)

  14. Nope,sorry for not being on got an xbox for christmas!:D

    But no haven't gotten JA.

    I'll need to be getting back to modding.My computers brokenso i have to work on my laptop.Happy New year!

  15. Yeah i've been quite busy too,one of my family members gotten surgery and i they needed a bit of help so it's been quite hard to do things...

    I have the Katarn skin almost 100% but still needs a bit of tweaking.


  16. Well,i'm back still working on that skinpack will be released pretty soon....:)

  17. Well,i'm going to make a df2kyle with the raven model,i think i'll take your advice.;)

    Happy Modding :D

  18. Okay,i'll inform people.;)

  19. That'll do,if you could it would be awesome if it would be possible to make music for the main menu.If not you can get some sounds for characters and force powers.

    Either way would be cool ;)

  20. Thanks,np :)

    Have a nice trip :D

  21. Yeah same with me,can you check it?

    The site is not loading for me either...

  22. Pretty good,my computer has been screwing up so i've been trying to get it working normal...

  23. Well i have been taking a break because of all the school stuff.I'm piled with Homework so I won't be avalible to do stuff until Saturday.I have some ideas to make on the df2mod though,so lately i have just been planning the whole concept of what i'm going to make everthing look like.Then i'll create it ;)

    Hey,I was wondering what are your modding skills for JK2?

    Cause' then i can think of something you can do...

  24. I know it's just that,well I don't want to take everybody's work and edit it.Since Jerec actually had hair,also its upper lip is kinda odd,but i guess i could do that,sorry...

  25. Eh M@Rs,could you do something for me,enable to do this you'll need jk2 right now though.Could you make a Jerec skin for me?

    Thank you,and if you have questions just post on my profile ;)

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