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  1. Hey DarthPhae, could you send me a link of that Dark Forces 2 Menu you made for Jedi Outcast DF2 Mod? I couldn't backup my memory from my old memory, so i couldn't save it... :( I would appreciate if you could send me that again, thanks. :)

  2. Thanks DarthPhae, i know what you're talking about. Can't wait to post my new skin.

  3. My new machine: An Alienware M11x! Ram (Memory) : 4GB Hard Drive Space: 120 GB (not a lot) Intel Core 2 Duo 720p HD Monitor!
  4. I have to ask a question, i'm working on another kyle skin, and i need to take screenshots, when you take off parts of the model such as kyle's collar and belt, how do you make the white spots where the part of the model that was once there disappear when in Modview? In other words, i took off the collar and belt part of kyle for my skin and when i'm in Modview, white blobs appear shaped like the model parts i took off are there. In the game the parts i programmed to not appear are not there, i want to take a screenshot in modview of the skin, only without the big white blobs there. Thanks! :)

  5. Hello M@RS,

    haven't been on the forums for a long time. The Df2 mod has a chance of going

    into the hands of someone else, as my computer problems are starting to build and build. I'm starting to use linux ubuntu as my operating system and it seems that all of my skins have been erased forever. I will be searching for a new copy of JO, and possibly i will be getting back to the mod and make an actually foundation for the df2od demo to start on. Hopefully all these setbacks on the mod such as moving and updating computers will come to a stop for a while. I will be using a program called wine on linux to run all of the jedi knight apps, since jka is fully supported by it ( I assume that jo and the mod tools will be supported as well.) Well just thought i should've given an update on the mod, and again hopefully i will get back to working in the next week. If everything goes bad, someone else will need to continue the Dark Forces2 mod.

  6. Jedi Academy is more popular in Multiplayer but Jedi Outcast still has a lot of players, but usually everyone plays Jedi Academy for Multiplayer.Also there is a lot of effects mods for the two games at http://jediknight3.filefront.com/ Just search up "effects" there and you should get a lot of mods. Hope this helps you and good luck!
  7. Apparently you don't know about Dark Forces 2 lol.
  8. I've been listening to some classics and some hard rock. Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall Rob Zombie- Super Beast Just some of my picks that i personally like
  9. I'm looking for some mappers for jedi outcast to help me and my mod team.We don't have any mappers and i would like to recruit some, because my mapping skills aren't that well.if anybody would like to join these are some requirements: -Knowledge of Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast mapping and modding -Knowledge of the Dark forces 2 levels and the structures in the levels -Contact between the team to let them know what you are working on -Kindness and respect for the team (We can't have fighting between team members) Those are just some things you need to know to be in our team,if you wish to join contact me at: Agent_Katarn@yahoo.com Also give a link to a picture or file to show the work you've done in the past in mapping. Thank you ~A.G.K
  10. I'm extremely looking forward to Broken Steel.I've played through the game and i know ALOT of people disagree with me but i actually thought the ending was okay in Fallout 3.I mean it's like in some other cases where some guy saves a huge number of people then its done kind of scenario.It's a bit more different which makes it stand out to me.Personally i thought oblivion was a great game but had some flaws and fallout 3 was a great game that had some flaws,but both were so great playing it was hard to not like game.Then people have their opinions.I didn't really think the F3 ending was great but i'm glad bethesda has a great respect for their game to totally change the ending and try to make it as good as possible.I'm also glad that Bethesda announced that they are publishing a new fallout game called Fallout:New vegas.It is officially being developed by Obsidian the remnants of the people that made the original Fallout games.
  11. I was just playing the game Rampage.I beat it within 2 and 1/2 hours. I played it when i was littler,i had a memories from it here and there and i decided to play it.Pretty fun due to its old age...
  12. I've gotten Dead Space and Burnout Paradise.I'm mostly playing burnout because in dead space i ran out of ammo so lets just say that i'm well,S.T.U.C.K. It's freaky too you never know when those dang creatures are behind you. Paradise is pretty fun especially since the update.Sadly since i've gotten so many games for the 360 i'm turning into a console gamer a bit. But it's okay,it's always good to like a bit of everything,(unless it is just pure horrible).
  13. Have a great Birthday!:)

  14. I like Alice in Chains: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3FnQMSD4Zg Pearl Jam: Nine Inch Nails: Faith No More: Soundgarden: And Many More..........
  15. I said Yoda because after contemplating i thought it would be the most obvious!
  16. I remember playing Super Mario Brothers 1 when i was very little.I remember constantly dying in the dungeons.
  17. The story isn't entertaining in my opinion but get it for the pc it makes the game wonderful with mods.The gameplay is good,mods are good,and multiplayer is really fun. I recommend it if you want that in the game then i would highly recommend it.
  18. Yes because it is a excellent and helpful maneuver for many kinds of attacks that are coming for you.
  19. Yeah it's kinda hard at the moment.Since i haven't mapped in a long time could you do a small favor for me?I need some good tutorials for map makind it radiant.

    I need like an advanced structure tutorial like pipes and platforms,domes,and so on.

    Also some lighting tutorials.For the first level i'll need to figure out how to make a dark green light for the bar room.And also an animation tutorial for the little hologram type signs in the streets.Thank you.I'm really busy practcing to see if i can remember anything and i don't have time to look these up.Thank you for any help."Sorry for the long comment"


  20. Hello again.I've made some textures for the first level.It'll be Double Cross on NS.

    Happy Modding. :)

  21. Hey M@RS i've finished 2 new textures for Double Cross on NS.I've got the bar main floor and the wall.I'll get started making the map soon.After my computer was reformatted the map editor works now.Hopefully it actually saves the maps now.:)

  22. I'm not gay or anything,but i say it's okay gay people get married.It's not like the ending of the world will come.Plus,some people are just like that.They can't help it.So i say it's okay for gays to get married,period.
  23. I believe personally that it's justa matter of what you truly believe.I believe there is not an exact true answer.I believe how lif began is a mix of parts of a large amount of different theories.The only thing i believe in is that man weren't the first to walk the earth.I have no arguments whatsoever about any other beliefs.Again i think this is a subject of what religion or what you believe in.
  24. Well there is a new Kyle model made by darth tempust.I saw it on filefront last... Search in filefront if you want that... Also there is some saber color mods on jk2classic files. All what i can think of at the moment.If i remember anything else i'll let you know.
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