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    I am a big Star Wars/Transformers fan.
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    Inside your soul...
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    Writing Novels (I'm on chapter ten of my first one)
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    Subway (Sandwich Artist)
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    Star Wars:BattleFront II

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  1. how? I live in the most dry part of peru! Make Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen come out tomorrow!
  2. run away WWYDI you lost your voice, and then someone violently ripped out your tongue??
  3. Sue myself. WWYDI you became a cartoon character?
  4. OK...so I made up this game....it is a lot like the game "Word Association", but instead of putting a word similar to the past one, you put a word opposite it. I'll start: Candy.
  5. Then the caterer's ghost came back and devoured Obama's soul.
  6. Ask someone what Osama is. WWYDI if you finally discovered that your father was Earth's most wanted man?
  7. Granted, but now they put annoying sub woofers in their back seats and talk on bluetooth. I wish that Pokemon existed.
  8. ^Very disturbing man in a black and white photo.
  9. But I have to look! If I don't, I wouldn't be giving you an excuse.
  10. Buckle up, for Tomato Devil and his evil Mini-me promise to conquer the entire eastern African nation with giant spandex wearing barista giraffes. That's what happened when Hitler's Ghost arose from his deep grave and screamed, "Salt Jedi shall not be served with cooked mustard." So Tomato Devil decided to not serve Jedi his favorite food condiment,
  11. Admiral Ackbar - 2 Admiral Piett - 11 Anakin/Darth Vader - 27 Boba Fett - 15 Chewbacca -11 Darth Maul - 13 Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine - 15 Darth Tyranus - 10 General Grievous - 18(+) General Veers - 9 Grand Moff Tarkin - 15 Han Solo - 15 Jango Fett - 9 Lando Calrissian - 10 Luke Skywalker - 7(-) Mace Windu - 13 Obi-Wan Kenobi - 18 Padme Amidala - 17 Qui-Gonn Jinn - 12 R2-D2 - 19 Wedge Antilles - 14 Yoda - 23
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