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  1. While your at it, could you do DuckTales? *g*
  2. I personally like this navigation method above the Q & E one (Sorry benny )
  3. I can see 4 of the things you want on eBay right now. Lucasarts Archives Vol. III White Label The Secret of Monkey Island & Monkey Island 2 (White Box) (UK) Day of the Tentacle / Sam & Max DVD Keep Case (UK) Lucasarts Collectors Series Day of the Tentacle / Sam & Max (AUS)
  4. I collect as well but i don't have anything near as special as everyone here. I noticed alot were looking for the Triangular DOTT box, it was on ebay this weekend, but when it got to $170 i really didn't feel like bidding more so i didn't win that one. I do own the boxes to all the titles, and have a few special German onces as well. My most wanted is still the FM Towns versions but they aren't really easy to get now are they :-) My most precious is my original first Maniac Mansion boxed release in -near perfect- condition.
  5. Never seen that before, but i was actually referring to their "Flashy website interface thingy".
  6. Something i've always noticed about Samandmax2 was the fact that it -NEVER- featured on the main website. Any new Star Wars or whatever lamo game is features on the Main website in their Flash menu. Just like Mercenaries, Sam and max 2 of Full Throttle have never ever been in this list. Makes me wonder if they ever had the intention to actually even sell it.
  7. I don't think you should blame that on the people on this forum, you should always ask the seller before you buy anyway if the photo/description isn't clear enough.
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3076296598&category=4315 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3052287191&category=4315 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2792076465&category=4598 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3061492167&category=4315 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3084194881&category=15109 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3084196531&category=62053 Those might interest you Freddie.
  9. I didn't have any spaces in my path. I just click download, it downloads, then i click "start" (at the game) and it says it cant find ScummVM. Its installed on J: by the way. Edit: Ah i see it now, it stops downloading after 2% (Daily snapshot), when i change screen (ie switch to internet explorer) the download dialog disapears.
  10. I did that, it downloaded it and then nothing happend I still had to manually copy scummvm in the right directory.
  11. Works pretty nicely, did take me a few mins to figure out where to stick scummvm, but overal its pretty nicely done. It has a nice interface and decent usability.
  12. It is indeed a German version, i personally aren't too fond of the german language but perhaps i'll just go and play it some day. Its been published by a german company called softgold, it seems to have been released in 1994. The game unfortunatly is in full german, it does seem to run just fine on my Windows 2000 and i'll might just complete it one day (polish up my german along the way). It also works fine with ScummVM 6.0pre, just use it as Monkey Island 2. There are some demos on the disk as well: REBEL - Rebel Assault Demo SAMMAX - Sam & Max Demo DOTT - Day of the Tentacle Demo LOLLY - Lollypop Demo ITEDEMO - Inherit the Earth Demo RLOFT - Ravenloft Demo v3.0 SSIDEMO - SSI Demo MENZO - Menzoberranzan Demo TIEDEMO - Tie Fighter Demo SLIDE - Slide Show Softgold Products
  13. Lol, well how much i would love that as well i'll just do it for the experience as well :-) As for the other members i don't really mind that much benny, just know that you need to tell me waht you need builded everytime so i can make it. Also, i'll only work on it during weekdays as in the weekends i'm with my gf, and please dont give me any login details or anyting now (which you probably wont for a while anyway) zoww i'm kinda drukn now. Even though i quite know what i said yes too :-) Anyway i love the experience with every PHP project i make and i've been wanting to do something for the LucasArts fanscene for quite some time, as it eventually made me into what i am today
  14. I'll agree to work on that i guess, i'm hoping/guessing i get some Mojo space to work with? :-) I'd need some database and such, and i personally dont want to be the website maintainer though, i can make the stuff and all and fix any bug, but i'll be the PHP programmer of the site, not the main webmaster Anyway the things you've said shouldn't be too hard, most of the things are things i've done lots of times, it should take some time developing but nothing that would be too impossible i guess. I'm guessing i'd be part of a team?
  15. Hehe i can do that no problem, but like i said i'm a programmer -NOT- a designer Someone tell me what they want and how it should look and i will build it.
  16. Ah great stuff, i love screenshots. I save screenshots of anything i see on that web thats looks intresting. This really looks great
  17. I guess no one saw that screenshot i linked to, unfortunatly its already gone and i didn't save it. I should however receive the package today, if i receive it i'll scan it right away. Doesn't anyone have a CD version of Monkey Island 2? (Sold in a seperate box like MI 2)
  18. Well you guys already support Flight of the Amazon Queen, plus you linked to http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,1858/ where Flight of the Amazon Queen is one of the games that Steve Stamatiadis worked on. You mention he's on holiday and the Freeware release could take longer, for me its just 1 + 1 :-) But its just my mind thinking up stuff of course
  19. Ah thanks, silly Vbulletin. * CaliMonk slaps Freddie around a bit with a large comma. I've fixed the links
  20. Judging by the new newsupdate @ http://www.scummvm.org, i personally think the next Freeware game is going to be Flight of the Amazon Queen. This shows again that there are GREAT companies out there who see that giving away the source and releasing their old games which are no longer sold is a good thing. I still fail to see why LucasArts doesn't release some of their earlier games as Freeware, they aren't even selling their games anymore, neither do they support their own old games in anyway. ScummVM is one great project that shows there are people dedicated enough to put so much time into ways to run old games on new systems. Thumbs up to the ScummVM team, Thumbs down to LucasArts for their ignorance. ¬¬
  21. Well i haven't received it yet, but i do have a picture of the auction i won it with. <gone> I personally never knew it even existed, but it seems logical why would they only release the FIRST monkey island on CD-ROM (Which is older) and NOT do the second one too? Once i receive it i'll make better scans, as this is just a photo
  22. By the way, Freddie is the CD-ROM release of Monkey island 2: Le Chuck's revenge rare? Or is it pretty common? I happend to stumble upon it and was able to buy it for $20, i'm willing to scan it if there's a need for that.
  23. Oh that pack i have that, i bought it at an online store. I forgot which one however. I recently bought that, like 1 month ago. The Classic Adventure pack however i can't seem to locate.
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