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  1. So LucasTones and idea when and/or if your going to share your big resolution pictures with us?
  2. Great work, thanks alot Benny It looks great
  3. Besides that i'd really love to see liek Dansky or Paco make big pictures of their art, i'd love to hang that on the wall as well (Like the header for the Scummbar Forum, that would be great!)
  4. I totally get the legal issue, i'd personally just use it to hang in my own house. I've been waiting years for a possibility to have such posters but LucasArts just never makes them unfortunatly. Fortunatly with Pirates of the Carribean movie there was an official poster which i bought Anyway i'd love to get these, so i can finally have a way of making myself a great poster. LucasArts is free ot make them theirselves though i'd be all for it
  5. Could you just stick it on some website? I'd love to get them aswell, if its great quality i'd print it so i can frame it and hang it on my wall
  6. Download (300dpi, CMYK): Monkey Island 2 - Front Cover (4.41 MB) Monkey Island 2 - Back Cover (1.51 MB) Those 2 still don't work....
  7. I had the same problem, i fixed this by copying the shortcuts and pasting it in a download manager. Then i just 'resumed' like 15 times before i totally had it.
  8. I must say this looks nice! If this would be turned into a Monkey Island RPG i'd love it! I've been waiting for a Monkey Island RPG my half damn life!
  9. I don't post often but this is worthy of my post i guess Its a true shame to think that The Scummbar would quit, when i joined the 'scene' back in 97 it was the First Monkey Island site i found along with mixnmojo. Back then it really made a good impression on me, it was what got me familier with the #monkey-island chat room which eventually made me grow into the IT Specialist(?) i am now. Don't take away my Yoda! :x Also, always respect The Schafer, mommy told me to always listen to insane people because you never know what might happen ¬¬
  10. What kind of speed is your CDROM drive a 2 speed or something? I think you need at least a 4 speed one. As for 'ripping' it and sticking it on your HD, i don't think there are good ways to do this besides using certain cracks and other illegal things, but thats just me speculating. My advice would be to get a faster CDROM drive, i mean you can get a 4 speed for $10 nowadays...
  11. I personally like animation movies like Shrek and Monsters Inc. (The way they look). I personally wouldn't mind if they make a movie about Monkey Island or Sam and Max like that, that would own
  12. I saw Treasure Planet yesterday and i must say i liked it though, so that would be a new one for my list
  13. They actually do that often :x
  14. Cutthroat island was hard to get though
  15. Need any coders? I get bored when i'm not making paysites or working on AXE4
  16. MI1/MI2 interface is the best. Don't like the onces from CMI/FT/EMI etc Just gimme a clear menu interface like in MI2 with pictures and buttons, it rules!
  17. If they would do that it would be as crappy as the E.T. enhanced version. MI 1 + 2 were a unique feel someone ron gave to it, he left and it was never the MI feel and it will never be the original MI feel ron gave it because he is not involved in it. CMI & EMI are just new games and IMHO cannot be seens as a follow up to MI 1 and 2.
  18. Cutthroat Island is cool and a bitch to get too... The Goonies was fun too hehe (TO stay in the pirate genre)
  19. Thing is with your PC you can emulate any consule you want so we were never really forced to buy a consule....
  20. Some more smilies (not by me but still)
  21. I thought CMI was a great game, it just wasn't a Monkey Island game, its was too bright and colorfull too comiclike. MI1 and MI2 had a pirate feel to it, it felt alot darker and mysterious/spooky. CMI was just too cheerfull to fit into the line of MI games, EMI was a lot better but still not up to that level yet but close enough. CMI was a great game don't get me wrong but for me it just doesn't qualify as a Monkey Island game. God i hope ron gets the rights
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