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  1. Ulmont

    Ah... do I know you?

  2. On the off chance that you are online today, Saturday, January 7th, 2012, there is a podcast. Over steam.

  3. Hockey, you need to get on steam an hour or two from when this message was sent. We're doing the first ever CM podcast. ;)

  4. Bam! Won't be on the 360 until Thanksgiving Break. 'Catch me on Halo 2 sometime.

  5. Somebody had it on the BioWare Social Network (he changed it to something else today). Have yet to see anybody here with it. ;)

  6. Ah, my dear fellow, greetings! Might I draw your attention to the avatar below. It should complement you quite well! So long, 'ol chap!



  7. No problem; happy to help. ;)

  8. Six said he could get them in a while back.

  9. You also might want to run an IP check on This Guy. Just registered, and has a golf advert in his sig - might be an alt for the guy who's spamming Design Schematics with golf stuff.

  10. Just a heads up, Astor. Some guy has been making a load of spam topics in Design Schematics.

  11. Yeah, it's not in the package. ;)

  12. Nvm, fixed it (have to run b-map on low). ;) Map looks great in-game. :D

  13. Opened it up in UnrealED, and it looked absolutely phenomenal. Top-notch. Tried to open it up in game, and discovered that Star Wars: Republic Commando doesn't like my new Radeon graphics card. >_> All levels crash upon load. Um, you wouldn't happen to know a quick-fix for this, short of re-installing the game (which I can't do, since I lost the CD), would you?

  14. Great, downloading now.

  15. Wow, those look mighty fine indeed! I just recorded (using the record function in my paino) the song, but I have to go through a whole bunch of annoying steps to get it into play-able form. I'll get on that ASAP. ;)

  16. Great! I'll start practicing that line, and finish tweaking the song I've been working to. (No lyrics, piano solo).

  17. Oh, and you might want to upload some pics to ModDb. Give 'em something to chew on. ;)

  18. Okey doke. I'm working atm (Outside in the heat, bleh. It's dusty, too), but after that I'll go looking for my camera. (Laptop broke. :/)

  19. Yeah sure. You want it calm/panicky/whatever? I might record some music while I'm at it, too. ;)

  20. Just a heads up; I'll be on Xbox Live again tomorrow. I should be able to be on longer this time, too. ;)

  21. Okay, I'm gonna head to my Grandma's house now. Gotta water her plants & feed her cats. (My XBox is there, so once I finish I'll get online). See ya in a bit! (Seriously, watch the film. ;) It's AMAZING)

  22. By the way, you should download and watch this film. Oh, and I'm leaving for town in ~5-10 mins, so I might not get your reply. Go ahead and add me as a friend, then shoot me a message when I get online. ;)

  23. Cool. What's your GamerTag?

  24. (I'm wondering, because I'm going into town where there's fast internet, and we could have a few games)

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