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  1. Ulmont

    Ah... do I know you?

  2. On the off chance that you are online today, Saturday, January 7th, 2012, there is a podcast. Over steam.

  3. Hockey, you need to get on steam an hour or two from when this message was sent. We're doing the first ever CM podcast. ;)

  4. No, because then you would be Darth Captain Commando Avlectus III. And that would be too long. Is killing your friends socially unacceptable?
  5. I don't plead, I tell! What's a little mental instability in a relationship?
  6. A three-section chain-staff used by the tech-priests of the Imperium. Why is Space Marine pronounced SPEES MAHEEN?
  7. Bam! Won't be on the 360 until Thanksgiving Break. 'Catch me on Halo 2 sometime.

  8. This bodes well, for only if the node's lost code be toad, shall the node overload. There are four word roots in the English Language that begin with 'dw'. What are they?
  9. Yes, providing you could lure them inside. If node one reports node two is failing, and node two reports node three is failing, and node three reports node one is failing, should I give up and switch to Mac?
  10. That's not a question, its a statement. Does the HK in HK-47's name stand for Heckler & Koch, or something else?
  11. Depends on how deep your pocketbook is, and whether or not you're willing to submerge your computer in vegetable oil. Should he submerge his computer in vegetable oil to save money?
  12. Great. Pigeons are winged rats, and the rest taste like crud. I just spent over $400 on textbooks, and will spend a lot more than that on four years of college. Would it be better in the long run to just drop out and go work at Best Buy?
  13. Yes. Should the Holy Roman Empire be established in Pittsburgh?
  14. N + 1, where 'n' is the number of characters in the right answer multiplied the IQ of the person who's asking. Should we bring it back, like Woodrow Wilson and top hats?
  15. Somebody had it on the BioWare Social Network (he changed it to something else today). Have yet to see anybody here with it. ;)

  16. Ah, my dear fellow, greetings! Might I draw your attention to the avatar below. It should complement you quite well! So long, 'ol chap!



  17. Yes. Side effects of answering your quasi-paradoxical question may include, but are not limited to; drowsiness and loss of appetite, insomnia, loss of hearing, dizziness, dryness of eyes, loss of vision, shortness of breath, back and neck pain, chest pain, heart failure, liver failure, schizophrenia, a rational fear of toasters, an overpowering craving for olive juice, an inability to comprehend numbers greater than seven, deja vu, an urge to eat cantaloupe, an aversion to buttered platypus, love, the StormTrooper Effect, an overwhelming desire to enter into the Church of the Blessed Titanium Knee, madness, insanity, anger, fear, jealousy, an inability to abide by the laws of robotics, mental instability, and death. Did I miss any side effects?
  18. Hmmm, your blood looks a little off. You might want to try using a multiply overlay with a brush set to 40% opacity/flow rate. 'Loving the PII troopers and Delta squad. Great work!
  19. I'm afraid the answer to that question in ontological. Your wife and your lawyer are drowning and you have a choice to make: do you go to dinner or the movies?
  20. No problem; happy to help. ;)

  21. That Microsoft's products, like the hundredth copy of a third generation duplication of a substandard bootleg are a little fuzzy, one might even say unstable? Yes, I'm afraid it is. Is it possible to be both astonished and not surprised at the same time?
  22. Six said he could get them in a while back.

  23. Why not? Is the phrase, "There's no such thing as a stupid question," a veiled jab about the intelligence of people who ask questions?
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