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  1. Something else I just thought of - I haven't really gotten into crafting with my previous two characters. I was interested at first, but when I didn't fully understand it right off the bat, I abandoned it and only used the slicing skill to collect credits while I was soloing my class story. So for my next alt I definitely want to learn crafting - both because it seems interesting and because I know you can make some money off of it using the GTN. Is it too late to start crafting with my higher level characters?
  2. Thanks for the advice! I'll check out the solo options you mentioned, and maybe give operations another shot. I'll have to join a guild (again), because I don't have any RL friends that play TOR aside from my kids - and we share an account. While I also have some of the same fears/feelings that you mentioned about group missions, it isn't really even my main gripe about them. I hate being rushed. I like to enjoy the game, it's atmosphere, listen carefully to all of the dialogue, and get lost in the universe. I like to explore. Every group mission I've done has been rushed. I get criticized for not hitting space bar through all of the dialogue and that everyone has to wait on me. I don't even dare to explore - the group I'm with rushes from one enemy to the next - mostly because they don't care about the other stuff like I do, but also because they've probably completed that op or FP 30 times and know exactly where to go and who's coming next. So I avoid them for the most part and try to do everything solo, which I'm mostly satisfied with outside of end-game content.
  3. Hi Friends! I've finished class stories through Chapter 3 for 2 different characters (I work at a slow pace in this game, considering I had early access and have been a subscriber since it was released). My two characters are Jedi Guardian and Sith Inquisitor. I also just finished the Revan Expansion with my Guardian and I'm now going back to do the same with my Inquisitor, once I level to 55 and finish the Makeb missions. My question is this - what else can I do once I'm done with those? I plan on starting a 3rd character, which I'm excited about, but I'd like to continue to play with my current 2 as well. I know there are lots of end-game options, but I would like to know what I can do specifically that is solo (I don't like Operations or any type of group mission, really), and that adds to the story/lore. For example - the Dread Masters missions look very interesting, but I believe those are Operation only (8-16 players), which I have no interest in participating in. Can someone point me to some fun things to do that add to the story/lore, that can be accomplished playing solo? I found a few guides on the SWTOR forums but it's very hard to discern what can be accomplished solo. Thanks for any help!
  4. I pre-ordered the Revan expansion and was crazy excited about it, but just now got around to playing it. I ended up really enjoying it for various reasons. The story was really good (could have been better, but still good), and I loved the solo flashpoints. I finished it with my guardian and I'm now going back to finish it with my inquisitor, after I get him to level 55 (currently 53 and working on Makeb, Rise of the Hutt Cartel missions). A question about the end: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) What kind of story is coming next with the cliffhanger that this expansion left us with? The Emperor is still alive (whether corporeal or more) and kicking, so you'd think the next expansion would have to go in that direction.
  5. Hmm.. hadn't thought of that. So you think someone else is posing as Revan? It would have to be someone intimate with the knowledge of the Star Forge, which is extremely limited. I'm thinking it is Revan, on some purpose he believes is right, completely agnostic to any dark side or light side allegiances.
  6. Pre-ordered. I haven't taken advantage of the 12 x XP yet, but I will soon. I will reserve judgment until I've played the expansion pack, but I'm very excited for it right now. As a huge KotOR fan, a return to the Revan storyline is very welcome.
  7. I thought about adding the spoiler tag, but since it reveals nothing about anything, and is readily available to anyone with internet, I didn't think it was a spoiler. Sorry about that.
  8. Has anyone else seen this teaser from SWTOR? Any thoughts on what it means? Click Me
  9. Has anyone checked out the Strongholds yet? I got my free Nar Shaddaa home, and purchased both the Dromund Kaas and Coruscant homes, since they were only $5K each. I don't really see the appeal, but if they act as a Rest Zone I will probably use them every time I log out, so I don't always have to quick travel to a cantina and then find my way back next time I play. The Dromund Kaas home is my favorite of the 3 that I have.
  10. Spoiler alert - don't read all of this post if you are worried about spoilers. This is a very mild spoiler at best, but the warning has been issued. Anyone else enjoy the Restore the Statues mission on Corellia in Axial Park? A trooper sent me out to eliminate the Mandalorian forces, and as a bonus to also please reactivate the Holo Statues of the heroes of the Republic. I was surprised to find out those statues were of Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) Revan, Bastila, Jolee Bindo, Zalbaar, Mission Vao, Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, & Juhani. I think I got a screen shot of Revan, but I'm at my work computer and currently don't have access. A nice little KotOR easter egg.
  11. I played a bit yesterday for the first time in a while... I wish I had noticed the Double XP from July 1st - 7th earlier in the process! I did level up my Sentinel from 52 to 53, and inched closer to finishing the class story. I might try to play a bit more tonight after work, but my kids have practice and I will likely be too tired once I get home.
  12. So far, with my Jedi Sentinel, I've only missed 1 datacron (just finished my class story on Voss). It was the one (I think on Hoth) where you have to fight a level 47 champion droid before you can get the datacron. I'm about to head back to Hoth for the bonus series, so hopefully I'll be able to get it this time around.
  13. The 2nd one on the sand crawler was challenging. I did the straight jump and then click both mouse buttons at the same time. It inches you forward. Worked perfectly.
  14. New classes would be awesome, but even more unlikely because of the cost. New story, new dialogue, new voice actors, etc.
  15. I haven't heard any rumors of new playable species, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. If they do add species, I'd imagine they'd add some that they already have a lot of models of (due ease of transition/lower cost). I'd think the Voss would be a good candidate for that.
  16. Nice... I took my Sentinel from 46 to 50 tonight, only soloing playing class story and side quests (no flashpoints or heroics) - just how I like it. Also bought some amazing black-blue and purple-blue hawkeye crystals for my lightsabers.
  17. Double XP this weekend for May the 4th, in case you weren't aware.
  18. People always hate on GL, say he's all about the $$ and such, when he's actually a huge philanthropist and a kid at heart. BTW, he didn't make this decision... it's not his company anymore.
  19. Body type does matter for obtaining some datacrons. I've encountered a few that could only be reached with body types 1 and 2 - 3 and 4 were too large.
  20. It is exactly like Korriban. Lucas didn't like the name because it sounded too much like "Coruscant". I was miffed at first when I heard about the name change, but pacified when they kept it looking just like Korriban as I remembered it. Lucas Film explained it as there are many different names for different places throughout history. You should watch the episodes - it's a fantastic arc.
  21. I'm excited for Max von Sydow, and curious to see how they use Andy Serkis. I'm also glad that I don't recognize many of the names.
  22. I'm sure they will make more... Lego is still making the animated Star Wars specials now, and I imagine that relationship will only be fortified by the success of the Star Wars franchise during the sequel trilogy (and spinoffs).
  23. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way. I thought the exact same on both of the companions you mentioned. TBH, I don't like Doc either... I use him all the time b/c of his heals, but I can't stand the character. He's so douchey. As for loading up on gifts - any tips? I did that on my last character (Sith Inquisitor) to catch up on affection with his love interest, since I never used her during missions (I always used the healer). I ended up buying a bundle of companion gifts through the Galactic Trade Market - it seemed to be more cost-effective than going through a companion gift vendor.
  24. I'm definitely intrigued, so I will pursue. However, I took out my new guy on a few missions these past few days... and man he dies so quickly every time. I need to improve his gear a bit - he's missing a helmet and ear piece... but for someone with heavy armor, he sure does die quickly. I usually work with Kira or Doc, and haven't ever had an issue with either of those (despite Kira wearing light armor). Hopefully I can pick up a few pieces and make him more worthwhile.
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