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  1. I will also say, pay close attention to companion coversation with the knight. Really well written story within the story (even if I didn't like the content).


    I just got a new companion:


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    Lord Scourge


    which I'm pretty excited about given his role in the EU novel I read a while back. Is this the guy I'm supposed to "pay close attention to companion conversation"? I've just about maxed out my affection with Kira at this point, so I'm thinking of mostly taking him along with me on missions to gain affection until I hit 50 and can hit the Belsavis and Ilum dailies you mentioned.

  2. Yea, I remember doing it that way. Now I am after achievements, so I use companions until I get each to 1000 kills. A easy way to get credits and gain affection, but you have to wait until you are right around 50. Ilum and Belsavis dailies provide conversations that give affection, just do those at 50 and then use some of the credits on gifts. However, you do have to wait until around 48 to 50 if you don't want to die a lot. :xp:


    Good to know - thanks. I should be around 50 soon... I'm at 45 now and still only on Hoth - around 5 levels above the guys I'm fighting. I gained a ton of XP one weekend where there was a 200% XP bonus. I guess could do the same for my Sith Inquisitor (level 53) that I basically abandoned after I finished the class story.

  3. I will also say, pay close attention to companion coversation with the knight. Really well written story within the story (even if I didn't like the content).


    Thanks for the tip. So far I've mainly focused on the love interest (Kira), but there was a thread with my droid that seemed interesting. I just never use him on missions, so it's hard to gain affection without spending credits on companion gifts.

  4. I am currently playing a Jedi Knight, so hopefully that will help resolve some of the issues I had with lack of closure on the Sith Inquisitor class story. I was already a little spoiled to that story line because I was considering reading one of the TOR novels and did some research to see if it would spoil me completely before purchasing it. In my research I found out that


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    the Jedi Knight encounters the emperor.


    It bothered me that I saw that when trying to research to avoid spoilers, but I can't unsee it now.

  5. I agree that there is a lot of detail to the game to warrant another play-through of each character type... I just don't have the time to dedicate to do that. Because of my time constraints, I focus mostly on the class story, and parse out time to other quests as the desire arises.


    My time constraints are evidenced by the fact that I've had the game since day 1, but I've only completed 1 (Sith Inquisitor) class story and part of another (Jedi Knight - level 45).


    For gamers like me (I'm sure I'm the minority), not having any more class story is a little heart-breaking... but I do still have 5.2 class stories to complete to keep me busy for a long time. I'd just like some resolution to the stories I have already become so engulfed in.

  6. I really hope they do, but I have my fears that they will not. The Class Story is (by far) my favorite part of the game, and I feel like some of the story lines have yet to peak, such as (spoiler alert):


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    the Sith Inquisitor... I loved the class story, but ending up on the Dark Council doesn't seem to be the end - more like an intermission. Where's the encounter with the Emperor?


    I think it might have been in the plans at one point, but from a business standpoint, it's hard to fathom. It's just too expensive to develop. I believe they have also lost a lot of the original writing team (Erickson, Karpyshyn, Freed). Also, there are alternate endings for some of the current class stories depending on your choices - that further complicates the issue.


    I remain hopeful that the class stories will continue in some fashion, but my rational side is telling me that it's just not very realistic. Any thoughts?

  7. I'm a big fan of all the Lego games, especially the Star Wars Complete Saga. Obviously it's not as difficult as many games are, but I'm not a pro-gamer, so that doesn't really bother me. There are lots of problem-solving type scenarios that are fun to figure out and re-explore at a later date with the new characters you've unlocked.


    This was probably the first game that my son and I played together and it was a blast doing so. It was the first Lego game we got - now we have all of them (I think), including Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Marvel, Batman, etc...

  8. Yep, there are appearance designers on the two fleets in the Cartel Bazaar and the two capital worlds (Dromund Kaas & Coruscant).


    So I logged on last night to check out the appearance designer... my 9 year old pointed out that it had been there for a while. He knows more about the game than I do.


    Anyway, I went to mess with the appearance and noticed that it only takes Cartel Coins as payment. I have maybe 3800 or so banked, but I didn't want to spend any on a minor appearance change unless there was something I just hated about my character's look (which there's not). My son said he remembers seeing a cost at one point for credits, but it definitely wasn't there when I checked.

  9. Maybe it was the wide eyed first-ever-MMORPG-map effect, but I loved Tython. It feels really big, but it isn't so big that I couldn't keep reasonable track of all the locations when I was first there. I also am a much bigger fan of the maps that you can run to any location, even though the taxis are faster, than the ones you can't (like Shadda, Coruscant, Corellia, etc.)


    I really liked Tython as well... I think I might feel the same way you do about it if I had started with a Jedi as my first character. My first was a Sith, so Korriban was my start.


    I think the only thing Tython was missing for me was a feeling of mysticism, being the birthplace of the Jedi and all that. I was really looking forward to going there (I was actually hoping my Sith character would go there, until I later learned how the game worked and that it's a Republic planet only). When I started my Jedi, I liked Tython, but felt it could have had a little more magic to it. Korriban and Dromund Kaas had that feel on the Sith side for me. I did like the area that had the ancient Jedi statues - that was cool.


    There's a book called "Dawn of the Jedi" that talks a lot about an ancient chasm with untold secrets and mysteries of the ancient Jedi. Something like that would have added to that feeling of mysticism I was looking for.

  10. From what I understand about Mayhew's knees - he had "wobbly" knees, meaning they wouldn't lock out properly, and that made it very difficult for him to walk. Similar to what Darth Avlectus stated, I've heard many cases where knee replacement absolutely changed the quality of life for people. Hopefully this is the case for Mayhew. Given a few months of rehab, he should be able to walk just fine. As for any crazy Tarzan stunts, I'd imagine they'd go with CGI anyway - whether it was Mayhew or not.


    As for his age - I believe he's actually younger than Harrison Ford, right?

  11. The point and click didn't bother me as much - I guess I never really cared one way or the other.


    I will say I prefer the fighting system in SWTOR more than KotOR, because there are no stoppages between moves. Other than that they are almost identical.

  12. I chose Korriban and Taris... though I loved a lot of them. I would give an honorable mention to Tatooine.


    Korriban is always fun for me. I just dig the look and the Sith lore. I started there with my first character (Sith Inquisitor) and loved having to revisit for various reasons.


    I chose Taris solely for the nods to KotOR. The swoop track area was fun to explore and I loved the remains of the Ebon Hawk and The Promised Land.

  13. I voted for Rakatans - I really dug the history.


    Same as you had said about the Rakatans; definitely something I wished would be explore more in future games (anyone who plays TOR, they mentioned at all?).


    Yes they are in TOR. I recall having a mission for both my Sith and Jedi characters that involved Rakata.

  14. Yeah some of them are crazy hard to find, even if you explored every inch of every map. I found the first 2 on my own with my first character, and then decided to look up the rest. I had already missed 5 or so because I wasn't aware there were 4+ on each planet.


    I've gotten all of them so far on my 2nd character. After this one I would agree that legacy wide unlocks would be nice. Waiting 40 minutes for a weather balloon on Tatooine is draining.

  15. While I have my fears (like most Star Wars fans), my general excitement vastly outweighs them.


    I admit I put the blinders on a bit when it comes to Star Wars (including the prequels), but I can't help but have high hopes (unintentional alliteration) when it comes to the sequel trilogy.


    Larry Kasdan is great, JJ Abrams has done great things, Kathleen Kennedy is great, Lucas is still advising to some extent, and Disney has done exceptionally well with the Marvel Franchise.

  16. How do you guys (& gals) feel about datacron hunting?


    I often get annoyed with all of the jumping and waiting, but I will admit it's intensely satisfying when I finally arrive at the datacron and get my bonus.


    I do feel like it's cheating a bit when I look up how to get there on youtube, but I'd never find 90% of them otherwise.

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