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  1. Given Revan's exceptional strategic skills, and his contemplative nature (even as a Sith), I wonder if he had other motives... perhaps he realized the strength of the Revan/Malak combination derived from Revan's strategic brilliance and Malak's eager brutality, and by "punishing" Malak with such severe measures, he would only add to Malak's pre-existing nature.
  2. So I've read in several locations, including this board, about Malak being extraordinarily tall, similar to Vader... I was looking at profiles on Wookieepedia and just noticed that while Malak is tall, he's still shorter than Vader, and Nihilus is actually the same height as Vader (and therefore taller than Malak).
  3. Thanks for the help, everyone... So assuming it was Revan, does anyone have any insight on why he went sabercrazy on Malak's face?
  4. I'm not sure I understand - I copied the exact footnote referred to in the article, which was the databank.
  5. # ↑ 1.0 1.1 Image:Databank_title.png Darth Malak in the Databank Although, when I clicked on the link, this was all I could find in the Databank: Malak was a tall human who was horridly injured in a lightsaber duel. A swipe from a laser sword severed his lower jaw, and Malak was forced to wear a metallic jaw guard that hid his disfigurement from view. The guard also included a vocoder, through which Malak spoke with an eerie metallic tone.
  6. I found the following on Wookieepedia, although clearly that is not the definitive resource for truth. I haven't heard anything else until your post about Kavar, so I took it as truth. Though the Dark Lord's apprentice, at one point under Darth Revan's tutelage, Darth Malak's entire jaw was removed by a lightsaber strike from Revan himself. and The shield was a prosthesis made necessary by a ghastly lightsaber injury that completely severed his lower jaw,[1] inflicted by none other than his Sith master, Darth Revan.
  7. Does anyone have any knowledge of the reason Revan sabered-off Malak’s jaw? I don’t know if it’s mentioned in the games or not. I’ve read some on Wookieepedia but haven’t gotten a definitive answer. It must have happened while they were still both Sith, and before Malak attempted to blow up Revan’s ship because Malak assumed Revan was killed in the blast. Perhaps Malak challenged Revan prior to that incident? Or was Revan just pissed off at Malak for some reason and decided to swipe off his jaw? Revan was the Dark Lord of the Sith, but IMO was never ruthlessly cruel – there was always a reason behind what he did.
  8. I just read Atton's wiki on wookieepedia, and now I can see more why he has a following. I played a male Exile, which limits the story with Atton, and I never learned all that much about his background (I guess because I didn't have high enough influence to unlock his troubled past about being an ex-Jedi hunter). I need another play-through, both of K1 and of K2.
  9. That's true - I suppose I'm biased toward Carth because I found his story-line in the game much more interesting; of course that holds true for most of K1 when compared to K2.
  10. Before opening this up, I thought Carth would win in a landslide. I was very surprised that it was close at all, and in fact more people voted for Atton. It's not even close for me - Carth hands down. Carth wasn't my favorite character to use in K1, and in fact I rarely used him when I had other options... but I never used Atton after I picked up Mira.
  11. I chose not to vote for either female Revan or exile, only because it's easier and makes more sense for me to compare the npc females. For me it came down to Bastila, Kreia, and Visas, and I went with Bastila. I am surprised that so many chose Mira, but perhaps that's because I didn't make her a Jedi during my playthrough of K2, and I think Jedi win over non-Jedi most of the time (especially powerful Jedi like Bastila, Kreia, and Visas).
  12. I chose Brianna because she is the only different looking Echani that we see in TSL. I'm pretty sure Atris isn't Echani, so I didn't pick her.... However, in the artwork in my guidebook I bought for TSL, there is a large picture on the inside cover of a young Atris and she looks amazing. I'll see if I can it on the net...
  13. Yes, I completely agree with this statement. It probably was a metaphor, but not a metaphor for nothing. Perhaps we'll never find out, but it makes more sense to me that he's something, just as the Exile is something (and not nothing).
  14. Define "true Sith"? We don't really know much about that either, but I'd expect K3 to explain that, if there ever is a K3.
  15. KOTOR III: The True Jedi (if there's a true Sith, shouldn't there also be a true Jedi?)
  16. Perhaps... I think there probably is detail, but the engine used in K2 doesn't allow for that amount of detail during gameplay. That being said, the splash scene and other material provided with the game (ie the instruction manual) are all we have to go by, and he clearly does have a face behind the mask there. Also, Visas takes off his mask to look at his face, and she saw "a man", which isn't nothing.
  17. it's pretty tough to see that detail behind his mask in the actual game. i'll take the cut scenes/splash scenes/intstruction manual as validation enough for me. of course you are entitled to your own interpretation, however.
  18. It looks the same in the splash screen when you start the game though, so I think it's valid. It's the same picture in the instruction book included with the XBOX game as well.
  19. That's a good point as well. At that point in the game I half expected Visas to respond with "I saw you" instead of "I saw a man, nothing more."
  20. The exact quote, for reference, is: The Exile: "What did you see when you looked at him?" Visas: "A man, nothing more." I agree with Pavlos on the meaning behind it.
  21. Agreed, and if I could, I would definitely play it through 5 times. However, since I don't have that option, I'm attempting to absorb as much of it as possible with 1 play through. I've been all over Wookieepedia and these message boards trying to fill in the missing gaps.
  22. It could possibly make more sense because no one else had encountered a "wound in the force" before the Exile and Nihilus, therefore the chances of 2 separate fallen Jedi becoming wounds in the force at the same time is essentially nil. It makes more sense that one was the offspring of another, or rather, that they are from the same entity.
  23. This might have already been said - I apologize for not reading all of the posts before writing this - but I just read this on Wookieepedia and thought it was worth sharing: In an interview conducted by a fan Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic website, Chris Avellone is asked what his intentions for Darth Nihilus were. Though he did state that his origin story is non-canon, Avellone planned to have Nihilus be the Jedi Exile's "other half" when Malachor V was torn apart.
  24. Was anyone else a little disappointed when you didn't get to see what Nihilus looks like under his mask? Does anyone know of any artist renditions of what he might have looked like?
  25. That definitely ties things together; I must have just missed it while I was playing. I did play through the entire game in 4 days, so it was a lot of story to take in all things considered. It took me over 57 hours... yikes.
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