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  1. I'm in the same boat - and I also don't really care for more details about raids or any PVP info. Another CGI trailer would be great, based on how much I enjoyed the first two.
  2. Random House released a synopsis for Karpyshyn's Revan novel. Link
  3. It's probably because he's left-handed. We all know lefties are evil and incomprehensibly backwards.
  4. I'm also eagerly awaiting the new timeline entry, but I did enjoy the Sith Inquisitor reveal... I plan on playing a Sith Inquisitor/Sorcerer for my first play through.
  5. Arya's story is pretty awesome. If you want to know more about it:
  6. I'm also looking forward to Tywin, and Davos Seaworth. My wife has been watching this with me so far and is already having a hard time keeping up with the characters... she has no idea... there are so many integral pieces that haven't yet been introduced. I was tempted to fill her in on the back story of Maester Aemon during his appearance but decided to let it go. I went through the same exercise with Ser Barristan Selmy during his scene with Robert and Jaime... also let it go. I often find myself telling her something like "remember this character - he will be really important later", but there's only so many times you can say that and still have it be effective. Sandor Clegane comes to mind as an example of that.
  7. It took me about 30 seconds to figure out why Melisandre will terrify you, but now I got it. If HBO conducts that scene as it's described in the books... ::shudder::
  8. Major ish is about to go down, so stay tuned.
  9. In most cases I think the nudity could go without (although it doesn't bother me either), but for Game of Thrones I think it would offend the fanbase if there wasn't nudity. It wouldn't be true to the books, or at least it would be ignoring an aspect that is prevalent in the books.
  10. I'm with Hallucination on this one... I'd rather wait and have them get it (closer to) right. Plus, until proven otherwise, BioWare cannot fail in my mind.
  11. I really liked the 2nd episode as well, but I did notice a few differences from the book this time. I didn't notice any in the first episode. Nothing that was changed really took away from the story so I wasn't offended by it. Joffrey is a wimp, but from the books I gathered Viserys was more of a spoiled, temperamental brat than a wimp. He's vicious and feels entitled, but I don't feel like wimp is the right word for him. Both are despicable characters.
  12. lol very nice. While I agree most of the sex scenes in the book are not sexy, I do think some of them are. An example would be
  13. I'm with TKA on this one... very surprised they chose to do this given the nature of Revan's fans. The devoted following will have very high expectations and I'm sure there will be much groaning when Revan doesn't turn out exactly how his fierce fan following (alliteration?) wants him to be. Either way I'm very excited for this - Karpyshyn is a talented author IMO. I really enjoyed the Bane trilogy (probably my favorite SW EU novels). There was some interesting Q&A with Karpyshyn - one I found particularly interesting: (Emphasis mine) TSL fans will get some closure too, apparently.
  14. They actually stayed true to the story in the first episode, and I've heard that's the plan for the rest. There are things left out of course, as the books are just too detailed to include everything, but there wasn't anything that happened in the 1st episode that did not also occur in the book.
  15. Did anyone else watch the HBO premiere of Game of Thrones on Sunday? I am curious to get some of your opinions on the show. I read the 4 released novels years ago and I am a huge fan of the series. I have eagerly been awaiting the TV show and I was not disappointed. If you have read the series, what did you think of the premiere? If not, how did it work for you? Was it hard to follow?
  16. I recently read this novel and actually enjoyed it - Darth Malgus is an interesting character.
  17. In universe it's called tutaminis - the ability to absorb energy using the force. Yoda demonstrated a similar feat when he balled up the lightning and shot it back at Dooku during Ep. II. Link
  18. I haven't been keeping up with TOR updates as much lately, but decided to try and catch up a bit today. Sifting through the TOR site I found this Q&A response that I liked: I know it doesn't really say anything we haven't already heard, but as a huge KOTOR fan, I found this comforting. I wonder how much of the story it will touch. We know we'll learn more about Revan, but how about the Exile? What about Bastila? Atris? I'm curious to know how much they choose to revisit.
  19. The audio rendition of Jet Nebula's character bothered me. I also get all of my SW novels in audiobook form (I've read maybe 15 in paperback and the rest in audiobook). I have a long commute to work so it helps kill the time. Right now I'm actually listening to A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. I read the paperbacks a few years back (the 4 that currently exist) and decided to refresh on the audiobooks since the HBO series is imminent.
  20. I finished Fatal Alliance, but actually listened to the unabridged audiobook instead of reading the novel. I liked it ok (about average for a SW novel, I suppose). There were some interesting characters but others annoyed me as being too cliche, or even corny. Perhaps it was the audio rendition that biased me - the way the reader interprets the character can influence the listener. I wanted to know more about the mother and clone also... that part of the story was built up throughout the entire book only to end very quickly... (ROTS anyone?)
  21. My impression was that this is just one example of armor progression - it doesn't touch on customizing at all. That doesn't mean you can't customize though - it just wasn't the topic of this video.
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