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  1. wouldn't be much of a forum if everyone just put a love heart emote every time SW was mentioned hehe. And to be honest I'm nit-picky BECAUSE I'm such a massive "fan", I breath this stuff bud, I just want it to be perfect thats all :)


    I'm with you - I complain about some things too - just not EVERYTHING. I'm not saying you do personally - just some "fans". Lucas raped my childhood, nothing past ESB has been any good, etc.


    My point here was that this trailer was amazing, and most of the comments here on this thread have been negative. It mostly makes me think that there's nothing LA could do that wouldn't draw complaints from those type of "fans", but if they did nothing, those "fans" would complain about that too.

  2. Crazy to me that people can watch this and not think it's awesome, but some SW "fans" never cease to amaze me with the things they find to complain about.


    I agree the first trailer was better, but this one was still awesome for me.

  3. I come from the OT era, but my favorites are still Jedi. Growing up with the OT my favorite was always Luke (followed by Obi-Wan and R2). Now, including EU, Luke still remains among my favorites, joined by Revan and Cade Skywalker.

  4. ^^^ Excellent post, adamqd. I couldn't agree more.


    However, given the seemingly inherent inclination of Star Wars "fans" to complain about anything and everything, it's only a natural extension to stand on the shoulders of previous complainers as source material for new complaints.

  5. Yeah that threw me also - I definitely did not expect the Emperor to look like that. It really is the first reveal of who the Emperor is. I expect that there will be some tie later, perhaps through blood, to a more known character from the KotOR universe.

  6. Perhaps, but we already have Jedi ruins on Tython, Coruscant, and Dantooine. Jedi ruins are cool with me, but I don't necessarily need more.


    My only problem with Hoth is that I thought it got it's name from Jedi Master Hoth from the Bane era, but this would certainly indicate it was called Hoth long before Jedi Hoth existed. Maybe he was named after the planet, not vice versa.


    IMO the only reason to include Hoth would be to give a nod to ESB, and I don't think Rhen Var would have accomplished that. Some people have an issue with that being the purpose of the planet, which I understand - just disagree with.

  7. I agree with you - I would also prefer new ideas and locales. However, if a certain locale or era is going to get a nod, I think the OT is the best choice.


    Perhaps I'm just being too optimistic, but from what I've seen thus far, there's a lot to be excited about in TOR that's new and unique to the era. Nods here and there don't detract from that for me.

  8. Definitely my favorite of the saga - crazy to think it's 30. Of course I'll be 30 in September, so I guess it makes some sort of weird sense.


    Jedi was actually my favorite as a child, since I remember seeing in the theater and getting the toys (I was 3). But as I delved deeper into the universe Jedi quickly fell behind ESB and ANH.


    Those pictures are awesome!

  9. Newest issue released today...


    The third issue of Blood of the Empire™ chronicles two formidable confrontations--one between Teneb Kel and his former master, Lord Calypho, and another between Teneb Kel and the Dark Council! And what plans do the Emperor and his mysterious apprentice have in store for Teneb? The mission to determine the future of the galaxy begins here.


    Still building, but remains interesting. This starts to tie the two Sith Apprentices we've been introduced to together.

  10. While I think TOR will make some strides in bringing some originality to the MMO realm, they will also adopt many aspects that are proven to work. We can't expect everything to be different, because chances are that parts of it wouldn't work right.

  11. I'm not saying I agree with the guy, but I think it is fairly easy to "see the connection" he's attempting to make, contrary to what many have said on this thread. If one sees homosexuality as a perversion, then it is comparable to beastiality and pedophilia.


    However, even if one doesn't see it as a perversion, it would still be comparable to polygamy, IMO. Adults who are capable of making decisions about marriage are not being taken advantage of if they so choose to participate in polygamy (unlike pedophilia and beastiality). Why aren't polygamists screaming for equal rights like homosexuals are? Perhaps they are, but it's still too taboo in US society for people to really listen.

  12. Another update from Friday - lead writer Daniel Ericksen talks about how the TOR team develops new worlds (Voss specifically).


    It's pretty interesting to learn about the process, and we also learn a little more about the Voss/Gormak back-story.



  13. I've wanted to play as Sith Inquisitor from the beginning, and the more material that's released the more I'm convinced in my choice. I completely agree with ZTalker on the relativity of dark and light, and my initial desire was to play a Sith Inquisitor, learning about the dark side, but making choices that could be light if I think that's what I would choose IRL.

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