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  1. The first issue of the new comic, Blood of the Empire, was released today. You can read it here.


    This looks promising to me. Instead of the 3-panel releases we got in Threat of Peace, these are coming out in 7-panel releases that allow for a lot more story to be told. It's also from a different author and the illustrations look much cleaner to me.

  2. As others have stated, I also believe the release date will be (at the earliest) Spring of 2011, as we've been told.


    In addition to what BioWare/EA has said about the targeted release date, I also think the 2011 release date makes sense because it would avoid competing with the surge of MMO players that will be focused on WOW Cataclysm Expansion Pack, which is expected to release in October of this year. Once the surge dies down TOR will pick up the WOW dropoffs that inevitably occur a few months after expansion pack releases.

  3. I will only play either of these classes after I've finished 1 force-wielding class from each side (most likely Sith Inquisitor, followed by Jedi Consular). Between the two I'm leaning toward Bounty Hunter. I only hope I have enough time/dedication to go through all 8 classes, eventually.

  4. I also stuck with the brutes in K1 and K2, but that's because the story was the same no matter which character class you chose. I like wielding a lightsaber so I favored the melee classes.


    However, since the story is different for each class in TOR, I am going to go with the Sith Inquisitor. Just at first glance it sounds much more interesting to me. Hunting down ancient Sith treasures, having an apprentice, etc; plus I truly don't know at this point whether I want to try to make light-side choices as an inquisitor or stay on the dark path. It will really be on a case-by-case basis and that sounds exciting to me.

  5. Awesome - I love the timeline entries. Those are definitely my favorite section of the Holonet.


    Very interesting! I guess this would confirm that Naga Sadow is not the Sith Emperor.


    I disagree - I think it could be a way to throw off the player - it still could be Naga Sadow. Who knows - maybe it's not - but I don't think it's confirmed either way at all.


    The next timeline entry is the one I really have been looking forward to - Revan and Malak. I don't think they'd have it on the Holonet unless we were learning something new.

  6. I agree with adam, if this turns out to be some kiddy kiddy comedy I am going to laugh and never watch another Star Wars Movie or Show again. TCW actually wasn't too bad, but it isn't the best. Recently their new episode seriously mirrors King Kong and Godzilla, I bet they have run out of ideas.


    I don't understand this POV at all. If you're not interested, don't watch it, but what does that have to do at all with the rest of the SW movies and shows that you do enjoy?


    Let's face it - Star Wars has always done well by targeting kids. It's riveted 3 generations now. The OT was aimed at kids, the PT was aimed at kids (much to the chagrin of many OT "purists"), and TCW is aimed at kids (although it's probably the most "adult" of all three).


    Anyway, I'm pretty sure that this series isn't the so called "Squishies". They mentioned it was for all audiences, not aimed at pre-school kids.


    The fact that it's for all audiences makes me believe even more that it's Squishies. A Robot Chicken type show would definitely not qualify for "all ages". A Squishies type show with occasional adult humor (Spongebob, for example) would qualify. I'm about 90% sure that this is the same show.

  7. I'm not too familiar with pets in MMOs, since I haven't played an MMO before, but my general understanding was that they were actually used in the game and served more than cosmetic purposes. For example if you had a hunter or ranger class they could use a pet to track down a target or hunt.


    I don't think this would work so much in TOR, primarily because there really aren't any pets associated with any of the classes that would make much sense. I suppose they could use droids as pets instead, but I don't think that's necessary because of the companion characters already kind of filling that role as a supplement to the PC's skillset.

  8. After reading more about this, I'm pretty sure the target audience is going to be pre-school kiddos. It sounds like it is the "Squishies" show referenced before.


    However, the addition of Green and Senreich makes it seem like there will be some adult humor infused that will entertain older crowds too. I'm excited for this regardless of the intended audience.

  9. Awesome - thanks!




    Back to the original post - I think the link Rogue provided does shed some light on the companion characters providing tanking/healing abilities where your character lacks. From Jake Neri, and some DH insight:


    We have to make sure companions work and we have to make sure people that don't want to have companions have a fun experience. What we have to do is provide options for you as a player to make sure you can customize your play style the way you want. It is really simple. We talked about it a lot today, but we feel each one of these classes has things they are inherently strong at and the companion should provide a different variation on that game play style




    During the interview we realized that BioWare plans on using companion characters to solve the looking for tank/healer problem seen in other MMOs. This should come as good news to anyone who has had a gaming night ruined because of a missing class. This will also allow soloers and small teams to retain a level of autonomy if they wish to play by themselves.


    I guess my question would then be if we have the option to take control of the companion and let the main character use AI. For example, if you wanted to tank with your companion and let your main character run around behind and attack from range, would you be able to? I think the answer is yes - we saw that type of style in K1 and K2 - so it seems a natural step to allow it here as well.

  10. Indeed, they talked about the Sith Inquisitor having a companion who was a big dude with a sword who would get up close and personal with the enemy.


    I figure you'll get the option of having a companion of your own class, but it will be advantageous to bring along someone to fill in your gaps like KOTOR.


    I am very interested in finding out how the companion system works. I'm sure it will be customizable though, as you mentioned. Where did you see/read the info about the Sith Inquisitor companion? I probably saw it and didn't notice.

  11. There is an epic war between the Sith (Sith Empire) and Jedi (Galactic Republic). The timeline has revealed that the Sith took Coruscant rather dramatically and forced the Galactic Republic to sign a treaty. The treaty isn't really working though and there are battles taking place in the outer rim. The Jedi have relocated to Tython (where the force was first discovered) and rebuilt a temple. The Threat of Peace comic showed that following the treaty things were pretty tense, and that both sides were itching to battle.


    Based on what I've gleaned from the releases in classes, planets, timeline entries, etc., the character you play will fill the "hero" role on either side you align with, with the option of making decisions that will alter your future as a dark-sider or light-sider. The battles you go through will influence the war.


    As for PvP, we haven't heard anything on that front yet.

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