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    Ok thanks! Some people... jeez. :s
  2. Recently I received an email for a new private message. I clicked on the link, and it popped up saying I had no new messages (in my CP). Here is a copy of the email: Pande, You have received a new private message at LucasForums from Patricia entitled "Re: Pande". Please click here to log in and read it: http://www.lucasforums.com/private.php Thanks, LucasForums team I looked around on the member list, and there is no such user as Patricia. I also refreshed my page and still have no emails. Is this a hoax? Or is there a problem with something internally? Thanks, Pande
  3. I beleive JA+'s website has a .cvar generator, so you can set all damages and it makes the code for you to run your server off of.
  4. Yus Yus... get Shadriss' awesome SP levels. They are available on his website, http://firehawkproductions.moonfruit.com/# (the # is not a mistake) They are the SW: Deception, Inquisition, and Revelation links at the bottom of his navbar. Hf, Pande
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