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  1. The video on SWG.net is pretty cool. I like that you'll be able to fly snow speeders and pilot at-st/at's. Hopefully it's different from battlefront though, cause right now it just looks like an MMO version of it.
  2. 3dbones


    Its a good game, i wish i could play on it more like i used to, but i have to many things going on. It is past its golden days, a lot of people say that it is like WoW because now you pick from set professions at the beginning of the game just like in WoW. In the old SWG your profession was based off what you did, everyone started off as nothing and if you used a pistol you got pistol xp, if you used a melee weapon you got melee xp, if you healed something you got medic xp, and so on and so forth, and the more you used something the higher your xp got and you would eventually get new abilities. But the game play is still how you want it to be. Thats one of the nice things about SWG, you can make it however you want. I personally like the WoW battling style because I played it for years and was one of the best on my server. So since I was so used to it, I changed my SWG settings and moved the interface around to be more like WoW, I turned on "auto target" "abilities can be fired from keypad" and set the "auto attack" hotkey to "~", that way i can just select a target and then click my different attacks just like in WoW. But you can set it up to be a first person shooter. There is different skills that you have, if you want to use something then you hit the hotkey which selects it and then you click the mouse to use it on something. Like what Tomak said, they have been updating A LOT of stuff recently, new dungeons, heroic instances, new items, they changed some of the professions to make them more interesting, and they even added a TCG game inside of the game that is exclusively for SWG players, so you can play it if you get bored...I personally can't wait to try that out myself, I used to be into Magic the Gathering and loved making my elf deck that gave me hundreds of life with an entire army of elves that all did 20+ damage, or my sliver deck which was so unfair that they banned it so I hope it's just as fun They are also going to be adding Hoth in the near future which is going to add a whole new line of things to do within the game. They're adding atmospheric flight so that rebels can fly snow speeders into battle (I'm so jealous of that, the only thing cool that rebels have is the snow speeder), and Imps will be able to pilot AT-AT's and AT-ST's. All different kinds of stuff to keep you interested. So I would say that the game may be past its glory days of having to REALLY grind in order to earn your standing in the game, but it's FAR from being dead.
  3. My thoughts, if the creature was actually in Galaxies then there would be an in game screen shot up there, not someones hand drawn creation. The only thing that i could think about it possibly being is one of those VERY small creatures that wander around every world, and you don't really notice them as you zoom over in your vehicle.
  4. I wouldnt laugh at an Indy MMO just yet. It does seem impractical, because i dont see how they would have anything that keeps people interested in going around searching for treasure all the time, but then again i never thought that someone would create a Conan MMO either. Since usually whenever i hear the world Conan I cant help but laugh at a big muscular guy running around wearing pretty much nothing, but i was never much of a conan fan...
  5. Too bad it only works if you have a mic....which i dont, so there's no proof. I swear im an 18 year old girl, btw ive always wanted RIS gear with full 35s GIMME NOW!!!
  6. Its not going to be anything like the single player game. You cant pause an mmo in order to create a strategy for battle which was one of the nice things about KOTOR, if you ran into a room with an enemy in it the game would pause and give you time to look at the situation. I just hope that there's content to it that no other mmo has, just like what SWG did with space battles. I did like how in KOTOR it was kind of like fighting through dungeons in the Star Wars world. They gave an area to run around and you were able to blow up doors and steal from people, use computers to set traps and other really fun stuff.
  7. It all depends on what server you choose. i have a 70 and 90 on Scylla which i never play on because its dead. Choose your server, choose your fate. You pick the wrong one and your gonna hate the game, and depending on which of the populated servers you choose you'll see a lot of specific types of game play on the different ones. You might see mostly roleplaying, or mostly pvp, or mostly space combat depending on which server you choose. In the end its all fun though, you just gotta pick a populated server.
  8. I have seen a quote on another forum that says there will be voice chat as well as an in game web browser in Game Update 5. How true is this quote? If they did add these, it would be a cool add on, in most games I've played voice chat is a must for raids so it will be nice to have it already built into the game, as long as it works correctly. And in EVE Online they have an in game web browser which is VERY handy because you can create websites specifically for the game that people can bookmark and access at anytime rather then having to exit/minimize the game to look things up.
  9. If that isn't spam when I've seen it, idk what is. Not only does it have nothing to do with the topic, but it also has 4 WoW gold links, 2 Warhammer gold links, and no SWG links. Makes me happy to know that there are no gold sellers in SWG!
  10. wow, that one i can not help out with, i am currently at work and can not log onto the main forums right now. If you want, when i get home i can send an email to support and then relay the reply to you.
  11. like what adamqd said, its up to you to make your experience interesting. There will always be times in any game where you wont come across anyone, or no one will be online that you know and there will be nothing to do, and there are servers that are dead (like my mains server of Scylla) but if you join a crowded server there will be just as much to do as any other mmo, plus more. The set-up of the game is completely up to you, if you like first person shooters you can make this game into one, if you like WoW's hotkey click to attack type fighting you can do that, if you know how to use macros they have those, and the one thing that i haven't seen in any other game is the real time flight simulator. Is the game dead? Not even close. The developers have been hammering away at issues in the game making them even more exciting, they just recently revised A LOT of the professions to make them even more interesting. Plus they will be releasing Hoth into the game, there is too many updates and too many people playing to even think that its a dead game. The people who say that it is a dead game have no clue what they are talking about, they just want to tell everyone that its dead cause they don't want people to play it. They are the same whining faggits that complained in the pre-cu that they couldn't become a jedi and rather then earning the title they complained to get it changed, so it was changed, and then they whined that it was changed getting all pissed off at the developers saying that it was their fault and then ran to their mothers crying that they lost everything because of their own retarded actions. Don't listen to the faggits who say its a dead game, THEY are the reason that THEIR game was destroyed, this is no longer THEIR game, you need to make up your own mind. and i still see them waiting to whine about the Emu's that are being developed for the Pre-CU. All the posts of "it had better be exactly like the original game" or "we want this added into it" even though its not from pre-cu. The emu is gonna go up, something is going to go wrong and the whine fest is going to start all over again because the developers of the emu are going to want to play the game and not listen to a bunch of whining faggits. and don't base your info off of how active this forum is, its cool and very helpful, but the main SWG forums are much better for the game. I only use this one because I'm at work and they wont allow me on the main forums.
  12. yep thats basically it, the ships in this game fly the same way they do in other games. The smaller ships are used in dog fights, and can take down any ship in the game if piloted correctly. The bombers are used to take on larger enemies, but in my opinion they still have A LOT of kinks to work out on the bombers, cause they aren't very effective. They move so slow and don't really have that much of a shield so they really aren't that great of tankers, they are more like sitting ducks. The only reason they haven't fixed them is because everyone just flies the lighter ships and tosses the bombers aside.
  13. Everything on a ship is important, which one you choose decides on your play style. Mass is the amount of weight that a ship can carry, the higher a ships mass, the more stuff you can fit it with. Since all ship equipment takes up a certain amount of mass within a ship, if you run out of mass you wont be able to equip anything else, it requires a bit of playing with, but its always best when buying a ship on the market to look at how much mass it holds and try to find the largest one, since ships are crafted by players, almost every ship is different, they may both be the same type but get the one with the more mass and better stats (obviously). Smaller ships like the Interceptor have low mass, this is because they move faster, the Bomber is slower but has more mass so you can hold more stuff. Acceleration/Deceleration - How fast can your ship get up to speed and stop. Its very helpful when maneuvering, you can out maneuver ships that are on your tail. Crew - how many people can your ship hold? some ships allow only you to board it (like the interceptor) some ships though allow you to take a friend along (like the bomber which has a gun in the back) Weapon fittings - does your ship have 1 gun turret or 2, does it have projectiles (missiles), the more stuff doesnt necessarily mean better, this is another thing you have to play with, 2 guns that use a lot of energy per fire paired with a small capacitor will cause you to run out of ammo fast and have to wait for it to recharge. Buy the weapons with the most damage, the fastest refire rate, and the smallest energy use. Then buy a capacitor with the most energy that you can find, this will allow you to continuously fire your guns without ever running out of energy (gives you a better chance of hitting your enemy). Equip the max number of weapons that your ship allows and don't bother with missiles, they aren't needed and it takes too long to lock on, you need to keep maneuvering and always turning, if someone is behind you turn around to get them off your tail and then get back to your target once they are gone, anti-missiles are nice, but it is possible to dodge missiles so you wont need them if your really good. Yaw/Pitch/Roll rates - another helpful thing, in the interceptor you will move your mouse and your ships turn rate will keep up with how fast you move your mouse, in the bomber it takes more mouse movement to turn the same amount, the bomber is very slow and sluggish while the interceptor is fast and agile. Think of a big bomber airplane compared to a small jet fighter, its the same thing. In the end, i own a bomber and have it equipped, and have only flown it once to wind up getting it blown up. I always take the smaller, more agile ships. The heavier more durable bombers are ok to mess around in, but are more built for the HARD CORE pilot, the people who can equip them with the best gear and know how to REALLY handle a ship. If your small its harder to hit you, where as a bomber is like a big floating shoot me sign. If you take the interceptor you wont need armor, you wont need a lot of stuff that the ship allows you to take. You need the biggest shields you can get, the fastest engine you can get with the best YPR rates so that you can out maneuver anything and rarely be hit, if you do get hit, itll be a fat chance that they will get through your shields, just keep moving. It takes a lot of trial and error, but my advice is to go with the smaller, faster ships at all times. You can solo anything with them, i was lvl 30 and an Ace pilot on the hardest pilot level because of those fast ships. Dont use looted gear, sell all that crap, buy the crafted equipment, they have MUCH better stats.
  14. It has been suggested many times to have a server merge of the smaller servers, but soe has already said that it will never happen, but in my experience...that doesnt mean it isnt going to happen. You can only pray that they will get off their retarded high horse and realize that itll bring in more money closing servers that wont have to be maintained anymore, that they can open again when the servers get too full. The idea of reselling has happened time and time again. I own an empire divided box, the total experience box, the complete online adventures box, plus all the digital downloads (all for the free items) and theyve had numerous free trials as a chance for them to return, too many people cling to the old game wanting it to return and it wont. Its just a case of consumers being stubborn, if they all got over the old game and rejoined, it would be just as alive as it was before, plus with new content that they wouldnt get in the old version, if 1 person joins, 1 person isnt going to change anything in the game, if you could somehow convince all of the old people to rejoin then the game would be fixed instantly. Sure there's problems with the game, but the past month they've been owning the **** out of the problems, remaking every class to be more diverse and complex then the older versions, and i cant wait for hoth to come out, if its good enough, **** pre-cu, ill take hoth over that anyday.
  15. don't be a player hater, just cause we rape you doesn't mean we don't love you, we just prefer dominating our relationships me, i prefer dominating every game i play. Always pick the best, why choose anything else? SWG - Spies, kill fast and rarely die Deco - Psyche's, the best defence in the game, add all attack stats so i have the ability to tank and kill massive groups WoW - Warrior, defensive skill tree, whirlwind and cleave maxed, all lifesteal items and enchantments available in game, kill waves of hordes without ever dieing, more enemies means more rage, and the more life that would be stolen to heal me. If a mage comes by thinking they can easily kill you, equip a shield and reflect his strongest attack back to him and watch him 1 shot himself CoV - Dark/Dark Brute, huge defense bonuses, plus every attack i did on an enemy lowered they're accuracy so i rarely ever died. More enemies meant more life i could steal, more energy i could steal, and the more power i could gain by using drain attacks. I could go from almost dead to full health with 1 ability, if i did die i had another ability to bring me back, it pissed people off too cause they would spend a lot of time trying to kill me and as soon as i died i would be standing again with a god mode shield that no damage could get through, plus they would be stunned so they couldn't do anything but get raped by me because it gave me a power buff so i would be even stronger then i was before. I never once had to stop moving in that game, if i was low on health i could jump into a group of enemies and steal health to get it back up. Its fun to make a character that no one can stand up to
  16. Cool, some nice upgrades for spies in there, even if it only affects 3 abilities. This will actually make Run Its Course and Avoid Damage pretty popular.
  17. or go spy and run around stealthed making beef jerky
  18. Open the bazaar, along the top is a tab that says "find a vendor" and select the "Entire Galaxy" box, always have these selected when your looking to buy an item. The difference is that in the regular bazaar tab your only looking through the bazaars in NPC cities. No one ever posts any good items on these unless your really lucky and find that person who's quiting and trying to get rid of their items. The "find a vendor" and "Entire Galaxy" options search through player owned vendors within their own buildings on any planet in the server, this is where everyone posts items, since they have full control of it, you cant purchase the item from the bazaar though, you have to right click on the item, select the waypoint option, and then travel to the vendor yourself. I have no clue whats up with the forums, that doesn't happen to me, it sounds like a forum support question. As for the robe issue, go to http://swg.wikia.com in the search bar along the left side, type in "robes" and then hit enter. A list of all the Jedi robes in the game will appear. At level 66 you are currently able to wear the apprentice robes. If you click on the apprentice robes it'll pull up all the details on those robes, including a list of mobs who drop them, if you select one of the mobs names you might be able to find waypoints to the exact location of that mob or just a general area of where they are, if there is waypoints go in game and type /way and then enter the waypoints, dont put any commas or anything else, should look something like /way 1234 -5678 (make sure your on the right planet when you enter the waypoint), looks like your best bet will be on kashyyyk, though be careful in the Rryatt Trail, one mob usually pulls 2-3 more. For your lightsaber, hit the "K" key on your keyboard, the datapad window will open, theres a tab at the top, that when you select it, will show a list of things that you can craft. In this list will be a one handed lightsaber, a two handed lightsaber, a double bladed lightsaber, and each one will have different ages, the higher the age the stronger it'll be. Click the one you want (you must have a lightsaber crafting tool in your inventory) and the regular crafting window will appear, select the resources you want to use (must have the resources in your inventory as well) and then click the button at the bottom right. The better the resources stats, the better the lightsaber crafting tool stats, the higher your luck ability, and the better your lightsaber crafting bonus, the better the stats will be on your crafted lightsaber. (on the last window for crafting a lightsaber at the top left will be a drop down menu, if you open that you can select what hilt you want) Good luck, and for me, i find that nothing is ever worth anything, so it doesn't matter what you do in life, just do it all.
  19. open the bazarr in any town, at the top select the tab thats furthest to the right (i think its called "find a vendor"), then check the "entire galaxy" button in the box on the left side of the screen. Make sure that the "All" category is selected, and then in the search box type in the name of the ship you want and hit enter. BAM!! all the ships that are being sold on your server through any vendor on the server shows up, its like magic.
  20. You always have to be careful of what you pull. The commando has a kill "ticker" the more kills you have the more damage you do, if you hit "U" to open your expertise window youll see skills in there that do more damage for every kill point along the left side. A commando is a form of tank though, you have a lot of health and armor, you just dont have the great healing capability of a jedi. Armor will be your friend, dps will be your friend, DoT attacks will be your friend and lots of them, ive seen commandos with macros to change weapons every few seconds to a different heavy weapon that does a different type of DoT attack, then they can stack the different DoT attacks and the enemy goes down fast. Faction advice...id say stay out of a faction since your new, it is easier to get ranks if your a low level and you kill npc's of an opposing faction. But until youve really learned how to watch your back when your entering a city because a high lvl elite might be somewhere and spot you from a mile away, just stay neutral till you level up more and are able to escape a little more easily. Chat - right click the tab that says chat or guildchat or combat at the top of a chat window, go to join chat channel. Find a channel that you want to join from the drop down menus. Unfortanetly not everyone uses these chats, so youll just have to play around and see if you can find one thats used, and if not, oh well.
  21. Well ill put it out there and say Jedi is pretty fun, thats why most people are jedi's. You'll just be running into A LOT of your own profession. But its nice when you get to lvl 30 and get your first lightsaber and all the lovely sound effects and cool animations (did anybody else notice that the jedi multi target attack for the double bladed lightsaber is the same animation that the star wars kid did in his retard video?) Bounty hunter is definitely one of my favorites, with the ability to crit like crazy and then you have shields and probes and if you get a jetpack you can fly around in your Mandalorian armor and call yourself the new Boba Fett. Commando, my favorite part with them is the first few levels, when you can walk up to a group of mobs, throw 1 grenade, and kill them all. It is fun when you get heavy weapons, running around clicking everywhere and watching everything go boom! And then if you put on katarn armor or imp faction armor you can call yourself a clone trooper and do the whole military roleplaying. You can always create a character and change professions later if you dont like it.
  22. 1) Depends upon the server you join. There are dead servers, like my mains server of scylla, which you will never ever find a group. On the more populated servers, like Bria, there is plenty of people to team with. 2) Medic is one of the most needed professions in the game for grouping and they do generally lack on servers, Officer is another much needed profession when grouping since they help buff your group and de-buff the enemy. The other professions do help in groups but not as much as those 2 and you can find any of the other professions in mass numbers, except for a spy, you wont find many of them at all because most people dont invite them to groups. Makes me want to /cry 3)There is the main quest line which is called the Legacy Quest chain. It is not hard to solo all the way through it, and youll end up at or around lvl 50 when your done. After that I would recommend going to Kashyyyk since the missions start at level 30 there and go all the way to level 80 group missions. After that go to Mustafar to get all the way to 90. During Kashyyyk and Mustafar youll need a group for a lot of the missions. But as a medic or Officer it wouldnt be too tough to find someone willing to help you level up and become friends with you. Just make sure that as soon as your done with the beginners tutorial and your in mos eisley, go to the cantina and get an XP Entertainers Buff, learn about Ent Buffs and keep one on your character at all times, with the XP buff you can get to level 90 pretty easy, if your like my original noob account who's done with most quests without using Ent Buff, youll be around level 80 when all the quests are done, and its not too fun grinding the last 10 levels. Dont forget to tip your Entertainer. 4) Not too buggy, same as any other game, if you run WoW you should be fine running SWG.
  23. Depends on what you want. Bounty Hunter - Really strong in offense and defense, ranged attacks. A good choice if you havent played one yet. Commando - Ok offense and defense, ranged and AoE attacks. These guys are fun. Officer - Group buffs and de-buffs for your enemies, moderate ranged damage. A really fun and much needed profession, probably the most diverse profession in the game, i just started playing one and i love it. If you want to be like me, i like being the oddball out. Im a spy - massive ranged damage and even higher melee damage. A lot of people hate spies because they cant handle us and see us as an annoyance. Most fights as a melee spy last a couple seconds because they never see you coming while you're in stealth, then you crit them like crazy before they can react and then they die, ranged spy fights last a bit longer, involves keeping your enemy at a distance AT ALL TIMES and doing as much damage as you can. If your enemy doesnt die you just restealth and dissapear and they're left on their toes wondering if and when you will strike again. Its completely gorilla warfare, spies take out key opponents and everyone else picks up the pawns. Most people in the game have life long grudges against spies for raping the hell out of them and therefore it is kinda hard to get into a group to run anything, but you can do perfectly fine in any instance, i was running instances with a bunch of 90s when i was level 60 and did more dps then them. But it is a wait game, you stay in stealth 24/7 because usually you are always active duty, there's no real reason for you not to be. You run around trying to find people to gank, sometimes something will look good and youll start to sneak up and then something will happen and youll miss your chance. Its all a wait game. Buts its fun to mess around with templates and gear to make the different types of spies, wether it be pvp crit ranged or melee, all around crit ranged or melee, dot attacks, pure stealth (really hard to kill stuff with this set-up), you can be a defensive spy since they have abilities to miss almost every attack launched at them...but then you really wont have anything to do other then play the role of a fly during large scale battles, but they do have a way of pissing people off, because in a battle you unstealth and everyone thinks "SPY, KILL IT!!" and they attack you with no end while the rest of your group kills them. As a ranged spy you can kill almost anything, i was killing lvl 80s when i was lvl 60, and thats with them having buffs + ent buff and powerful gear and me having nothing. I was also soloing krayt dragons at lvl 50. Its kind of a god profession if you know what your doing, and if you PvE pull only 1, pull 2 and your gonna be restealthing. Melee spies are a bit harder, you have to get in close so stealth plays a big role, then you have to be able to kill fast while keeping close to them. You also have no major defense, so the guys that i killed with the ranged template....i get raped by them with melee. If your PvEing with a melee spy you have a tendency to pull multiple mobs since your in close range, it makes it very frustrating. If you choose spy go full ranged while you level and then switch to melee if you want when you get to lvl 90, makes it A LOT easier. But play what you want.
  24. I always wondered that too, the other one i couldnt figure out was the homeworld box and date of birth box in the community window character tab. What are those for and how would you edit them?
  25. I have a new theory that adamqd is really a clawdite, every time i look at him his face has changed
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