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  1. I hope his costumes have less belts this time around... no im serious his first outfit had like 5 belts... comon I mean it -_-''
  2. Can't everybody do that? Anyway they better give him more then 2 emotions this time unless you count content then its 3 >_>
  3. ^ I noticed that too and im pretty sure Revan and malak only found the star forge, even If they were emissarys im pretty sure malak would have said something about that when he was tellling you, you were Revan.
  4. ^ I'd think the Trooper would make more sense for having healing skills they could have bacta like republic commandos did.
  5. ^ problem is they could have used Talent trees to do that they didn't need a whole new class.
  6. I guess for the story the consulers and inquisiters will play the more general/commander role and the Jedi knights and sith warriors will be infantry/field commander, but even then its not much of a difference.
  7. ^ The only problem is Atton and Kreia are obsidion characters not bioware.
  8. ^ if they do make a full class just for droids its a waste if they were gonna put droids in they'd have to be a race not a class even then they couldn't be jedi or sith.
  9. ^ The problem is most of you are still going to buy it even if you'v already bought the DLC. Curse you LA for being ingenius.
  10. To collect more loot and money of course! Haven't you played diablo 2's multiplayer? thats all blizzard can do to keep you playing anyway. The MMO experience is alot better if your leveling with a friend or 2 or in a guild with people you know or just nice people like lets say a lucasforums guild or w/e chatting while playing makes it seem like less of a grind fest and makes it more enjoyable.
  11. Your story will probably go on for a bit after you reach level cap you'll just get items and credits only for doing it, not to count they might add a bit to each classes story in expansions.
  12. ^ agree with above post. WoW only needed 30 levels but they felt the need to only give you new skills every 2 levels but this could have been to give the player time to make up the money needed to buy them. So 40 - 50 levels would be good. Edit: meant Rogues post
  13. They did say they were high level, but they probably made the characters have uber health in the demo so they wouldn't die even if the guy playing sucked.
  14. Ok maybe thats not the best example. But having a 'cinamatic' conversation is alot better then scrolling through 2 paragraphs for the 3 or 4 important words. kill 20 man-eating rabits.
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