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  1. Wow, I have not intended for this thread to grow this big, so many results, and twists and stuff. I should take all of this down and choose the most chosen. Use it for my next game.
  2. Hey all, I believe wielding one saber is the best, no matter how many penalties you have. Yeahh!! Shwoom, shwoom, meearrrn, shwoooom.
  3. This is also happening to me. It's happening on both KotOR and KotOR II.It was working fine until I installed the new Omega Driver for Nvidia for Windows XP. Please help, I want to play KotOR...
  4. Ok, so are the Omega Drivers still ok to use? I am using an Nvidia Geforce 6200 256 MB with Forceware 163.75 if that matters. I apologize I am just really confused with all that. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ahh thanks everyone, I know it's your own preference and stuff but I would rather follow what others have. And Thanks Shem, that poll helped.
  6. Hey all, I just started my first game with this and i"m heading for Telos on the Ebon Hawk. Before I to my first planet out of my own will, what planet should it be? And what should be after and etc. I would really love it to be canon but I doubt that since I can't find any info. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok, so I got the Lena message for Mission Vao on Dantooine, so I head for Tatooine (which I already completed and so I opened all the doors on the Sand People's Enclave), and now, I am stuck because Griff doesn't appear. Is there any way to fix this? Is there a patch or fix I can get for this?? I want to use the save game editor but that doesn't clear Mission's talk options and stuff, and I want everything finished. Please help, thanks in advanced.
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