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    A great person most likely :D
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    Playing with my star wars action figures
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  1. I my Sorusuub is called Frozen Fear, just coz i likked the name
  2. I have heard there already is a grim fandango sequel going on (fan-wise) ask the mod of this forum, he's leading it
  3. Ohhh yes, sounds good love the screenies.. Just one question will it be in 1st or 3rd Person?
  4. I can't do mapping or any of the things really but i could try help with Script! Or something, i'm alright writing stories and are you going to make the gameplay just like GF 1 like the same multi question with different answer? It'd be very good
  5. When glottis falls on Year 5, my game closes down, i'm using Vista and can anyone explain this problem too me and offer help if you can, Cheers
  6. Hi, good luck on your video i love grim fandango! I'll try record me imitatin the voices of manny domino or glottis.. It'd be good seeing a movie of GF after so long
  7. Hi MasterNoah, your name reminded me of someone i've met on SWG called Noah on the galaxy of flurry and if you are him... It's shadoy alpha (That's me)

  8. Maybe it's best if you post your work up in CEC rather than sending it to me. I'm not interested in fan fiction

  9. Hi, thanks for the posts on my thread. by the way have you got MSN so i can send you my story so far?

  10. Hi, im an avid player of LucasArts games but never played Monkey Island. Can someone give me like info on it and all that... I'd love to play it, i might download the demo
  11. In response to my first thread on this. i didnt mean instead of multiplayer. I JUST WANT IT SO BAD NOW
  12. Hello guys as of reading your threads about DLC, i was thinking they should do new saber stances. rather than levels or multiplayer, coz i hate being in emperor palpatine skin with Starkillers saber stance lol its so annoying. and multiplayer would be ace loads of jedi against jedi or anything and new missions, can u imagine a Force Unleashed Star Wars Battlefront, that'd be awesome
  13. I hope i get to stay on flurry i really do. because its home too me, but if they merge servers i wont have to use cross-server tells
  14. I am 13 but i lvoe this game, to be honest,the community is gr8 and the content. no-one else would but i'd pay $100 to subscribe
  15. It's coz they are blinded by WoW's hype and can't see how bad it is! I played it for a few months, I got so bored but then again. to each their own
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