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  1. Hello guys as of reading your threads about DLC, i was thinking they should do new saber stances. rather than levels or multiplayer, coz i hate being in emperor palpatine skin with Starkillers saber stance lol its so annoying. and multiplayer would be ace loads of jedi against jedi or anything and new missions, can u imagine a Force Unleashed Star Wars Battlefront, that'd be awesome

  2. Hi DMUK, too true, if the new KOTOR MMO is like WoW, then that'll be a bad game! But if they make it like Pre-Cu or Pre-Nge SWG in the era of KoToR... I'll love it even though i have not played Pre-2005 SWG, from my elder friends in SWG on flurry, it was great. can you send me a forum message telling me what it was like plz and I love http://www.swgalaxies.net

  3. :animelol: Ummmm... I did!!! SWG was the worst possible game that ever hit the franchise. It is a complete lie and it makes a fool out of the Star Wars Sega. There's nothing even slightly or remotely cool about exploring in the game. Having all these Jedi and Sith run around and not being able to slay everyone, not only does it not make sense, but it's is not even explained how so many jedi can be around in that time period where SWG takes place. I really don't understand SWG and I would love to see KOTOR III put it to shame and make the first MMORPG since every single other one I played has sucked... I also have doubts about a KOTOR III MMO being good... : (



    Yo dude, you're very wrong. I'd say and lots of other people would say SWG is the best MMO and it's spelt "Saga" not Sega. and If you want to try be nasty about galaxies make your own forum called "I hate galaxies" this forum is for any1 who is wanting to play swg or is a vet or is in between... but it's not for haters

  4. Kotor is a good game... and there were so many Jedi so on the MMO it would be acceptable for thousands of Jedi to be running around, but if bioware try to clone World of Warcraft... i will not play it (well i might, coz it's Star Wars) But. KOTOR is a good era but not as good as SWG's era (The Era is the dark times, or the aftermath of Order 66, as i like to call it... or in between episode 4 and 5 ) But i know SWG wont Shut down... because it's a great game and many people would be angry E.G Me

  5. Yes, it's fun being imperial because... well they're winning... but im now one of those people who get bit annoyed coz of all the jedi according to star wars lore... Mostly all jedi were dead in this time zone... But all in all be rebel and change the galaxy...


    The Force is a powerful thing

  6. I was wondering if u can get a gravestone made for someone that has died in rl and u want to remember them in game. I was dating a girl in SWG, who i loved very much. we was gonna get married ingame. she didnt log for 4months. i learnt of her best mate she had died of cancer. and i want to remember her in game and hav a memorial of her. i named my ship after her :Mysticly Dawn.


    im thinkin of makin a city called Mysticly Dawn


    P.S she's the one who died*

  7. Help me LucasForums, You're my only Hope.



    Well i went to play on TC but characters were in their underwear and in the Boxes next to my Character. Absoloutely Nothing was there. What's Wrong with it.


    Help ME LucasForums, You're my only Hope.

  8. LOL Not be mean but lol i've seen it every day since last thursday, ALOT of money's gone out of my pocket :'( And i'm seein it tonight and tomoz then sunday THEN I'm gonna try earn some more moneyy

  9. before going to see Indy 4, i read some reviews and watched some... people hated the new one or loved it. it put me off a lil until i saw it! I Watched it. loved it. i wet myself (NOT WITH LAUGHTER) but coz i brought and drank my 4 large cokes, i would've gone to the toilet, but i didn't wnna miss a second of it! It was a brilliant film the endin was awesome... all of it was awesome! ONE MORE THING: DON'T LET REVIEWS PUT YOU OFF, IT'S THE REVIEWERS OPINION, THEY CANNOT SPEAK FOR YOU!!!

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