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  1. LOL, my ent on flurry: Johnny-Kash got up to CL 90 in 5 - 12 hours, easiest prof in game
  2. Yo, i'd go to any Server you like, Starstrider is said to be good for RP, so if ur a big RPer, go to that server if u wanna see me , go to flurry, do what your heart wishes my friend
  3. Hi Gang, i was also thinkin of switchin to Starstrider, but now i heard the post of 3dbones, i thought as of I HAVE OVER 600 FRIENDS on my friends list on flurry, i thought aswell **** That, i will make a toon on Starstrider, coz i've heard it's the best RP server around, and i'm a HUGE RPer so yeah see ya
  4. I'm a brit, i'd say we just do what DM-UK sed! but i would luv a big party
  5. I Ain't done an instance yet, i'm more of a socialiser than doin quests i like the Frogs, i pet em
  6. Goodie, cnt wait to see u on it, ur gonna be a gr8 addition to SWG
  7. Flurry here, im shadoy alpha on that server but now i mainly play on TC: Caedeus Erkter is my TC toon SWG PWNS
  8. we could for 1 week for the 5th anniversary let normal people have god mode on TC so we noobs cn get lava crystals and BARCS now that'd be wicked
  9. I hate it, when people go: "SWG is dead, it's no use playing it, it's a load of ol' crap" but in fact it's not. i've been playing SWG now for what, 365 + days, and i've got 600 + friends on Flurry, and my friend who's an Elder Jedi only has 260 + i mean, my number is ALOT! and testcenter is packed around the character builder guildhall, it's a good game! if u dont like SWG! keep it to yourself Over and out
  10. Nah, or we could like make a Server, where every1's toons get transferred onto it for the day and have a HUGEEEE PARTY! like the Ewok Celebration!!!! it'd be so cool
  11. Yay another person coming to flurry! well Hello There! add me i'm called shadoy alpha on flurry, i'm always up for a laff or 2, i cn help you with legacy, and i have a CL 90 alt called Johnny-Kash, he's ent of corse! i'll give u loads of free buffs!!! i'm a good guy, well i'm imp yeh well see ya and may the force be with you
  12. Hi y'all, yes i have a toon on Testcenter called Caedeus Erkter, who will basically help any1 out! imps, rebels. Noobs any1!!! and i also hav an alt on Flurry called shadoy alpha, and again if any1 needs help send me a tell!!!! well and plz reply to this thread y'all with your comments plz and if u cn with your toon names (toons are characters)
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