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  1. how do i play expansions? Do i have to go through the original quests first before i'm given the option? Thank you all.
  2. My game tends to glitch and sometimes crash when ever i enter a part of the cities with a lot of other players congregating. One such place is the canteena in theed and the starport. It seems that when there are many players in one area i glitch and lag like crazy. I am running McAfee with comcast on vista. should i turn off the firewall & virus scanner while playing? windows vista e-machine T3642 Amd athlon 64 processor 4000+ 2.60GHz geforce8400GS pci express 256mb gddr2 mem 1gb ram 250gb comcast w/ McAfee virus scan & Firewall
  3. can someone explain this XP buff a little more? Do i ask an entertainer for it or ??? thanks again!
  4. the guide helps a lot but i'm curious about any quests besides the mission terminals. Are ther mob quests like i read somewhere? if so how do i find them.. or do i just keep doing mission terminal quests and leveling up that way.... it's kind of repeditive through the mission terminal...but it works..i'm close to level 19
  5. Can anyone suggest ways to level up fast so that i may finally go back to the legacy quest: squill diving? I am trying to do some quests from the mission terminal's but are there other ways to level up? I'm still a level 16 on the jedi path and i am having a hard time. I'd be grateful for any help!
  6. I'll be on tonight at 5:30 pst. as soon as i get home from work. my name is Mykil Fireheart. If anyone is around to help i'll see ya then and thanks for the Advice all.
  7. I am a level 16 on the jedi path. i am stuck on the legacy quest Squill Diving. I can not make it through the cave to collect the last droid part without being killed and having to clone an start over. what should i do? Do i need to level up more or is there a trick to this quest. anyone who can help i'd be greatful.
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