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  1. First of all, I just want to say how devastated I was when TOR was announced, they let me down and they let SO many people down, just leaving the story like that. So, when I heard about this project, I just jumped in glee! All I wanted (and I'm sure others, too) was closure. So I am here to ask, if you are still going on with the voice acting. I would love to contribute and I can do british, american, european (mainly germanic sounding heh) and australian accents and I have a very feminine voice. Please let me know if you would like a sample of some kind via PM. xoxo Selty
  2. No matter how we look at it, though, LA, Bioware and EA have just let all of us fans down. They upset me so much doing that. Not only was it random, it was uncalled-for. Imagine doing something like this for all the HP fans, or the like? It's exactly the same.
  3. Or, you could just have them make appearances, no VA needed. It's worked before.
  4. Thankyou for the reply Gurges! I never thought of a prompt, kind of like just before Revan/Exile appear, a character sheet comes up. Nice, me likey. It also gives new players an exciting thing for them, I suppose.
  5. I personally adored Nar Shaddaa, it was so dank and corrupt yet full of so many fun quests and cool people. I felt like I was playing it cool in Vampire: The Masquerade- Bloodlines ^__^ I would love to have more performance quests, undercover quests. C'mon, they are so much fun!
  6. No matter what I read, I can't help but think LA is making us fans speculate and build anticipation as they laugh at our ignorance. Wishfull thinking, perhaps. I really think they after Kotor 1 & 2, they wanted to take time to make the third installment really worthwhile. I have a hunch I can't shake off, it's been too long for the third game.
  7. There is a debate I have noticed on the if of Revan and The Exile returning from the Unknown Regions. If they do, what will they look like? So here is my idea: I'm sure it's not that difficult to figure out. You would start off with a conversation about the two to determine whether they were male or female and if they were LS or DS. Then, the appearance. Having the game recognize a save game from older games has been done before...can't give you an example but I do think it is quite possible. Or, if there is the chance we could play as all of them, then the answer would be obvious. Any comments? p.s sorry if this has been done beforehand
  8. I honestly can say I liked how Carth/Female Revan's plot was done. It was very sincere and it didn't rely on sexual innuendo to keep others interested. To me, it had a real feeling to it, TSL was just sexual tension and off-screen hinting, it had a promise that went nowhere which left the ending with a bitter feeling. With Carth, I felt Revan and him really did love eachother. Not only was there the cute flirting toward the beginning, but the teasing turned into something deeper, and it felt like a real romance story. Carth would go anywhere with Revan and do anything for her, and she the same! His confession to her was so heart-warming and sweet. I loved it. Hmm, I had a point... Basically, I hope they elaborate on what they did in Kotor 1 and 2, yet let us fully explore the relationship, the little things are what make it. Romance in NWN2 was so bloody terrible because: 1. There was something with Bishop and his godawful voice acting but it went somewhere off in fairy land 2. Casavir decided to suddenly fall for you out of the blue. You could tell it was pretty rushed and all they could manage to cook up was the very un-sentimental confession. Kotor 2 had a little more in that department, only a little though hehe
  9. Heh, well to add my two cents to this topic, I know that there are masses of Atton Rand fangirls out there, who plead and beg on more than a few TSL forums for an Atton romance enhancement. I mean, have you seen how many Exile/Atton fanarts are out there? I can't say I minded having a rather cute scoundrel hitting on you...mainly in the beginning of the game, though from a plot perspective, it did need something more. Didn't you get annoyed at the fact you could only ask him for a game of Pazaak half the time? I liked the KOTOR system, i.e after gaining a bit more experience, you progress your plot with each character. It worked well and it felt more...real. TSL was indeed rushed and even if I loved the story to death, I was highly disappointed. The games I truly respect and find playable are the ones with a good, intruiging plot, in-depth characters, challenging yet rewarding gameplay and versatile enemies. KOTOR had this, TSL did not as much. Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. :3 The main point was...though I didn't get to it, that a good romance plot can be key to a good story. After all, every story has some kind of love in it, you can't deny that.
  10. Ooh! I love these kind of threads! Okok, one of my favourite quotes is the humorous yet downright creepy happy birthday call from the unknown weirdo in SH3. Unknown voice: [Heather picks up a phone at the hospital, a strange voice starts speaking] Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear... Oh, I forgot your name. Heather: Who are you? Unknown voice: Oh, okay, thanks. Happy birthday dear "Hooaryou". Happy birthday to you. etc. Atton: "And now I come in, saying something suitably heroic." That, and everything Beckett says in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. He is just hilarious. I have a lot more, i'm sure I could fill up an entire page with all of them. Mainly Silent Hill quotes and a few Kotor ones. (Mission and Zaalbar make me giggle, they are a very cute team)
  11. I'm listening to the latest Zeromancer album, ZZYZX. My favourite band. Their mix of symphonic industrial tunes and beautiful lyrics speak to me. You probably won't agree with me though, heh.
  12. I'll put mine in, too. Whoot. My newest background is of the stunning, awe-inspiring Hedy Lamarr, whom I adore. She was a famous movie actress in the golden era of film aswell as an inventor/scientist. You probably don't know her, as she wasn't in that many films, due to a few reasons. (One was the fact she refused to sleep with a producer to get a few roles! Ha!) Anyway, here she is:
  13. Thanks for the reply Jonathan7! After not having a reply for a while on this thread, I gave up and made a new game heh. I was foolish enough to not make enough saves. Thankyou for the help, anyway. It is much appreciated.
  14. Basically, I was pretty bored throughout my last planet, Korriban and decided to play around with cheats (Bad idea, I know...) and I used the "addlevel 1" cheat and went about my business, not realizing that my character couldn't level up anymore until the end of Korriban after the last tomb! I have read online about this problem. I downloaded the savegame editor and spent quite some time making a new game, writing down the available numerics from my old savegame and updating my quests on my new savefile to be exact to what my character was. The only problem is now I am stuck in the tutorial at the beginning and I have no idea of how to change where my PC is located. If I could perhaps get a code to help me out I would really appreciate it. xoxo Selty EDIT: I forgot to mention the reason I actually did all this, was because I could no longer advance the companion side stories. It was just too unbearable. I want to know what happens with Jolee and Carth! Their quests aren't finished and i'm on the... !
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