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  1. Hi, I noticed that you recently left a message on mrdefender's profile regarding the Defender's Wrist Console. I too am searching for this file, and have had no luck. If you find the file could you send me a link?


  2. haha well yeah class matters too, but I'm talking about ability modifiers. have you guys done anything that seems to make a big difference in how easily you go through the game? constitution and wisdom seem to be my magic ingredients. I'm not sure how they will do together though.
  3. Giving yourself a HIGH constitution seems to help a lot. See, at parts that I normally do really bad, this last time through KOTOR I didn't have NEARLY as much trouble, and I think it's definitely from starting out with a constitution of 18 and finishing with it being about 21 or so. I think about it like this--the longer you last in battles, the better you do overall in the game. So, I naturally at first thought that a high dexterity would be most prominent. but, I realized that even if that's pretty high, it doesn't effect how much the enemies hit--and armor helps too, but still also not that much. But if you know that the enemies are going to hit anyway, why not make it so their hits don't matter as much? get more heath and you're good. I'm going to see what I can do with a jedi sentinel in TSL with a high CON and WIS, so see how universal I can make my character. but anyway these are just my findings. what do you guys think? have you come up with anything better? please share, I want to see what else is out there and try it.
  4. I doubt you'll reply, seeing you've never sent a message and you haven't been on since 2006, but I'm getting desperate!


    I would like the latest version on the defender's wrist console, but all the links you gave were to sites that don't exist anymore, and no one is giving me a version that lets you have all your party members out at the same time. could you please get it ti me somehow??

  5. I read the description...that was the FIRST thing I did, like you. I also asked for a link for the defender's wrist console, but that part of my post was deleted because of the rules. Besides, all the sites with the defender's wrist console have been deleted. someone archived all of defender's wrist console mods he had, but he didn't archive the one that was updated enough to do what I want. So, I would just want someone to simply make a mod with this capability, now that I've proved with this video that it's possible. did you think I haven't tried that? that was the first thing that popped up in the google search! the links in that thread are useless, seeing that the site they are linked to doesn't exist anymore. And the links posted toward the end of the thread don't exist on the site anymore, it just takes you to their homepage. these posts were in 2002, keep in mind. Thanks for trying though....
  6. Can someone PLEASE either make a mod that lets you have EVERY party member outside of the ship with you and following you around and fighting with you at the same time? PLEASE and THANKS. Removed part of post that was off-topic, since you found our Mod Link Requests Thread enough said. -RH
  7. To bring us back to one of the starting comments, Where can we find the defender's wrist console? NONE of the links people have provided work. Someone said "wrist console is here:" and left a link, but I've downloaded that one, and am sorry to say but that is not the DEFENDER'S wrist console. If no one can give me a WORKING link for the defender's wrist console, can someone MAKE a new mod that allows me to have ALL my party members in my party at the same time? Sent you a PM. I have v1.9 which 'might' be the latest version. I can't remember - Cz
  8. yeah that's what I said I thought it was in the first comment. lol but I'm hoping that when I leave peragus it'll still keep working!
  9. no, the galaxy droid was for the first game and it could take you to any planet you wanted. I'm not sure of all the properties of this droid yet, but I think it's only useful in peragus. I could be wrong though. I'm checking it out now.
  10. I was just messing around in the game, and started a new game, going through the prologue. I got the other droid on the ship to be in my party, then used a warp code to teleport myself to the administration area in the mining facility. first it showed T3 in the kolto tank. once the cut scene was over, I talked to the other droid. tons of options started popping up. like for instance, "give me the code to access the console without talking to atton first." and "pretend I already went to the dormitory section." or something like that. basically, it looked like it was a very easy and fast way to move about peragus (or however you spell that) without doing everything you had to. It must've been something the creators used or something. I haven't looked into it yet, but feel free to go check it out yourself!
  11. Any time mate. :)


    Urmm... No. Doors are a tad different.


    Similar principle though. Poke around in the .git file and you should pick it up no problem. :)

  12. oh, oops. lol.


    I didn't know which ones it gave me WERE the x, y, and z coordinates, but I figured it out now. it works like a charm! Thanks for the walkthru and the extra help! oh, and do you place doors the same way you would place a person?

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