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  1. 1977, in a drive-in theater, with my whole family, after having seen an interview and some trailers (space combat scene with the TIEs chasing the Falcon) on a late night show called Creature Features a few months before. It was not called Episode IV back then.
  2. "I am sorry for any inconvenience the event has caused you, but regret to inform you that the function is working as intended." Where've I heard that one before?
  3. As a follow-up to Tommycat's responses, let me add: 1 & 2) The digital download gets you the expacs and a month of playtime, plus some nice googaws (royal shuttle and a personal transport for land, for one character on your account) AND a month of free play for about twenty bucks. 3) You can only make two characters per server, as I understand it, so it seems like they've made all the professions pretty balanced. (Tommy -- going poof resets instances? Sounds like a bug to me, I'll be mindful of it on my spy.) 4) Depends also on what sort of server you like. Server List was helpful to me in determining that I wanted to start out in an RP environment rather than PVP one. And none of the servers seem to be either over-populated or brand new.
  4. As a follow-up on this, after only two days of playing the trial I am having enough fun that I bought the digital bundle to upgrade my account.
  5. Any thoughts on what date(s) and if any specific activities should be planned? If I were more familiar with the game I'd suggest scavenger hunts and the like, and offer to contribute to some sort of prize pool.
  6. ((Is this forum still active, or is everyone who is RPing on Starsider using the official Station forums? If this is active, may I start an open thread?))
  7. Hello. I've just grabbed the trial myself (after, oddly enough, replaying the KotOR games... AND Jedi Academy!) and realized that I really did want to give SWG another look. I betad and wasn't in love with it. Well, it's turning out to be a blast and I am fair certain I'll buy it and keep playing, especially if I can find RP buddies. As a player of CoH/CoV, my experiences so far are that I've had lots more fun in SWG. It's no one thing that is different that makes or breaks the experience. I love supers; I love Star Wars. The comparison isn't apples and oranges, it's apples and doughnuts. What everyone else says is true: give it a whirl. Can you just whip up a character and kill stuff? Yes. Is it as fun as playing through some of the quests? Doesn't seem to be. For just killing away I usually grab a console game with zombies. Lots of zombies. In regards to your server-related questions: There is a whole list of servers and what their specialty seems to be if you google or hit a site like allakhazam.com and go through their SWG section. I'm at Starsider currently, one of the unofficial RP servers (kind of like Virtue in CoH/CoV). I'll probably hit one of the GCW (Galactic Civil War aka PVP) servers as well, as PVP can often turn one game into an entirely new game. Character classes seem to be fairly unique when compared to many other MMOs though the comparisons to CoH/CoV would be closest (as opposed to, say, EQ or WoW or LotRO -- I'm not in the Warhammer beta and can't discuss Stargate Worlds with any authority) so you'd probably feel pretty at-home with roles. The game seems well-designed for the casual player to be able to play and level without spending three hours to get a group for a 45-minute instance (or 12-minute group quest! -- FFXI, are you listening?). I hope you give it a go and post your feedback here, I'm curious to see how another CoH veteran finds SWG.
  8. Hi all. Nubsauce player here. Name: In'ar Serr (Nars'serrh with home-clan spacing and speech - long story involving too much to drink and a malfunctioning vocoder on a protocol droid. Needless to say, the "In (faint hiccup) ar" version of the name has stuck.) Faction: None yet. Aiming for Alliance. Class: Spy (lowbie, lowbie spy) Race: Twi'lek Guild: N/A - looking for heavy RP Pilot: Not so much yet As I said, I am nubsauce for this game, but my household did beta test back in the day. The game's changed radically so I am getting my bearings all over again. Cheers for the lovely forums!
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