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  1. remember that it are mercenary's. they should do that because if they didn't, they would be bad mercenary's, wouldn't they? assainator
  2. assainator


    when you go t curascant, you need to protect the library, that level i just can't complete. can you guys give some tips? assainator
  3. what i like to see is a more custom galactic conquest. what i mean is: you chose your hero as the general you get a some credits and you need to build your army. for example: i'll buy 100 clone troopers. i'll buy 50 clone troopers i'll buy 60 snipers troopers i'll build 5 AT-TE's i'll build 55 AT-RT's i'll build 5 venator class capital ships i'll build 15 acclamator frigates i'll build 55 arc 170 fighters and then a sniper trooper would take longer then a clone trooper. but a venator class capital ship is taking the longest. and move-able command points. (also in skirmish) example: you have one main commandpoint (if it is captured you lose immidiatly) and it is possitioned by you (were do you want to land?) you have also a maximum of 3 commandpoints. they can be deployed by a general (your hero). and also packed in by a general. and one other thing: you can pilot everything, also a capital ship. this would be a little different then normal play. you can rotate arrount the ship, and you still fire straigt ahead or if you would press a "lock"-key, all turrets (if able) will fire at a location on the ship you click on, and to move, just as normal (arrow and w,s,d,a) i know this are LARGE things if you look at them but the move able commandpoint would be a special ability of your hero. and the pilot a capital ship would only be a matter of coding. they would both be not difficult(tough i can't do it) only the buy thing would be a problem. assainator
  4. heey guys, i finaly discovered how to open and save music as .ogg i just opened it with irfanview (i have vista and get much updates) and i opened some other music with irfanview and saved it as .ogg maybe this has been discoverd earlyer but as far as i know, it has been a large problem for many people. assainator
  5. eeuh how do you say it /signed!!!!!!!!!!!!! /signed!!!!!!!!!!!!! assainator
  6. manolorian: okay, wy die. clone commander: no we won't mandolorian: we will die! clone commander: we will not die! manolorian: aren't you listening? we are going to die! clone commander: we won't die! you know why! mandolorian: no clone commander: we heve peanuts! mandolorain: long live the peanuts, o cr*p why am i saying this?
  7. .. wrong, i have vista, have eaw, foc, 1.1 patch, ueaw and all the things save in less than 30 seconds, even when our back-up is working. so vista+ backup= still save within 30 seconds
  8. your right, because in SWII you see for example that a accamator is landed in geonosis, and if you look good at republic commando, you see in the beginning that the dropship your in is dropped in the air from a ship (it can't fall in 5 sec. from space to 100 meters in the air) but eighter way, you could for excample add a "capital ship run" i know in eaw foc is something but is only a small erea and it takes long to recharch. and i would like that is a little more like imperium galactica 2. ---> the fleets are not stationed at a planet but anywere you want! no planet slots, battles can be fought above a planet (within a sertain radius of the planet) or just in deep space and maybe just for fun: you can give your fleet a name! and as you said: a more advanced techtree but i stop before i'm planning the whole game, but this are some things i would love in eawII bye assainator
  9. what do you think of home one 50 x-wing 40 a-wing 32 b-wing, 15 y-wing, 30 mk2 frigates 25 nebulon-b frigates 34 corilian corvettes 22 gunboats. 15 marauders i had 3 imperial star destroyers 1 acclamator 2 interdictors 2 tartan patrol cruisers lvl 5 space station well, because of the bug in the rebel AI, they retreat when they lost a sertain amount of units, so every time i lose maybe 1 acclamator, 2 tartan patrol cruisers, and maybe 1 interdictor, but for the rest, I win every time assainator
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