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  1. Nope, last year in High School.

  2. haha! :p Yeah, I get what you mean...It's a bit hard for me too, to get some work done if you have a million things to do every week for college and stuff! You're going to college this year, right?

  3. Very little haha

  4. Been more than a while, yeah. Got some work done all this time?

  5. Oh not bad, been awhile man!

  6. Hey man! I've been quite busy with rl, university and stuff, I hadn't been able to check Lucasforums. How are you?

  7. Thank you, that really means a lot. This is the dilemma. What to do? In modern global economy, a state of 11 million citizens, cannot do much with an isolated economy. Of course, that's not good. On the other hand, why continue a policy if we agree it's going to do no good in the long term (and the short one, as it seems). My opinion is, why doesn't the Greek government say: "Hey, IMF, thank you, but no thank you. This problem was caused by borrowing, and we obviously cannot solve it by borrowing more. So we will stop borrowing, we will give early pensions to many in the public services and we will lower taxes instead of raising them, in order to make the ground more likeable for new investions from foreign companies to gain economic depth." I agree with that. People follow their government. If their government is corrupt, people become corrupt. If not, they become decent, and so forth. I believe if we had a functional state at the moment, very few Greeks would do anything to damage it, and they do not deserve to be called Greeks. That is completely true. By saying that the governemt is corrupt, I don't mean the PM, but his cabinet. The PM is there to keep the policy he's instructed to keep, and the cabinet is by his side to reach into the federal money for their needs. Two months ago, just as we entered 2011, Dora Bakoyianni, a Greek politician "smuggled", like a modern Han Solo, 1.000.000 Euro, which belonged to the state, to an account she has in Switzerland, so they wouldn't be found. She was unlucky and this became known, but she wasn't prosecuted, and no charges were pressed against her. She continues to go to the Parliament every day. I know your post is serious, but the matter-of-fact way you said it made me laugh pretty hard! It is just like you said, but the EU is a Union, as the name suggests, and in a union everybody must help each other. Today Germany and the "big" countries help us. Tomorrow, who knows what happens?
  8. I've always hated Kavar's since it was first opened because I feel it has no place in a video game forum.

  9. My dear friend jedi_consular16, they say a picture is a thousand words, so:
  10. [Last off-topic]@ Lynk Former: Perhaps you're right, I will try and put more effort in my opening posts, thanks for the suggestion. It's ok, sometimes I get carried away due to Greece's problems and I forget how badly we're portrayed from the foreign media.[/Last off-topic] Now, the exclusion of the Start Menu button is something I don't like, too. Also, I believe that being used to the old-style desktop, some users like me will be having trouble finding their work with this UI. May I ask a question? Isn't it possible to put shortcuts on the desktop of the Metro UI?
  11. Hey. Due to being busy the past few months I wasn't around that much, and I have a question, if you could answer it. What has happened in Kavar's, and made everyone have a bad opinion about the forum? Wat it because of a certain thread or something?

  12. The point of this thread wasn't for me to write my full opinion. It was for those in the community to see the consumer's preview and for everyone to discuss what they think of it. If the length of my opening post offends you, I'm truly sorry, but I have stated most of my opinion at a later post. Isn't that a little mean? Of course there are some that can buy a computer (I'm not one of them, though), and the overwhelming majority of them prefer Apple's. That's what I meant. However, I am a bit sensitive about the issue of my country's economy, since both my parents recently lost their job, and I have to manage a full-time job and college to make ends meet, so please, if you want to state your opinion about it, there is this thread. Also, I can't help but notice you've been a bit offensive to me from the beginning of this thread. If I have offended you in any way by being naive and/or ignorant of some matters, I apologize to you, it wasn't my intention.
  13. Seems like they found their employees, because sources from Spark report that the game is past the Alpha testing, and they have a playable build. Also, in the Spark Unlimited website, I found this under: "Current Projects-in production" I want you to pay attention to the "Triple-A". They are giving us hints!
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