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    Im a fan of Star Wars
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    Cars, lightsaber fights
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    Star Wars Galaxies
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  1. Hey im still a big noob i have only had the game for a month. I was wondering what the fastest way to lvl is im looking to make big lvls fast. I have a Jedi and a smuggler and everything is easyer on my jedi. I just made a bounty hunter. I would just like little advice that you guys wish you knew when you first started.
  2. Im looking for imperial gard armor and i was wondering if it was easy to get or make?
  3. I have been floating through many mmo's and i found that this one is my favorite even though im still new to it i find it way more fun than wow and guild wars.
  4. I want to make a good character but I don't want to be a jedi so what is fun and strong other that a jedi or smuggle.
  5. how do you get married in the game i cant figure it out!
  6. Is it possible to Smuggle goods that aren't for a quest or off of a body??
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