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  1. A really promising Kickstarter project which seems to be inspired by the Lucas classics (you can really see this in the demo: /posts/1024079), as well as noir/horror movies (like American Werewolf in London) and Indiana Jones (there are references to Nazi occultism and the Vatican). It is based on a cult Portuguese comic, and the storyline is set in Lisbon. It involves a werewolf private detective, his demon assistant (in a little girl's form), a talking gargoyle head and a young pizza boy solving all sorts of mysteries. The plot premise is this: In ages past, Lisbon was the stage of great power struggles, a powerful capital and a strategic point that separated the Old Continent from the vast ocean that lead into the New World. Nowadays things haven't changed that much. What looks like a normal city extends its webs of mystery like an iceberg, deep beneath its surface. For the supernatural beings of this planet, Lisbon is the new Casablanca, a terrain that belongs to no one, where the hidden politics of an unseen world are at play and normal folks stress to build a life among all the forces in conflict. It is an asylum for the disenfranchised hordes of vampires, goblins and other such creatures but, like any other place like it, it's also harrased by the interest of different political agendas, secret societies and organized crime. In Lisbon, every shadow has eyes and every eye is witness to a new mystery.
  2. Tim Schafer's team is starting a new Amnesia Fortnight: https://www.humblebundle.com/doublefine And there's one project, which I believe must get made. It's called Eras of Adventure, and it tells the history of adventure genre. (i.e. it would start as a text adventure, then a classic EGA adventure like Maniac Mansion, then a DOTT or Sam & Max-style game, then CMI, then a 3D adventure, until finally we get to the modern Renaissance of the genre). Seems like a dream come true for old adventure title fans (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  3. Well, surprisingly, we're still not completely dead. (I personally think this is because Death is having a holiday, so we're sort of undead for now) We have a couple of new sketches and plot ideas, you can check them out
  4. Doug Tennapel, the creator of Neverhood and Earthworm Jim, has opened a Kickstarter campaign for his new clay adventure Armikrog. The gameplay and the main character both seem very similar to Neverhood. And OMG, it will have music by Terry Taylor (he's already recording the first track)! http://www.facebook.com/armikrog
  5. Hello, I'd like to announce that we're currently trying to launch a Discworld fanproject. The project is at its very beginning (we're currently discussing plot details), just in case anyone's interested: http://discworld-fanproject.proboards.com/ We'd be really happy to see new guys on board
  6. Perhaps some of you have heard about the so-called "Creepypasta", a term which sums up various creepy stories and urban legends on the net. Some such things are even related to video games (there were stories about Sonic, Call of Duty, etc.). But a few days ago the first adventure game pasta was published, the one about Toonstruck 2: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Toonstruck_2 Enjoy
  7. Oh yeah, guys! Just DO THIS!!!!!! :cool:
  8. Not so stinky: the animations in the intro and the GUI design seem to be of almost professional quality. Therefore I suppose these low-quality sketches are yet to be redrawn.
  9. A few days ago I've heard about Crazy Mansion, another project with a crowdfunding campaign. It's very heavily inspired by both Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, but it doesn't use any copyrighted things from those games. Instead, it's a completely different story set in the same universe. It's created by Desperate Studios team, who created their first games in the days of C64 and Amiga. You may check this out for details: http://crazy-mansion.heimat.eu/ http://www.indiegogo.com/CrazyMansion (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) The GUI design:
  10. Glad to hear this! Oh, that's a terrific idea! Could make a decent fangame.
  11. I wouldn't be that pessimistic. It can be Handsome Halibut.
  12. Now they have almost 590000 and a new update: "So, here's the easier one: at the $550,000 level, we will be maxing out the game responses along the lines I suggested in my video update. Tons more jokes, tons more responses for clicking on screen features, dialogue trees, inventory-on-inventory messages, and more story! We’ll load every existing nook and cranny with extra content because, as Al pointed out to us, the original was “kinda thin” on that. Now, here's the big one: at the $650,000 level, we're doing something that will change the face of Larry forever (if only!): we're adding a new location, new puzzles, and a new girl with her own storyline! Is this the infamous female character that Al was forced to cut from the original 1987 version of Leisure Suit Larry 1? Or am I just making that up entirely to add a sense of mystery? Your guess is as good as mine!" Now how's that, guys?
  13. Update #10: some awesome new goodies! They added a new $150 tier for that much you get 1) physical game and game box 2) CD of the soundtrack 3) Lefty's breath spray, 4) Lefty's sexy lady "reveal" pen. 5) Lefty's shot glass 6) 4 Lefty's coasters, 7) softcover version of the Art of Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded 8) Leisure Suit Larry Brand Condom 9) Lefty’s Bar t-shirt and they revealed what the t-shirt will look like... http://i.imgur.com/cYvXg.png
  14. Update #5: new rewards (T-shirts included) and the official forums: http://forums.replaygamesinc.com/ Hooray
  15. Perhaps some of you remember this fangame from 2004-2007; those who don't can find details here. Well, I got new information on it from the creator: though it's officially considered vaporware, the project is just on break because of both lack of time and Telltale's active attempts to resurrect the franchise (he's somewhat concerned by legal issues, though unlike LucasArts, Telltale has never shut fanprojects down). He says he still plans to finish the project, but doesn't know when it will be.
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