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  1. I always map the movement controls to the arrow keys, attacks to the mouse, and other things (open/jump/crouch/interact) to the keys around the arrows. This makes it easy to control.
  2. Okay time to bring this back. Luke has become the apprentice of Starkiller, Yoda is still alive, Leia and Han are still alive. The Rebels have been decimated on Hoth, what's left of them will be regrouping going into ROTJ. Luke is lost to the Dark Side. Leia is the only hope left for the Jedi, I think she goes to train with Yoda after Ben's spirit leads her there. Meanwhile Starkiller will use Luke to destroy Palpatine. Maybe he will track Leia down and kill Yoda on Dagobah, setting up a Luke vs Leia final battle? With Starkiller taking the winner as his full apprentice. Oh and before anyone gripes about giving the Hoth ending away, spoiler warning is in the thread title.
  3. Yoda was powerful enough to lift an X-wing in ESB, I think he could have fought if needed. The problem with a Dagobah level would be that only 1 person is on it in the movies, so you need things to fight as you work your way towards him. Maybe some Dagobah swamp monsters, or maybe even Rebels trying to find him.
  4. We don't know for sure that Luke dies yet, we just see a clip of Starkiller jumping on him. I'd also like to see a Dagobah mission where you kill Yoda.
  5. There's so much potential in this dark storyline they would be foolish to end it after USE. They should expand it to Bespin, and ROTJ where he is sent to stop Luke, Leia and Han. Maybe end it with a final battle with the Emperor on the 2nd Death Star
  6. What exactly is this? I can't find an entry about it on wookiepedia. I'm not asking what it does, I get the general concept- dropping troops and gear for ground ops. I'd just like to know what its real name is.
  7. I wish they would hold off on USE, and just make it an entire game. Several levels, storyline, etc. You're right about the price being ridiculous for just 1 mission.
  8. Yes, and the XXXB combo to launch them in the air. Then finish it with another simultaneous combo to complete the grapple. The moves should slam the opponent to the ground.
  9. I think it means the mid air grab combos. Use the Y+B, or XXXB, with the grapple slam combos once you get the enemy in the air (X+A, Y+B)
  10. Which do you prefer, Starkiller lightning or Vader choke in the prologue? The lightning can be mixed into saber attacks, used to wear down the larger enemies (ATST/Rancors), used with force grip to make grenades, and the lightning bomb power. But there's just something about Vader crushing Wookie throats that makes it more fun
  11. Just select the Death Star mission from your pause menu. You can do that once you beat the game
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