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  1. IMHO there's more similarities between "Oh Why" and "Shape Of You"...
  2. *Grabs another bag of popcorn*
  3. Yea, I have to agree - they don't sound similar at all!
  4. I was wondering if they were going to do playable flashbacks like TP.. if they did it would make sense why it’s not just a direct sequel to MI2. Also avoids time travel while still jumping around in the story.
  5. Congrats! It seems that's the life stage a lot of us are at now You'll definitely be finding your free time is a bit more limited!
  6. https://mixnmojo.com/features/sitefeatures/LucasArts-Secret-History-14-Escape-from-Monkey-Island/6
  7. I actually agree with you. I don't think I would have instigated a logo change, but I have no problems with the SE one, and I actually like it a lot for Tales. However, for the sake of consistency, I wish they hadn't changed it... or only used it for the SEs.
  8. I don't know... I feel like you're advocating for a much 'smaller' and more streamlined game, when really it was the wide open world that I really enjoyed about the middle part of the game. Sure, sometimes I felt as if I wasn't sure what I should be working on next, but there was always clues in the todo lists that gave me plenty to think about and work on. If I couldn't progress in one line of puzzles there was always something else I could make progress with. Also... it seems kinda strange to be spending so much time trying to get into Safely First when it was obviously closed. Right away I filed it away as "hmm.. maybe this will open later". One example of this (and I'm sure there are others) is in MI1 was when Stan's Emporium is closed when you first visit there, but opens later when you are in need of a ship. Sure... if you want to poke around and try to get into the bank there's nothing wrong with that, but no offence or anything, but it seems odd to be frustrated with it doesn't work.
  9. I think what you described was the reason for the diaries/todo lists. I always returned to them and it gave me an idea of what I should be working on next. I don't recall ever going to the hint line unless there was something specific I just couldn't figure out.
  10. I'm glad you enjoyed it this time around! I also played it for the first time a few months ago, and I really loved it. I do think it has a lot to do with expectations, and I think I was prepared that it was going to be quite meta and a spiritual successor to MM. I don't know, but for having low expectations I was blown away by the details and story, and I actually found the puzzles to be some of the best. I found they were generally challenging, but I never felt annoyed when I figured out the solutions. I do think that finding out about it later and then being able to play it right away might have helped, as I didn't have years worth of expectations built up that didn't match the game I played. In short, I played it because RtMI was just announced and I wanted to see a recent RG game, and after playing it I felt super confident that I'd love Return. I've been thinking about it a lot recently, and if I remove the MI series and ranked it next to the rest of the LA adventures then I'd rank TP right near the top after DOTT and Grim and just before FOA.
  11. Yea, I'm currently living in Osaka
  12. Saw this at the store today and couldn’t help but think of this thread
  13. I know this has been discussed before many times, but I absolutely loved iMUSE in MI2. Besides Woodtick, I remember being amazed by how the music from one theme would slowly fade away while the new theme would fade in when you made a transition. Every game before that the music changes were just so abrupt. You left a 'room' and the musics would just halt. I remember hearing that abruptness in other (non-LA) games even years later, and always wondering why they couldn't do something like iMUSE did back in 1991.
  14. I also want to express my appreciate @Jake for all that you did with Tales - I really enjoyed it, and thought that you guys did an amazing job. I also don't know what strings had to be pulled and what puzzle pieces had to align to make it happen, but I was (and still am) extremely grateful to have MI return to our screens again. On a side note I was lurking around the Mixnmojo forums in the late 90s and I remember seeing your name a lot. When I saw that you were involved in Tales I thought that was an amazing turn of events to go from a fan to being a part of making a game happen. Super jealous to be honest, but you did great work!
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