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  1. Okay, now I want to know which of the ten endings Ron (and Dave!) thinks is 'cannon'! Not that it matters or anything...
  2. Yea, I thought it was funny when he started jumping. I kept doing it while wondering if he would eventually fall, but eventually gave up. Still wonder if there was a hidden easter egg there if you keep on jumping like 50 or a 100 times.... BTW, is there any CTRL W option in RtMI? I tried but couldn't get anything to work.
  3. I didn't know you could pick up the daisies! Does this randomly change each time you play?!
  4. Or.. maybe this was even one of Stan's marketing gimmicks to hook Guybrush to keep coming back...
  5. Interesting. The way I took it the whole scene on the bench was still part of his carnival fantasies. The story was over so it was time to go 'wake up' and go home. Part of my interpretation of the long pause was that the adventure Elaine whispered in his ear will have to wait for another park visit. Anyone else think that Boybrush and the entire prologue was still part of the "adventures" that Guybrush was having at Stan's pirate adventure park?
  6. Yea, I was assuming we were talking about the MI games, not the island itself! Anyways, if the ending had been more "traditional" with some sort of LeChuck confrontation, would you have felt differently?
  7. I think I hear what you are saying, but IMHO there was a LOT of Monkey Island in this game. Not really sure how you could ask for more...
  8. I completely missed this! Just went back and played the ending again. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but I was wondering if this was Ron standing firmly by his unconventional ending?
  9. I haven't been on reddit, but this is my impression as well. Definitely a few vocal people that didn't like the ending, but I definitely feel they are outweighed by those that did. There is a bunch too though that liked the game, but were underwhelmed by how it ended. Oh well, overall it seems to be well received!
  10. I also thought Harness did a wonderful job, and it wasn't too long before I forgot about the casting change. That being said, I'm grateful for and really enjoyed Boen's LeChuck over the years!
  11. Yea, I was wondering the same. And wasn't there some line from the pirate leaders about this after they pushed Guybrush off the cliff? I didn't quite understand that.
  12. Yea, I had the exact same issue. I ended up solving it by chance and when the door opened I ended up sitting there for a few more minutes trying to figure it out as I didn't want to go through unless I understood why it worked. Speaking of puzzles, I generally enjoyed them all but I did find it was a little easier than I expected. First MI game I managed to get through completely without using hints. And I wasn't ever stuck more than a few minutes before I found something I could progress with. Is this just because I'm getting better at adventure games?
  13. Now that the game's out I wanted to go back and read some of the previews that I skipped earlier when I was afraid of spoilers. The one I was most interested in was the Ars preview, but it seems to have been replaced by their review. Anyone know what the big spoilerly reveal was that everyone was warning about?
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